All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Started as a side profile portrait (man, I love his profile) then a body came along, and after a discussion with @kittyboo8015 about moobs, somehow nipple piercings and a tattoo popped up. We don’t know how it happened.

Trying some lighting effects out here. Tattoo directly referenced and modified.

Was too lazy to do hands XD

an-ambivalent  asked:

Hello, hope you're having a nice day! For your MM character + crossover thing, how about Jumin as Chat Noir from Miraculous Ladybug? :D Or a firebender? *o* Thanks! <3

Grumpy kitty~~ I’ve been trying different ways of coloring and stuff… sorry for being so irregular with it lately ..can’t decide which one I like the most yet! Maybe this one……..IDK help OAO….

anonymous asked:

Pardoné moi, but what pray tell, is Adventure Zone?

The Adventure Zone is a comedy podcast of a D&D campaign involving Griffin, Justin, Travis and Clint McElroy, three brothers and their dad.

The story of the campaign follows three adventurers:

Magnus Burnsides, an impulsive human fighter, folk hero of Ravensroost who believes in protecting the weak, rushing into danger and drinking unlabeled liquids.

Merle Highchurch, a dwarven cleric and worshiper of the nature god Pan, who carries an X-treme Teen Bible, flirts with plants and is the team dad. (Played by Clint, the actual dad.)

Taako Tacco, a high elf and simple idiot wizard, a kleptomaniac, half asleep at any given point in time, basically a grumpy gay kitty that will burn you to ash without changing his expression.

These three encounter a dangerous relic of immense power and are conscripted by a mysterious organization looking to destroy the remaining six relics. But the deeper they go, the clearer it becomes that there’s more to the story than meets the eye.

(That’s a pretty vague description, I know, but there’s honestly some pretty good turns in the story that I don’t want to spoil.)

You genuinely don’t need to know a thing about D&D or have any interest in it to enjoy this. The narrative takes the characters well outside of what you might consider a “typical” D&D setting, and knowledge of the game really doesn’t matter. I didn’t know a thing about D&D when I started listening, and I still enjoyed it.

The banter and comedy between the McElroys is probably the biggest draw of the podcast–they all have an adorable dynamic with one another that leaks into their characters, and they’re all really, really funny. If you enjoy Monster Factory or any of the McElroy’s other many, many, many comedy shows you’ll definitely like this.

The Adventure Zone also has some great NPCs, same-sex couples, a murder mystery, an evil game show, emotional twists and turns and a beautiful and mysterious space jellyfish that is somehow the key to everything.

You can listen to it on iTunes or on their website. I recommend starting with the “supercut” of the first episode, (the 1 hour version rather than the 2 hour one) as it skips over some of the awkward “figuring out how to play” stuff.)