LAST DAY FOR PRINT ORDERS of the 2017 GF Hunkles Calendar! 

Hey, everybody!  There’s just about 12 hours left in the sale of the print copy of the calendars!  

BUY IT HERE until 11:00 pm EST (U.S.) tonight!

To be clear, we have reached our goal for being able to print the calendar! (YAY!)  So rest easily, everyone who has already ordered one, and once again, THANK YOU!  Right now we’re just ensuring that folks who want a print copy get one (and increasing the amount to be given to charity).  We are NOT planning to do another print order.  (We might have a couple of extras to sell at the end, but likely very few.)

Stay tuned for information on sales of a digital copy.  This will likely not go on sale for at least a week or so, until the print copies are ready to be mailed out.  There will of course be no shipping charges on the digital copy, and 100% of those sales will go to charity.

Spread the word!

Awkward Sibling Hug Tackle

So tired….Hand hurts….must return to cave…

Sorry about the watermark. On my computer it looked more transparent but looking at it on my phone, I see it’s more opaque than I wanted it…

Happy Halloween!

Dipper is telling ghost stories, or trying to, because no one seems the least bit scared.  The shack has acquired another window for the sake of ART and I hid a Bill in here somewhere. >:-}