Context: Literally my entire group cosplays. And they’re good at it too and go to cons all the time.

Me (DM): So you hear a squeal from, let’s say the right side of the cart. Like a fan girl seeing someone cosplay her favorite anime boy.

Literally the entire group in unison: *groans*

Me: I’m guessing you guys know the feeling?

Sorcerer: You don’t even know.


More photos from today!

The genji and the mei are good friends of ours! They’re wonderful people!

I also saw a group of really good cosplayers but I couldn’t get a photo of them because they were packing up T^T

Witch Mercy: @Yumii_Cosplay (Instagram/Twitter)
Devil Mercy: I don’t know ’^^
Mei: @stherblue / @sther_blue (Tumblr/Instagram)
Genji: @multiconstruyendo (Instagram)
Us: @CreateCosplay / @FamilyOf4Cosplay (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram)


Did a Boku no Hero Academia prom pic icon set for me and my cosplay group!!! BOY am I GLAD AND PROUd OF THESE KIDS! Look how cute they all are!!! I might do more that my cosplay group doesn’t have if people want them! 

Feel free to use these icons! Please credit me! 


aaaa me as sniper at this year’s leipziger bookfair!

i had so mucH FUN I CAN’T even begin to describe it! the weather was really nice, i met so many cool and kind people, bought a lot of cool merch, met a tf2 cosplay group <3 T_T and @veitstanz and @uniformshark got an artist table so i was able to sell some prints too and lots of people bought them which is seriously so amazing you guys, thank you so much for that!!! if i was being weird or awkward that was just me not being good in handling so many cool people like you T__T!
and thank you @drunkenfangschrecke you super cool human, ich freu mich schon so auf soad you have no idea 8′‘‘)!