Growing Gainer

Gain Muscles in One Month

Good news for people who say they have achieved a plateau in their bodybuilding regime and they cant grow any further, you still have lot to develop. Given below is a format which has been tested and verified plenty of times on different people, it has worked every time. You just need to give it a try, but before you start you have to make sure you check your existing measurements because unless you see difference for yourself you cannot believe it.

Points to remember

  • Always warm-up nicely before you start
  • Don’t eat anything 1 hour before your workout
  • No eating in between
  • Rest between sets 3 minutes
  • Number of sets – 3 and number of reps –(set-1) –10, (set-2) –8, (set-3) –6, while you gradually increase the weight
  • Wrap your knees in dead lift and squat
  • Keep the movement slow
  • Take a post workout drink with 30 grams of fast acting protein and 30 grams of fast acting carbohydrates
  • Sleep after workout if possible for most favorable result
  • Put your focus in every rep you do
  • Have 6 meals a day with 20 grams of protein in each meal, apart from pre-workout and post workout meals.
  • Measure your body parts after a month to see results.

by Manddo Veda


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