Grumpy Puppy

Shiro wants to cuddle his human boyfriend.

Lance wants to feed his cats.

Fluff ensues.


“Shiro, we gotta get up.”

Shiro growled and pulled the covers higher over his body.

“Shiro please, the cats need food. I need you to get off me, or Blue will start clawing at the sink again. Not that I don’t love the warm cuddles in bed, but my sink is in jeopardy here.”

Shiro blinked sleepy silver eyes open that locked with the ocean blue ones that belonged to his boyfriend.

“Noooooo…” Shiro whined, tail thumping against the bed and ears flattening.

“Shiro, I’ll come back once I’m done!” Lance’s face fell into an adorable pout, only for Shiro to huff, tuck his face into Lance’s neck, and tighten his grip.

An indignant meow interrupted them, a mass of black fluff jumping up on the bed and beginning to paw at the top of the blanket, grumpy.

“Bad kitty, Black! Let me have my boyfriend time!” Shiro shot a glare at the massive Maine Coon, silver and gold clashing in a battle of wills.

A second, smaller body zoomed into the room, a sleek gray blue swirled tabby jumping up on Lance and yowling loudly. Lance yelped as claws dug into his shoulder, the demanding cat impatient for her breakfast.

“Blue! Calm down! I’m up, I’m up!” Lance cried, wriggling free of Shiro and sliding out of bed.

Lance padded towards the kitchen, rubbing at his eyes and tugging his shirt down from where it had ridden up his stomach. Shiro whined from his spot still in bed.

The werewolf had gotten into a fight with a rival wolf the other day, and was under orders from his pack leader to stay home and rest. Nobody disobeyed Allura, though Shiro had tried.

Except Lance heard how his furry boyfriend was injured, and had dragged Shiro by the tail to bed, forbidden to leave until he was healed.

“Damn Pidge and her tattle tail mouth…” Shiro grumbled, rubbing absently at the bandages around his stomach. His ears pricked at the sound of dry cat food being mixed with wet food, Black and Blue meowing impatiently for their breakfast.

Shiro’s tail swished softly as Lance came back into the bedroom, the big Werewolf eagerly scooping his human mate close and snuggling with a happy growl.

“I was gone for five minutes!” Lance teased, mock frustration in his tone.

“Five minutes too long. The bed was getting colder every second.” Shiro complained, tangling their legs together.

Lance nuzzled into Shiro’s chest with a sigh. “How’s the stomach? Any pain? Discomfort? It looked like a deep cut… what was the fight about anyways?” Lance asked, and it wasn’t the first time he’d questioned Shiro about it either.

“Lotor started it! He said something I didn’t like, is all.” Shiro skirted around the inquiry, instead choosing to bury his face in Lance’s hair.

After all, Lotor had been drooling after Shiro’s bonded for years now. He didn’t know how to take a hint that Lance was taken. And then he’d finally crossed the line, two days ago, and the memory of the words made Shiro’s blood boil.

But, that was in the past, and Lance was Shiro’s, not Lotor’s. Shiro rumbled lightly and clung a little tighter to his boyfriend.

One day he’d pop the question. He’d make sure everyone knew that Lance was unavailable.

But that would be at a later date.

For now, warm sleepy snuggles would suffice as they both decided to nap a bit longer.

It was a beautiful day for sleep.
I wrote this out of spite for my Tumblr dash. There was so much shangst, and even one where they broke up. Haha NOPE. NOT ON MY DASH THANKS.
Have some floof! :3

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Started as a side profile portrait (man, I love his profile) then a body came along, and after a discussion with @kittyboo8015 about moobs, somehow nipple piercings and a tattoo popped up. We don’t know how it happened.

Trying some lighting effects out here. Tattoo directly referenced and modified.

Was too lazy to do hands XD