He’ll let you pick what you want 

He’ll take you on a fishing trip 

He’ll give you affectionate noogies 

He’ll cheer you up after a bad day 

He’ll take you to the diner 

He’ll give you candy 

He’ll teach you about life 

He’ll help save your friend

He’ll punch a dinosaur in the face to save your pig 

He’ll teach you to fight back 

He’ll do what’s best 

He’ll save a weird cow for you 

He’ll fight off zombies and protect you 

He’ll sing for you 

He’ll help you break into a golf course 

He’ll wait for you and pick you up 

He’ll attend your play 

He’ll help you face your fears 

He’ll agree to do your pretend weddings 

He’ll let you do whatever you want 

Everything he’s ever done has been for you 

He’ll drop and election and go save you 

He try and give you good dating advice 

He’ll come check up on you 

He’ll sacrifice his memories for you 

He’ll punch a triangle for you 

He’ll throw a party for you 

He’ll wear your sweater 

And he’ll punch a bus driver in the face for you



you ever think about how sad great-uncle prenderghast was…you ever think about how he and norman seeing ghosts was a gay allegory and how it contributed to his death…you ever think about grunkle p