▹ pairing: Jeongguk x reader
▹ genre: smut [sub!jeongguk] just filth all around
▹ word count: 4,235
▹ a/n: thank you @bvngtvns​ for helping me think of an actual vague-ish storyline for this collection and for encouraging this smut-fest, and thank you @taequility​ for putting up with my disgusting ass + screaming about sub jjk with me ily

You decide to have a little fun with a remote controlled toy in class and Jeongguk will do anything for his relief.

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Here’s my @aftgexchange summer gift for @boydsten , who asked for Andreil with kids!

I hope you like it!

I’ve included some personal headcanons about this particular Minyard-Josten child under the cut, but I will also recommend these two amazing kidfics; A Legacy of Two by ninaalegre and Noah Minyard-Josten by Aleekae, if you haven’t read them yet. Admittedly a few of my headcanons are borrowed or inspired by them so.. Yeah.

Happy Summer! :D

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Bangtan Reaction: realising they have feelings for you


this little shy ball would probably keep these feelings to himself for a while until he was completely and utterly sure that he was genuinely having a crush on you and even when he was sure, he wouldn’t confess. Jungkook would probably just show his feelings by contributing in more skinship than he usually would (eg. brushing his hand over yours, patting your head etc) 

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Pairing: Nick Robinson x Reader

Words: 1,207

Warning: underage drinking, unprotected sex

“Hi, I’m (Y/N). Your interviewer for the day.” I shake his hand as I introduce myself.

“It’s lovely to meet you, (Y/N).” He shakes my hand with a polite smile.

“So, Nick. Are you single?” I ask almost nervously.

He situates himself in the chair he’s in, smirking only slightly for a moment. “Yes, I am.” He answers with ease.

With each question he answers, I can’t help but think of how intoxicatingly handsome he really is. The way he talks and moves is so smooth, how he runs his fingers through his hair so effortlessly turning me on each moment.

After the series of questions written for him are finished, I conclude the interview.

“I’ll see you at my after party tonight, yeah?” Nick asks before he walks away to his next interview for his new movie.

I nod my head, “Yeah, I guess you will.”

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Steve Harrington x Chubby!Reader

Notes: Deep within the Steve Harrington tag I discovered @dicckgrayson ‘s list of HC for a chubby!reader and I was in love. This was born and I think I have one more idea for Stevie. Be on the lookout for more Steve Harrington in the future! Enjoy my loves!

Word Count: 1296

Warnings: Insecurities. The sex. Cute Steve okay??

Disclaimer: I do not own the gif, or Steve Harrington, so if you own either let me know and I’ll give you full credit!

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barbedwireandbubblegum  asked:

Hi! Congrats on the milestone!! That's awesome! Could I request a head canon where the Winsister is Sam's twin? If that's too vague let me know!

Thank you so much! ♡

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- Being as close as two human beings could possibly be, basically.

- You being the first one Sam ever told about Stanford.

- You and him keeping in contact while he was gone too.

- Sharing beds as kids more times than you can count. And you still sometimes do.

- Sam being insanely protective of you…

- … And you being just as protective over him.

- You not being able to keep a thing from him, Sam just always knows.

- Sam telling you when he learned something new. All these weird - and to him, exciting - facts about random stuff. 

- Being able to communicate without words.

- Ganging up on Dean for entertainment. He used to think it was cute, but now he claims that it’s “getting old”

- Often being each other’s only friend while growing up, since you switched schools so often.

- Both being healthy. Going running together, being healthy.

- Sharing love for dogs.

- Always having each other’s backs when standing up against John.

- Would do anything for each other.

zsaszmatazz  asked:

I mentioned this to a buddy of mine but when Ed said "I don't know what it means" when Oswald changed I'm pretty sure he did. Because Ed is seeing someone that has killed, and stolen, and hurt countless people to save his own skin flip a switch and grow as a person, willing to sacrifice himself because he loves Ed, and Ed is realizing for, possibly the first time, that people like his parents can change, and they chose not to, because they didn't love him.


Interesting things I learned from “An Extraordinary Story”, Part 1

A couple things to start off with:
- I’m going to go fairly in-depth here, so if you do want to eventually get the book I would recommend not reading the post.  I will be spoiling most of the interesting tidbits I learned from it.
- If Future Press or whoever wants me to remove this post, I’m totally okay with that.
- This covers the first two chapters of the book, the introduction and “Anatomy of The World”.

And now, here’s the cool stuff I’ve learned so far!

- Ryan Payton, who wrote the introduction, worked on Metal Gear Solid 4, directed Halo 4 and had an undisclosed role in the creation of The Last Guardian.  He met Fumito Ueda in a paintball match where he shot Ueda in the face.
- Nick Suttner, who seems to be the main author of the book, wrote a book on Shadow of the Colossus for “Boss Fight Books” (I plan to get this as well)
- Ueda’s favorite part of the game is the final “jump” command to tell Trico to fly away from the village.
- Trico is 5.8 meters tall and 16.5 meters long.  Its tail is 7.6 meters long.  It isn’t referred to using any gender pronoun in the book.  It has 2,586 different animations.  The sounds it makes were intended by Ueda to be sounds you wouldn’t imagine it would make just by looking at it.
- At one point there was a foxtail-type plant you could find to get Trico’s attention, just like you would with a real cat.

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Believe it or not...

Heterophobia IS a thing.
I don’t want to be involved with the genderqueer/trans/lgbt/etc communities anymore. And if you look at my bio you’ll see that I’m actually very involved.

Why don’t I want to be involved anymore? They act like being a dick to cishet people is totally justified because of oppression… It’s like feminists excusing their misandry because they used to not be able to vote. It’s like using a personal problem to justify being an asshole. If YOU cannot be responsible for your own hate, how the fuck do you expect people to take you seriously? They won’t. They’ll think you’re a sociopath.

If you do any of the following-
- Hate straight people for being straight
- Think gay people are superior
- Hate cis people because they are cis
- Feel “violated” by straight couples
- Make it seem like being straight is gross
- Call anyone who disagrees with you “cis” or “heteronormative” like it’s a slur
(you get the general idea, I trust)

You are officially heterophobic. Congrats.

Hating on straight people and/or cis people for being straight/cis is hetero/cisphobia.

Someone once said, and I quote, “cisphobia isn’t real, cis people need to grow backbone”
If we switched ‘cis’ for 'trans’, the trans* community would flip shit. I wonder why…

Try to remember why you’re here, living, breathing, because most likely you were born because of heterosexual sex. Even if you were adopted, chances are someone had sex to bring you into the world. This isn’t true for /everyone/ but probably is for a lot of people on this godforsaken website.

also i uh hate to point this out because you know. i love lance. it’s literally my URL. and my blog title. 

lance’s “math” in that bedroom scene? it…really makes sense. 

if lance will always be stuck in red, whose very physical design is not conducive to his fighting style (faster with less armor is not really good for a long-range strategist), and whose personality is nothing like his, then he’s always going to struggle to keep up with everyone else whose lions naturally work to their strengths. 

lemme put it this way. 

we’re seeing lance develop as a sharpshooter, and now he has a sniper rifle. that right there is taking something that lance is already good at and developing it. moving up. “growing.” the lion switches are basically saying we should just take his sniper rifle and make him use a sword and call it growth instead. 

outside of the lions, lance is doing awesome, and i’m so proud of and happy for him. but inside the lions, he’s…basically set up for failure.

I’ve been looking to do a more deep study into the linguistics of the ffvii universe, but for now just have some language headcanons.

  • there’s a “continental” language (I literally just call it Continental) that is the primary language of Midgar and spread with Shinra’s influence. now it’s a language associated with class and most authority figures learn it along side their native language. our equivalent would be English.
  • Gongagan, the language native to Gongaga and the area around it duh is one I often equate to Latino Spanish (“Mexican” as white people here in the great CA dub it it’s not, it’s SoCal’s own brand of Spanish) I think it used to be spoken a lot more before Shinra moved in and used the language difference to create a rift between the elite and the common people. Because of that Zack probably grew up in one of two situations. A: his parents never allowed him to speak Gongagan because they thought that if he solely learnt Continental he’d make it further in life. Or B: his parents taught him both languages simultaneously while growing up, so he switches between them without even realizing when he gets really excited or upset. Or I guess C: his parents never bothered with Continental and it was a very bumpy ride when he first got to Midgar. That idea has its merits.
  • I like to think that Banora existed before Shinra, or at least people lived in the area and had their own language. I’ve always kind of equated Banoran with French, but here’s where it gets tricky. This idea probably holds little actual merit, but I think that the upper and lower classes spoke different versions of Banoran. The upper class spoke a smoother, more eloquent version (more like European French) while the lower classes spoke a rougher(like Quebecois), more “relate-able” version. While it was the same language, the lower classes were looked down on for speaking roughly and full of emotion, as well as their slang and lingo compared to the “proper” upper class Banoran. This was probably a point of contingency growing up for Genesis, because he’s a theatre type and there’s a beauty in the rougher, more blunt and emotion filled Banoran that Angeal speaks - one that can’t really be found in the Banoran his parents claim is “superior”. Of course his mother and father hate the slight accent he picks up after spending a long time with the Hewleys, but he really doesn’t care. I also have a headcanon that Genesis taught Angeal Continental since his mother was too poor to afford proper schooling in that regard.
  • The Nibel region is home to Nibelian, which works a lot like German. there were probably a million and a half sub dialects before Shinra swept through and knocked a good chunk of them out. Rocket Town and Nibelheim both have their own dialect as well as a standardized Nibelian which is how all the different dialects communicated before Shinra forced Continental down all their throats. they still use it because eeewwww Shinra. That being said I think Nibleheim was settled by Shinra with only a few families being actually native to the region pre Shinra. I personally think Cloud is from one of those families, which was one of the reasons he and his mom were looked down upon. That being said, Cloud probably has a stronger accent than Tifa, who would have been taught both Continental and Standardized Nibelian over the Nibelheim dialect growing up.
  • Costa del Sol is probably European Spanish. I didn’t decide that on the fly because the name is Spanish. nope, definitely not.
  • Also Wutian would equate with Japanese as Wutai equates to Japan. They probably have a meaning based writing system (rather than a solely phonic based one)
  • I wonder if Aerith knows the language of the Cetra? That would be a mostly dead language, although there may be records of it in Cosmo Canyon.
  • Cosmo Canyon houses Gaia’s version of the Rosetta Stone.
  • Genesis and possibly Cloud are language nerds

Neo Yokio

I wanted to like this so bad. Anime, Netflix, Jaden Smith voucing a black protagonist, yeah. I REALLY wanted to support this show, but shiiiiit.

None of the characters are likeable. I don’t like Archangelo *cringe* but Kaz isn’t any better so I don’t hate him either. Actually, I think I’d rather watch a show about Archangelo. He’s a dick but at least it’s sometimes funny. Everyone else is one dimensional.

There’s no depth to the characters, and the only one who “grows” just flips the switch offscreen. Helena’s anti-capitalist views develop way too fast and we don’t get to see any learning or internal strife. She just all of a sudden becomes knowledgeable about Marxist theory. If the whole thing is going to be about Kaz growing beyond vanity, it CANNOT happen with Helena as his guide because she is insufferable.

There is nothing innovative about the art style. The characters look and sound basic. There’s nothing original about the show. We have Blue Exorsit’s power, Black Butler’s tone and focus on high society, and tumblr one liners. Even the title is a mash-up of common animé settings.

It’s like the show wants to everything for everyone in this particular snippet of time, and it fails. There’s no real conflict. Kaz doesn’t have any goals or issues other than being the wrong kind of millionaire and yeah, fuck you. Sure, there are sporadic demons but that’s literally his day job. I don’t give a shit if brooding pink Haden isn’t popular enough because he has to hunt demons the afford his opulent lifestyle. The only other hope was exploring the black protagonist, but we ignore that aspect entirely. The terrorist attacks don’t matter because 1)no one dies and 2) I don’t give a shit about the characters anyways. I know shows often take time to get their footing, but I couldn’t do it anymore. 6 episodes in and I wanted to scream.

imagine: killua being an older guy, taking good care of alluka, enjoying a rather simplistic life. gon, becoming darker and  more reserved as he grows, delving into other messes to find out how to gain back his nen. what if…as they grow up they switch personalities and this time it’s killua who pulls him out.

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what do you think would have changed if Bruce and Talia where the opposite genders?

You mean like Genderbend?

That’s actually pretty interesting if you think about it, Cuz Ra’s always go on and on about how he wants a male heir for the throne so if Talia was a male (lets call her Talal, its an Arabic male name) then she might have been The Demon Head not her Father when she first meets Batman (Batwoman?) but because of that Bruce (if he was a female) might not have given her the time of the day because in Cannon what attracted Bruce to Talia was how different she is from her father but if she was a male then she might have ended up being a carbon copy of Ra’s. 

But I can alos see it in that Batwoman might see how Talal is still in the middle of becoming the next Ra’s Al Ghul, but he still has some good in him so she tries to save him from his father and that fate, and all around just treat him with compassion, and because of all that concern that she show him, Talal might fall in love with her because it would probably be the first time someone show him compassion (Ra’s would definitely be harder on Talia if she was a male) and Male!Talia actually sound kind hot so Batwoman might return the love back?Who know?

But then again I don’t know how Damian would have worked out? considering it’s the woman who gets pregnant so that means Batwoman would be the one carrying him not Talal and that means Talal wouldn’t be able to hide the baby existence from Batwoman because she is the one who’s giving birth. But Talal might still try to take Damian away from her to raise him on his own? but since she know about his existing Batwoman would definitely try to get her son back and it would be never ending cycle of “I’m raising him!” and “NO! I’m raising him!”. So Damian switching houses growing up between his parents and how that will affect him might be interesting, especially when The Good/Hero one is his mom while the Bad/Anti-Hero one is his dad (idk, Damian always struck me as a Daddy’s boy rather than a Mama’s Boy)

I Thought You Were Different: Book 4 (Part 9/?) (Steve Rogers x reader)

Part 8

As expected, the news didn’t go over very well.  After sitting the team down and explaining what FRIDAY had shown you, you saw Tony go through the stages of grief within a matter of seconds, culminating in a furious slam of his fists against the unforgiving table top and spouting a string of intelligible profanities before storming out of the conference room and completely ignoring your call for him to stop.    

“Let him go, doll,” Steve urged quietly when you stood, “he needs time to process, and now it takes a little longer than he’s used to.”

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Wonderland Meets Neverland - Part Three


  1. (geogrewife) Can you do a never land meets wonderland part 3 please
  2. Is there going to be a part 3 to wonderland meets Neverland?
  3. This is a request for part 3 for Wonderland meets Neverland. Where the reader is somewhere in Neverland and she can’t stop thinking about the kiss she had with Pan. And can there also be a moment where she cries because she misses her brother, and maybe Peter comforts her?

Warnings: none

Notes: The snow leopard’s eye color is how I’m picturing Y/N’s eye color.

Part One || Part Two

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You snickered and giggled, knowing you fooled Peter. Though once out of sight of him, you couldn’t help but think about that kiss. You only provoked him, toyed with him, just so he’d kiss you. The kiss would’ve been a good enough distraction for you to get that damn cuff off. And it worked. But that kiss… That kiss really got you thinking. You could still feel his lips lingering on yours, still smell him, still taste him. He was good, and you wanted more. But he was the enemy.

You shook your head, running as quickly as you could. You searched and searched for a way out. Kept looking, not knowing if Peter would find you again. You honestly, at this point, wanted to get back to Jefferson and never come here again. Not after what Peter did. He trapped you, and ended up kissing you. You were craving more kisses from him, as if his lips were a spell itself. But you were craving him, and that was bad. You needed to get off the island. It would help the feelings disintegrate.

Though as you ran in your cat form, the kiss distracted you so much, that you fell. You fell hard, tripping over some branch. You went right back to your human form. A hiss left your throat as you lifted up your hands. Little pebbles were stuck to them, tiny blood marks making their way out. Your knees were also scraped, along with your right arm, and the bridge of your nose. Nothing was broken, but you did have scratches and you were bleeding a little.

You looked around frantically, panic taking over. No matter your age, Jefferson would always tend to your injuries, no matter how minor they were. You couldn’t stand the blood. It scared you for some reason. It freaked you out, and caused you to go into a panic every time. Even if there was just a little visible.

Every ounce of fun left your entire being. If anything, you looked and were now acting like a mere child. You were no longer this lively or jocund girl. Now tears were falling past your cheeks. You were feeling sick, and you were timorous. You were in an unknown land without your brother. You had your fun, and now you wanted to go home.

“Jef-Jefferson!” You shouted, finally letting out a sob. “Jefferson, I wa-want to go home! Come get me! I mi-miss you.” You stayed on the soil, sitting up. You tried to ignore the blood, but you couldn’t. Your hands started to shake. Partly from crying and partly from all the adrenaline.

“I need you, Big Brother. I’m… I’m hu-hurt. And there’s… there’s… there’s blood!”

Your breathing was short and shallow. You were falling further into an anxiety attack. Now that you were hurt, everything that had happened fully processed inside your mind. Everything. You were afraid. The Cheshire Cat never showed anything else but happiness and madness. But you were different. You were still young, still a child. And playtime was over.

“And here’s our little Kitty Kat,” Peter’s voice came about, sounding derisive. 

You jolted, but stayed on the ground. Your entire being was shaking vigorously. A small yelp fell out of your mouth, but you didn’t dare turn around. Instead you cried and covered your ears, not wanting to hear his voice.

Peter smirked when he saw you, but once he noticed you having a complete breakdown, he frowned. He noticed that you were hurt as well, dried and wet blood on random parts of your skin. There was dirt all over you, and you didn’t look like yourself at all. Nothing like the wild girl Peter had seen for the past few days. 

“Cheshire?” Peter’s voice asked softly. He took a step closer to you, and that’s when you lost it.

You whipped around, flaring your cat-like teeth. You were in such a panic, you put your body in defense mode. You growled and snarled a little, afraid of this person. 

“Stand back, Pan!” You seethed at him. Any kind of wander had left your tone. You no longer sounded ebullient. “Stay away from me! Cat’s aren’t afraid to claw at someone if they need to!” 

Your nails switched, growing longer and more claw-like. Peter took another step back. He held his hands up in surrender, doing whatever you said. He looked at you. He was so confused. You were angry, but you were shaking like no other. Were you mad? Scared? Cold, even? 

“Y/N, listen to me. I’m not here to hurt you… You’re bleeding. I can help.”

“Take me back to Jefferson! Now!” You hissed at him. Tears were still trickling down your cheeks. “He’s the only one who can make it better.” You tried your best not to let your face crumble.

Peter took a step closer again. You still had your claws out, teeth still sharp like a cat’s. Your bright sea-green eyes seemed to have darkened as well, making Peter cautious. Never mess with a cat when it’s scared.

Though Peter walked up to you slowly. “I promise, Y/N, I can help.” His voice was low as he kept getting closer.

“Why can’t you take me to Jefferson? Take me to my brother! He only knows how to fix it!” You whined and complained.

Peter was taken so far aback. All he had seen from you was this madness and amusement. Now you were sobbing and alarmed. He’d never seen such a childish side to come out of you. But he still inched closer to you, wanting to help you. He finally got close to you.

“No!” You screeched. You were about to claw at him, but he grabbed your wrists. “Let me go and take me back to Wonderland!” You flailed and cried. Peter got you to your feet as he struggled to get you to move.

“Please! No, don’t… Don’t put me back in the cages! I don’t like them!” You coughed out, crying even more. You just wanted to go home.

“Listen,” Peter told you, “I’m not going to put you in the cages. We’re going to go back to my room where I’m going to patch you up. I know Neverland, and I know its poisons. If any of it has gotten on you or around the wounds, we need to move fast.”

You only nodded your head, agreeing. Though you still kept your cat claws out, and the cat teeth were still flaring. You couldn’t let your guard down. But Peter poofed you and him back to his treehouse, where the kiss happened. Though this time you were sitting on his bed, and there wasn’t a cuff around your wrist.

“Let me get the stuff. Stay here,” Peter instructed as he turned himself around. He started digging through his desk.

“But Jefferson can only make it better! He’s the only one who knows how to take care of me.”

“He’s not here right now, so that means I need to take care of you. Quit whining and let me do so!” He snapped at you. He turned back around with the medicine. 

His insolent tone shut you right up. Peter started cleaning the wounds, you looking away. You couldn’t stand the redness from the blood. There was a lot more now since you let it ooze out.

“See? There’s a little bit of poison right here. It’s not inside the wound, but it’s around it. You can tell by the light purple glow.” Peter informed you calmly. You still didn’t look, afraid that the blood might still be there.

“Cheshire, look at me. I need to get the one on your nose.”

You turned to him. You didn’t know about the scratch on your nose. How much blood was there? How bad was it? You whimpered a little at his touch.

“Pl-please don’t put me back in the cages,” you whispered, voice sounding restrained. As if you would scream at any moment.

The boy simply chuckled. “I told you, you’re not going back in the cages.”

There was a silence then. Peter dabbed a cloth on your nose. It took him longer to finish cleaning it. As you waited for him to finish, you couldn’t help but stare at him. He was so close to you. His eyes were such a lovely shade of this dark forest-y color. His face was flawless. You felt like you were catching sight of him for the first time again. Just like you were then, you were captivated by his appearance.

“I know you’re staring at me,” he noted. You couldn’t help but blush.

“Where else would I look? There’s a boy right in front of me, blocking my entire view.” Your tone came out more mirthful and sarcastic. Like how you usually talk.

Peter cocked a brow at you, smirking as he leaned back from your face.

“There’s the Cheshire I know.”

You rolled your eyes. “Whatever. But thanks for fixing me up… Usually Jefferson takes care of me.” You looked away from him, focusing on the bed sheets.

“Close to him, yeah?”

A single chuckle left your mouth. “Are you kidding? He’s all I have. I don’t have a mother or a father. It’s just me and him. Why do you think I want him? I want you to take me back to him, please.”

“But what if I want you to stay?” Peter asked abruptly. You focused back on him, looking at his facial expression. He looked so innocent then. He didn’t look menacing. He wasn’t smirking or any of that. He was just standing there.

Your claws and teeth switched back to normal. What was he implying? He actually wanted you to stay with him?

“After that kiss, even though it was a trick, I don’t know. I felt something. And I think you did, too, or else you wouldn’t have fallen. Am I correct?”

“Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows,” you smirked, beginning to turn back to your normal self.

“Don’t start playing games with me, Kitty Kat. I always win.” Peter got closer to you, his breath on your face. He was close. So very close. You could just about feel his lips on yours.

“Yes, but you cheat. And cheaters never win.” 

He planted his lips on yours. This was no trick, it was something you both wanted. You kissed him and he kissed you. Your right hand cupped his cheek, the left resting on the side of his neck. His hands both went to your hips. 

You pulled away from him, breathing a little hard. “Take me back to Jefferson.”

“Only if you promise to come back to me.” He smirked, his hands lightly gripping at your sides still. He knew your answer already.


Help Me Identify My Plants!

nIt would be lovely if the tumblr plant/succulent and cactus community could help me identify my plants. Many of my plants are coming off of a rough summer of struggling to find enough sunlight for them. Where I live now we do not get much light either, so I have switched to grow lights to help them out. They were fertilized in the middle of August. If anyone could help me identify the genus and species of each plant I would be very grateful. This way I can research each individual plant to better meet its needs. Also, I live in zone 7 or 8.  I labeled some of them, but please check if they are correct. I also know that there is a Ghost plant “Graptopetalum paraguayense” and a “Echeveria muldicaulis” in these photos, but Im not sure which ones they are. There might be a “Pachyveria ‘Powder Puff’ ‘Exotica’ also. The numbers go with the photo above the number. Thanks for your help!

2 (Mammillaria bocasana roseiflora?)






8a (Echeveria black prince)

8b (Echeveria black prince)

9a (Echeveria perle von Nurnburg?)

9b (Echeveria perle von Nurnburg?)

10 (The little one is Donkey Tail ‘Burrito’, Sedum Hybrid. The tall one might be an Adenium obesum? )

11 (Aloe vera)

12 (Christmas Cactus)


14 (Sedum hernandezii)

15 (Haworthia, maybe limifolia?)

16 (Aeonium ‘Silver Edge’)

17 (Plush Plant?)


19 (Star Cactus, Astrophytum ornatum)






25 (Tiger Jaws, Faucaria tigrina)

26 (Stone Faces, Lithops species)

27 (Echeveria purpusorum)


29 (Mammillaria mystax or hahniana?)

30 (Haworthia, maybe limifolia?)

31 (Haworthia, maybe attentua?)



34 (Sempervivum)

35 (Pachyveria royal flush maybe?)

36 (Sempervivum)

37 (Ginseng Ficus)

38 (Snake Plant, Sansevieria Trifasciata ‘Laurentii’)