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*Loki covered her mouth as she saw boss* oh dear... *she grinned* You're so cute~! *she cried the words before she could stop her self and scooped up boss and cuddled him. She then froze and set him down and backed up raising her hands* I apologize. Forgive me.. i couldn't help it. * she cleared her throat and fixed her scarf blushing lightly at the very undignified squeal and loss of self control she had displayed.*

*Despite being one of the most reactionary animals in the Underground, it did’t dawn on Boss to run until it was already too late.*

*He growled in the back of his throat until he was put down before he shot an un-amused look up at Loki. Apparently, he couldn’t speak in that form but it was clear that his expression said “REALLY?!”*

Code: Realize: Cat-Boy Van 

The number #1 cat-boy & megane-nyan of all! It’s Abraham Nyan Helsing of course! Oh dear, he is one ANGRY kitty and looks ready to pick a cat-fight! But you have to remember, deep down this kitty went through a lot of pain and puts out a tough exterior because he’s afraid of opening his sweet little heart. Don’t give up and give this kitty lots of love: the ice will melt away and surely he’ll be purring at you with all his heart’s might and protect you with those bullet– claws of his! Not to mention he’s a very loyal companion for life, and even if a bit of a grumpy tardar sauce, Nyan Helsing can deliver some intense kitty kisses!

I had to leave the best for last, and I like it like that. This completes the Code:Realize cat-boys set. Still more to come on “Cat Month” so stay tuned! Nya nya!

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