First Meetings (Pines Family)

So I saw a prompt thing on @a-million-chromatic-dreams dash, and I figured why not try and make a part of a fic using that whole idea? I don’t know if I’ll finish it or not, but the gist of this is Dipper and Mabel’s parents invited the grunkle’s over for a while, more to learn about how Weirdmaggendon affected their children, but to meet Ford for the first time (in Sherman’s case the first time since he had been a young kid) and help him the best they can.

Anyways here’s what I got  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ford wasn’t quite sure what to expect, silent as Stan pulled up to a driveway to a home he had never seen before, at least not in person. His heart soared at seeing the two young twins that had changed his life, a smile forming instantly as he scooped up his 13-year old nephew with a soft laugh, his niece almost screaming at his brother about how excited she was for their visit. Once the two children calmed down enough Ford managed to convince Stan to go on inside, popping the trunk so he could get their luggage.

“Need any help?” Ford glanced to his left, shrugging his shoulders with a soft smile at the woman looking at him.

“Not particularly, but not to say as I don’t.” He winced at his social awkwardness, the woman chuckling as she picked up one of Stan’s bags. She had brown hair like Mabel’s, looking much like his mother’s save for the Pines curl that was missing. She reminded him so much of Mabel, the woman raising an eyebrow when she caught Ford staring at her.

“What? Got something on my face?”

“N-No! I was just, well…Mabel takes a lot after you.” He stammered, the woman once again chuckling as they made their way up the driveway.

“I should hope so, Dipper didn’t take much after me.” She chuckled, the two unloading the bags by the door. “Eileen Pines, it’s very nice to meet you Stanford. Well, the real Stanford anyways…”

“It is a pleasure as well.” He nodded, shaking her dainty hand with his own, the woman raising their hands slightly to get a better look at his extra digit.

“Mabel has never stopped mentioning your extra fingers, and I wanted to see for myself.” The woman smiled awkwardly, Ford feeling more at ease as he smiled softly.

“She was quite fascinated after I first emerged from the portal.” He said causally, wincing when she gave him a strange look.

“I’ll never get used to hearing about things like portals and interdimensional space-travel, but then again you and Stanley aren’t exactly normal.”

“I understand completely, I’m surprised you believed your children in the first place.”

“Honestly it was Dipper that got us to believe them in the first place.” Glancing into the next room Ford saw a man sitting beside Stanley, Ford smiling as he waved. “And once Stan told us the whole deal, how could we not?”

“Shermie ain’t much of stranger to how strange we are.” Stan grinned, Ford rolling his eyes as Eileen joined her husband on the couch, Ford leaning against the doorframe as the younger couple looked him over.

“I just couldn’t believe what happened to you all during that Weirdmaggedon…thank you for keeping the children safe.” Sherman spoke up after a few moments of silence, Ford subconsciously rubbing his wrist as he nodded.

“We would do anything to keep them safe.”

“And for that we can’t thank you both enough.” Eileen smiled, getting up to give both Stanley and Stanford a huge hug, though minded Ford’s neck even though it had healed over by then. “Consider this a part of our gratitude.”

“We were gonna stop by at some point ya know.” Stan spoke up, Sherman rolling his eyes at his older brother. “Not like I didn’t do it since those gremlins were born.”

“Wait, you saw them grow up?” Ford asked curiously, finally joining his brother on the couch. “I thought this past summer was your first experience with them?”

“Nah, I’ve known them since birth, but this was the first time I had ‘em by myself for a while.” Stan shrugged, Ford frowning a bit at not knowing about his previous experience. “Sorry poindexter.”

“It’s not your fault I’ve missed the last thirty years…” Ford mumbled to himself, Sherman and his wife sharing a look before glancing at Ford.

“Well, we can catch you up on all sorts of things, if you help teach us what exactly happened this summer?” Eileen offered, the three men coming to agreement right before the kids entered the room.

‘Where should we begin?”