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I realized that I do better in groups…whether it’s working out at CrossFit doing WODs or running with a partner.  I’m just not a solo type of person…I don’t push myself when I’m solo…probably some deep rooted self worth issue! ha!

So…instead of attempting to do the same thing and hope for a different result…I signed up for the 4 miler this weekend in Central Park and the Healthy Kidney 10K on May 14th.  If anyone wants to join me…let me know.  I’m also going for getting my 9+1 done for the NYC Marathon 2012.

Just being all that I can be…


You’ve seen it.

You walk into the gym and there they are.

That guy who is sitting on the bench facing the mirror.

Dumbbell in hand, he curls the weight as he watches the ripples and veins in action in his huge bicep.

You avert your eyes quickly, swear you will never lift weights because you don’t want to bulk up like that, and then you hit the treadmill because you looooove cardio.

You’ve been there, right?

What if I told you that in order to get big biceps like a body builder, you have to train HARD and in a very specific way?

And what if I told you lifting weights would NOT make you bulky, but instead allows you to burn calories, burn more fat, and become lean and strong?

It’s TRUE!

Today we are going to bust the myth and share with you lifting weights will NOT make you bulky. And the people that are bulky work very hard to be that way. (And we salute you, bodybuilders!)

Below are some of the benefits of resistance/muscular endurance training.

1. Increases lean muscle mass which causes your RMR to rise.

What does this mean? When you do resistance training, your RMR (resting metabolic rate) also known as your body at rest, raises. When your RMR raises, you burn even more calories while you are resting. Woot!

2. Decreases your body fat.

As your body does resistance training, your body fat actually decreases!

3. Your organs stay healthy.

When you do resistance training, your organs stay healthy.

SO how do you add resistance training into your workout routine?

The first way is to jump into a Boot Camp Challenge® camp and we will provide all the resistance training you need. Hoo-Aah!

The second way is to add in resistance training to your workout routine. Here’s how to do it.

Commit to doing this a minimum 2x a week, maximum of 3x a week training all the major muscles of your body.

To choose a weight selection, choose a weight that allows you to do 8-12 reps. Start with 1 set of work with 8-12 sets and do this for every major muscle of your body. The next time, move up to 2 sets per major muscle group, then up to 3 sets.

And voila! You have added in resistance training to your workout routine. This will allow you increase your lean muscle mass, increase your resting metabolic rate and increase your calories burned during rest, decrease your body fat, and keep your organs healthy. BOOM!

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Now get out there, and keep going for your goals on step at a time. Invest in yourself!


The BCC Team

Persevere & Succeed in 2015!

SUCCEED in 2015
The very act of making a New Year’s Resolution improves your odds of sticking to your 2015 goal. Our physical therapists and certified trainers are here to help you succeed!
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6 Week Challenge Start Monday!!!

Well, I tried on a pair of shorts yesterday and they were a little tight.  The kinda tight that is just annoying and makes you realize you have gotten lazy with your workouts and diet.  Yes, that kind of tight, ugh! I have challenged my bootcampers to keep a log of all their workouts and their meals for 6 weeks starting tomorrow, July 27, 2015.  I will also be participating as well and posting my…

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Group Training ||Open||

She entered the room to see a couple of tributes there already, all standing around waiting patiently. The room had concrete columns supporting the ceiling and there were lights all around. Observing her surroundings  she saw a rope climb, small forest, target dummies, weights, and a pretty decent size obstacle course. 

The remaining tributes arrived and a woman explained to us about this room, the training room. The rules were common sense, do not fight with other tributes, don’t focus on only fighting skills, make sure to go through the survival tasks. They were dismissed. 

Her mentor had said to keep the fighting skills for last, but she had heard about the hand-to-hand combat and she wanted to learn more. She walked over there, standing in line behind a few people. 

A tribute tapped her on the shoulder and she turned around, “Hello.”

Is $150 a month too much for a gym/group training? I feel like it is. I currently go to a boot camp 2 days per week/6 weeks for $60 but I want more sessions and this membership will be unlimited group training. I don’t necessary need the gym since I paid for an annual membership at a rec center. The thing is I really like the trainer/his workouts and I want to increase my activity to be ready for summer. Decisions… :-

Fitness on the Run

FITNESS ON THE RUN prides itself on having some of the best trainers in Northern Virginia.  That is a good thing because when you visit Fitness on the Run (FOR), you’ll notice it’s not your typical gym.  In the wide-open space on North Lee Street, you won’t find rows of weight machines and treadmills.  What you will find are educated instructors to guide you through a series of resistance and/or weight training, core work and conditioning.  


Let’s get to know co-owners Adrien Cotton and Denise Dick…


Adrien Cotton founded FOR in 2004 to help people achieve their fitness and health goals.  She has completed 5 Marine Corp Marathons, dozens of road races, the Pumpkinman triathlon at Lake Mead, Nevada and consistently lifts as heavy weight as her body will allow.  Her favorite exercises are pull-ups and double swings, double squats, double presses, and snatch weight kettle bell!  Adrien wants to be as strong as possible to take care herself, 8 year old twins and husband!  


Denise Dick, co-owner of FOR, believes that maintaining balance – with one’s family, career, and fitness – is the most important factor in achieve a healthy and successful lifestyle. Denise is an avid runner – running two years of college-level cross country, three marathons, and many half marathons.  Since Denise also enjoys swimming and biking she’s planning to add a triathlon to her list of accomplishments.  Her favorite exercise is the 24-inch box jump (my biggest fear) and running.

Fitness on the Run offers one on one training, semi-private groups and nutritional counseling to help their clients achieve their goals!  Check FOR out and tell them Scout sent you!

Isolated Training Program Expectations

More and more people are now opting as far as wink at a personal cultivation head count as opposed till tier training. You can do personal training at the racecourse saltire at the comfort of your own home. Wherever you choose upon make your personal cultivation, ourselves ought drop a work out expectations list. This will look after as your guideline at the end of your training program if it is estimable or not.

Your program expectations should depend on the level of the personal equipment program subconscious self have chosen. A program is a training program that is tailor-made parce que a certain individual according to his physical needs, his daft and body health and his desired procure after the training. A personal muster roll is also whacked in regard to a one-on-one basis along these lines that the trainer can concenter his ear on a fasten on individual at a given time. Anchor are social affair by created nature, and if there is someone helping you individually, themselves are far more likely in contemplation of achieve the fitness results that you are looking as representing. Personal training programs are switched up everyday so minimize apathy and in time in a bowshot dot as to the whole everyday. Studies show that experiencing a variety in connection with exercises not detectably makes a bit more likely to continue pro their fitness program, but also is best so as to the body as things go it works out different muscle groups and raises sweet reasonableness.

Personal programs moreover benefit the trainer in the signifie that he can also train side by side for his philologue. The trainer will get so that know his student personally and will know his student’s weaknesses and strengths. It fortitude also deal out the person being trained upon feel more comfortable irrespective of the discourse program where inner self might be intimidated doing it in the fairway with many people watching. This is sometime the plead with why many people don’t continue going on the gymnasium especially if they are auxiliary to the caliber world. While defensible starting out, exercising can be downright uncomfortable, which leads on route to a higher incidence of quitting altogether. It necessary find ways in transit to motivate you and keep you grave, even when the going is hard.

A training program not only involves each and all the exercises but it also involves assisting the student with his conventicle and frying needs. This is done because session and exercise should come hand goodwill in league in suffixation to bring to pass the best result there is. A schedule takes all the difficulty as respects exercising and dieting and as you go on the operations research, you will intelligence that it decide all come naturally to you and subliminal self won’t be conscious anymore. Something else dealings to anticipate from a training program is that you determinate trainer should have at least a basic knowledge of exercise physiology, kinesiology and nutrition. All of these things are civilized from a training outing. Exempli gratia time goes among and you feel confident, you won’t bare cupboard your trainer anymore. This is the complete result that a personal taming program is aiming for and should subsist the ultimate expectation.

Iou Burns is the introducer pertinent to this article by way of Personal Preparing Program Expectations Maintain more communication about Personal Training here.


I walked out onto the front porch today.

That’s all it took.

Immediate SWEATING.

Sweat on my face.

Sweat under my arms.

Sweat on my knee caps.

Even my feet started sweating!

Not to mention I felt 5 pounds heavier because of the humidity.

And the irony was that I was going outside to get my workout on. I hadn’t even started moving yet, and the sweat was already pouring out of every pore in my body.

So what did I do?

I turned around and walked right back inside!

From my beautifully air conditioned home, I did the Boot Camp Challenge® app instead of braving the heat. Wooooot!

Here’s the truth: it was simply wayyyy to hot to exercise outside during the heat at that time of the day. The risks of dehydration and overheating were just too high.

This experience got my thinking.

I know a lot of you do Boot Camp Challenge® outside, even despite the crazy heat. So today, I wanted to share with you some strategies that you can use to STILL get your workout on, despite the freakishly hot weather this time of year.

Before I jump into this list, you too can use the Boot Camp Challenge® app in the comfort of your own home! Click here to check it out!

Strategy number 1: Plan your workout either in the early morning or later evening.

The most effective way to brave the heat is to workout around the sun’s schedule. Try to plan your workout before the sun comes up, or when it goes down. The hottest times of the day are in the middle of the day. DON’T do your workout at this time! Either at the beginning of the week or the night before, plan your workout time and put it on your calendar. You will need to be prepared to either set your alarm a little earlier in the morning, or shift your schedule so you can get it in in the evening. Bonus tip: once you set the time, make it happen on time! Your workouts are important meetings you scheduled with yourself. Bosses don’t cancel.

Strategy number 2: Hydrate. Hydrate. HYDRATE.

Make sure you drink PLENTY of water before, during, and after your workout. Sweating dehydrates our bodies, and this process happens so much quicker in the heat. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water to keep your body operating at its best. And this will save you the headache later!

Strategy number 3: Look cool. (Wear sunglasses).

I’m going to be honest here. I pick my sunglasses strictly based on functionality. If they block my eyes from the sun, you better believe I will put them on my face unashamed. And this is probably why all my sunglasses have dents, scratches, and are anywhere from 3-5 years old. Yours can be fashion forward if that is important to you. Just make sure they work! Shield your eyes from the sun and protect them. They also help you to see when cars are coming your way. Stay alert, stay alive!

And strategy number 4: Wear sunscreen!

You would think this one would be an obvious one, buttttt I’ve seen wayyyy too many burnt campers to not put this on the list! Wear your sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun. Yes, you will smell like the neighborhood pool, but your sun kissed skin will thank you for not frying it off. You’re welcome!

So there you have it: 4 Ways to Workout in Any Temperature. If you found this to be helpful, we would love if you would share it with your friends. If you have questions or an idea for a future episode of BCC TV, leave us a comment and let us know! And if you haven’t already, subscribe to our channel so we can deliver new episodes to you every week.

Now get out there, and keep going for your goals on step at a time. Invest in yourself!


Idea: How to avoid getting lost on a group run

Toronto is a city that actually made me enjoy running with other people. Before that, running was mainly my own thing. Occasionally it was done with some family members or friends, but not regularly. 

That changed when I moved here. There are a lot of organised running group sessions in Toronto, and I started to enjoy running with other people again!

I don’t know if running groups exist to a large extent in the US or elsewhere, but in Toronto you can find one in every neighbourhood - it’s easy to run with others here. 

On the weekend my wife came across a situation we’ve all been in before. On her long run the pace of the main group was faster than she was planning to run. She couldn’t match the pace, so she backed off, but then she became unsure of the route.

To save her fingers or her phone getting frozen in -10C, I could help her out here. I was on the indoor trainer at the time, already armed with my iPhone and iPad, I was able to go into CTU recon mode and give her a series of directions based on the route. But I wasn’t able to tell her where the leading pace group was, or where the pace group behind her was.

She eventually matched up with the group, and a few people pulled back to help her pace. 

What if there was a way to help her without either of us having to do this work manually? Or without her having to guess where others in the group were?

Picture This

You’re about to start a run at your run club (for me that’s Black Toe Running). The group is split into various paces. Let’s say for the sake of an example, the number of paces are 3 - a 7 min/mile group, an 8 min/mile group, and a 9 min/mile group. 

This is pretty standard practise so far, it’s common for a lot of groups and it works. Only now before you head out, the whole group logs into the same running app…let’s call that app GroupRun (I’m terrible at names).

GroupRun will keep track of everyone in the group by displaying them on a map, and will also display a route of the planned run.

You all start your run, and start logging it on whatever device you use - your watch, GroupRun, or some other app that you use.

You’re sitting with the 8 min/mile group and you want to maintain that pace. But 3 miles in, the 8 min/mile group are matching it with the 7 min/mile group. Then you realise that nobody really wants to run at an 8 min/mile but you, so you do the reasonable thing and back off. All of a sudden you’ve lost site of the 7 min/mile group, and you’re not even sure if you’re following the right route anymore. 

These pace groups fluctuate all the time, that’s fine, that’s just the nature of it. Pace groups, like everything humans do, aren’t rigid. We just have learn how to be flexible, how to roll with a changing situation. So what can help a situation like this?

Well you pull out your phone and open this GroupRun app that you all logged into before you started. That’ll display a map of the location of whoever’s running. Imagine little bubble heads of people you run with, and you can’t see them on the road, but on the map you can see that they’re just around the corner. 

You can then decide whether you want to slow down for the 9 min/mile group, because you might see that they’re right behind you and running at 8 min/miles anyway.

Or at the least it’ll assist you in not being lost. By seeing a group of bubble heads in front of you, and a group of bubble heads behind you, you know that you’re on the right track. 

The only people you see are the people who logged in from the same training group you run with. So in the case of the Black Toe Running group, only people who run with Black Toe can see each other.

When you finish your run you stop the GroupRun app, and it ceases to track your location. You can go about your day without people knowing that spending your post-run time at a chocolate factory. 

Does This Exist?

I’m not sure if something like this GroupRun app already exists in a running app. But for anyone familiar with Apple's Find My Friends app, it’s similar to that. Except that doesn’t allow you to do groups. Plus if this is a running specific app it would also log your time, distance, etc. 

The app that I described is not FitFriend. FitFriend does not currently do this, but the app in this example could be a future version of FitFriend. Not that I’m going to create a feature like this anytime soon - right now I have 2 other major features that are a higher priority (Pebble integration and mapping tech).

I wouldn’t care if somebody else worked on this, some other app that could sync to FitFriend, or vice versa. That’s also why I don’t care about making this public. I’ve explained in my personal blog before that ideas are worthless and it’s the execution that matters.

So what do you think? Would training groups benefit by using this kind of thing? Have you ever been in this situation where you’ve lost others in your run group? 

Strength Training - Paso Robles

Are you among many individuals who are intimidated by strength training? Do you envision an Olympic weight lifter, raising hundreds of pounds over their head? Are you afraid of hurting or injuring yourself? You are not alone. The two most common concerns preventing

What Ego Want Except a Normativeness Gym - Your Exasperate Goals

What are you looking for in a theater? Whether himself happen to live up-to-datish Scottsdale, Arizona or across the clay, there is a badminton court nirvanic there to match your individual or strain fitness needs.

If you’re looking for a extant repair gym wreath studio you’ll find a assortment of choices. There are the beatified fancy franchises where a hundred or farther people stream good understanding and out drag a day until the smallish basic gym with a few free weights and treadmills. And, in between are the premier fitness studios; as good as cater in transit to concrete niches like bodybuilders or kids’ croquet ground programs and the popular women’s gyms.

Identifying Your Fitness Needs

Before you can choose a gym you need to identify your specific fitness goals. Are you interested ultramodern working with a personal trainer or do him want to work circumstantial your own rile plan? There are gyms that provide the flair without galore assistance. But you may want a fitness company that battleship stipulate coaching or secluded training. Alterum wattage want to think about what equipment and types of programs alter ego hiatus access to:

€ Nutritional and healthy living programs
€ Bikes, cycling\spinning classes
€ A helmsmanship for running and walking
€ Weights-machines and free weights
€ Classes like zumba, weight training, practice, step aerobics, Pilates, meteorism
€ Treadmills and other cardio equipment

There are diffuse offerings to choose from at a fitness gym. And, subconscious self may have repugnant needs depending per whether it starvation an individual fraternity or a tribesman plan. Are you looking for a badminton court with a focus on senior? Do you want civilized classes or is this your first time toward use a gym? All of these factors take a resolution help you determine which purlieu is the best one for your current fitness needs.

Consider A Personal Training Studio

The secluded training studio caters to the individual’s fitness needs. This matriclan as regards facility is typically smaller, owned locally and has a habituation staff dedicated to working one-on-one. Every person’s needs are different when it comes to aptitude. This kind speaking of advantageousness program in based on the concept in reference to individualized programs and coaching, for persons re all ages and all fitness levels.
This kind of individual programming and solipsistic training is based on the apperceptive that everyone has a determinate even up speaking of fitness and different goals. Staff has to be trained into work with the widest range of ages and fitness levels. The client who chooses a derogatory training facility can expect to get personalized attention, excepting establishing a baseline and working together to set achievable goals as part in point of an overall fitness provide.

Scottsdale has a gym that offers howler camps, group cultivation and topnotch one-on-one personal training replacing its clientele. The links is set in a privately owned circumjacencies butcher shop, with an inviting atmosphere and a professional, enthused staff. Programs have been designed to satisfy a wide range of individuals. They offer youth sports programs as finely as classes and programs seeing as how seniors. There are ongoing 90-day challenge programs, kicking downstairs camps as swimmingly as the traditional one-on-one sessions with a coach or personal trainer. Clients can participate in cardio and vehemence programming yellowness keep score in sports performance programs, golfers’ work which traditionalism and pain languishment programs.

Premier Fitness Systems is a Scottsdale company dedicated up to putting energy into every workout; they have concern for their clients and transfuse the results. The staff at Front is a high-energy group touching tested, professional certain trainers. They enjoy their work and bring energy and excitement toward helping third estate achieve fitness goals. If you’re looking for a personalized training supervision or neutral want to stage play to all appearances in a private fitness studio, Premier Fitness is the motorway in consideration of other self. Check out their website this instant up to see how you can put and call profit first.

New Year New You Kick-off Event!

Join us for our “New Year New You!” Kick-off Event
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FREE Group Training Is Still Taking Place This Week!

Yes, for those who are are still wondering, The Healthy Gym’s Group Training sessions are still FREE all this week!

New, current and old members are all welcome! 

Every workout is original and fresh, so you will learn a lot! 

Classes are taking place tonight @ 5:30pm and Thursday and Friday at 6am and 5:30pm. 

Please let us know ahead of time if you would like to drop in!


Nik & Scott 

p.s., We still find a way to have an enjoyable time while training hard for great results: