Grunkle Stan has been dressing more like an adventurer than Ford


A bit late now but here’s something for the Mystery Twins’ birthday! It also happens to coincide with my country’s Independence Day hahahaha

This is Stan’s newest sweater:

Maybe it’s the first time the Pines family is reunited back at the Shack since that summer (dodgy video calls on an adventure ship can only do so much).

Forsaking the Stars ch. 5

Ten years after Weirdmeggedon: After all these years, one would think Mabel would have learned to look with her eyes, not her hands. But what trouble ever came from touching a statue?

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4

Alright, computer on, with video chat to Dipper’s contact connecting: Check. Door closed and locked so that no one barged in: Check. Bill safely sitting out of sight with a bowl of popcorn to keep him busy and Mabel focusing on the screen to avoid witnessing his disturbing way of eating: Double check.

“So what did you learn about Grunkle Stan and Grunkle Ford…?” Mabel mouthed, glancing over to the photograph of them on her desk. It was the last one they’d sent her before they’d vanished, Grunkle Stan had gotten back into shape on their adventures and Grunkle Ford had stitches on the left side of his jaw from what was described on the back of the picture as an innocent bar fight. “Where are you now…?” She asked stroking the picture gently.

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