Headbanging ‘till the end of time…

This piece was an art project for my school that involved hands, and it had to be surreal or dreamlike, so of course I focused it on my favorite dream demon. It took me forever to shade the dream shack, but it looks a lot better than I expected. Also if you look very closely, I colored most of the eyes. I call it Always Vigilant. Please feel free to reblog if you’d like to.

*bunch of kids running off to do dangerous witchy things*

“Hey, Soos! Mind watching over the kids? They might get into trouble. Again.”

“Sure thing, Mistah Pines! But I notice you keep sending me, and I don’t have any powers…useful to them anyway”

“Hey, Kid. My grandkids and their friends love you. Don’t ya think of anything less. Besides you’re their lucky charm! You keep ‘em safe and for that I’m glad”