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I don't think Octavia is coming back just yet. There's still that scene from the S4 trailer of her with face paint on with that guy who kicked her ass in S2. She's not done with her dark path yet. She just fell from grace and Helios is helping her come back but not yet

That’s fair. But I’m still an advocate of her redemption being at hand. First of all, this show moves fast, and Octavia’s dark path was one of the things they told us was happening long before they even started filming. It was the first tease. And I’m pretty sure it’s part of the storyline for the first half of the season. I think it will be resolved as they move forward to the real big bad, the apocalypse. And whatever they haven’t told us yet. 

And that scene with the facepaint has her wearing the Skaikru symbol, and it’s actually a return of her as a “warrior” rather than an assassin. And she’s added Lincoln’s tattoo to her eye paint, which leads me to believe that she has rejected the vengeance she was stuck on and returned to Lincoln’s teachings about fighting for what was right. And if she’s fighting NEXT to the trikru guy. This looks like a ritual battle, to me. Everyone in their tribal finery, going to battle. In front of everyone.

Here’s a theory I have for that. 

This battle will be one of the ways they decided who gets a place in whatever shelter they have found. Octavia is the champion for Skaikru. Which means, they do come to some sort of fair plan for saving people, and not just the 500  100 skaikru that will fit in the Ark. They’re involving the grounders in the “lottery.” Lottery is skaikru way. Battle is grounder way. Question, when they crowdsource the grounders about finding new shelters, do the grounders who have lived there for 100 years perhaps have some insight into viable shelters in their actual territories? I think it would be logical that they would. 

And just so you know, I did some research on this a while ago. There are actual, real life giant shelters all over the united states, besides Mount Weather. Right now. A lot of them in the DC area. Why wouldn’t the grounders know of some of these? 

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does trigedasleng have a written form, or is it only a spoken language? as far as i can recall, i've never seen the grounders write anything in their language.

At present, I’ve just created a spoken form. It would take some thought to figure out how best to visualize a written form of the language. If there was no thought given to how it’s written, it’d just be written with English letters, with the spellings having changed over the decades. If, though, a written code were created, then presumably the writing system would evolve from that code. I’d have to determine what the original code was, and then how it would’ve evolved over the decades. Either way, it’d be a fun process!
The Journey to Us - Girl_with_a_Quill - The 100 (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Characters: Lexa (The 100), Clarke Griffin, Abby Griffin, Marcus Kane, Titus (The 100), Raven Reyes, Octavia Blake, Lincoln (The 100), Indra (The 100), Roan (The 100), Monty Green, Sybil (Original Character), Charles Pike (minor), John Murphy (The 100), Jasper (minor)
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After the massacre of the peacekeepers, the Sky people are brought to Polis to face justice. Given the gravity of the crime against the Coalition, the clans demand more than just the execution of Pike’s group. They demand retribution and give them 2 choices:

- The death of 300 Sky people in payment for the 300 lives slain, or;
- Abby and Sky leaders are put to death as atonement.

Unless there is a third choice? A rare tradition, seldom invoked, could be their salvation. If Clarke and Lexa accept.

“Three bindings for the next three moons. Until the Gon Ogeda, when two halves become one,’’ Titus concluded with solemnity.

Clexa Political Marriage AU, kinda

I would appreciate so much your feedback! Sorry it took me so long to post chapter 3! :) xoxo

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How long do you think bellamy will think Octavia is dead and how do you think he's gonna act before finding out she's alive? How do you envision their reunion going?

I expect Bellamy to discover Octavia is alive by the end of 405, if not sooner. Remember, she is the one who tells Clarke “war is coming” in the trailer-which is the same message she received in the Trikru embassy from the dying Grounder. I think she delivers her message relatively early on in the episode, which is how Clarke and the others are able to prepare for Roan’s army and meet them at the cliffs. 

I think Bellamy might actually figure it out for himself. In 404, he’s the one who tells Roan and Echo that Octavia will get back to Arkadia and warn them that war is coming. His confidence in Octavia is actually what spurs Echo to tell him about her supposed death. 

So when he sees Clarke and realizes the other guards are there, he might begin to form some hope about Octavia’s whereabouts.

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I am a really passionate bellarke shipper but I think i have an unpopular opinion about 4x05: I think Clarke will in some form decide to "sacrifice" bellamy in order to make peace with the grounders for her people. Or at least she will try to do that but then something will happen and bellamy will end up being free anyway. And I think he will be hurt that she was willing to sacrifice him although he would never do that with her. What do you think?

What kind of sacrifice do you imagine happening there? 

Roan’s got him. He can kill him or keep him. 

You think that’s going to happen?

No, that’s not going to happen. Without Bellamy there is no The 100. 

We already have  scene in the trailer of Bellamy in the radiation suit in Arkadia, so we know he goes back to Arkadia. 

And why would sacrificing Bellamy bring peace with the grounders in the first place? You notice they didn’t capture him because of Farm Station or vengeance, nope, it was because they were fortifying The Ark and he wanted to use Bellamy to get Clarke to do what he wanted. 

The only way to make peace there with Bellamy is to give him back to Clarke. Not sacrifice him. If she said “go ahead keep him,” it would basically mean she’d shoot them all down, now that we’ve seen the shooters on the heights. He’s a bargaining chip for Roan, not the other way around. 

I get imagining all the possible scenarios. It’s a good way to analyze, but you have to check your hypothesis against the the story and see how it fits and if it would follow through. 

I see if you’re looking at a parallel to Finn being captured by Lxa’s army. But parallels are not exact replicas. They’re not telling the same story over and over again. They’re evolving the story, and this captive princess story is not about Clarke giving him a mercy kill. It’s a political negotiation. Remember he also has the chancellor. And for all that Roan is attacking and declaring war, how much you want to bet he’s still rooting for Clarke to figure out a way out of all this. Proof? He saved Bellamy. He did that solely for Clarke. To use him against her or to get her on his good side, either way. 

I think they’re going to be allies again by the end of that confrontation, although the alliance will have changed and so will the goals. 

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how do u think marriage works in grounder culture -chinhands-

My time has come 

So I have some ideas on my Grounder Headcanons Page. But I’ll drabble a little here.
From everything we see of clan culture, loyalty and honor to your blood is held very highly. And what we have seen with Indra and Gaia shows how that transfers not just from your clan, but to your family. Lincoln and Nyko called each other “brother” which signifies the significance put upon a family tie. It was their way of verbally showing how close they are. So first off, I believe it’s pretty evident that a marriage bond is taken very seriously among clans. 
Due to the nature of the war like culture in which they live, living very long is not always guaranteed so I would say marriage is not always seen as a priority? If a couple goes their whole lives not getting married I don’t think they are seen as any less. But I am guessing most couples who stay together tend to wind up taking the marriage bond as a way to truly show they are joined together. I also tend to think some couples get tattoos together. (Azgeda would get scars)
Now, my personal belief is that ceremonies are couple particular. It depends on how they want to do it as far as if they have vows, if they exchange gifts, how many people are there etc. But I have had the idea that they cut their palms and hold each other’s hand to show they are now joined by blood. (Since your blood is where your ultimate loyalty and ties go to).
Furthermore, how I said marriage is taken seriously, I think it is expected both sides make the strongest effort to make it something that lasts. You do not just leave your spouse because things get difficult or you have grown apart. You work through it. You should be ready to WORK HARD to make the relationship last long before you ever take the marriage bond. 
If you cheat on your spouse ( or even just a lover ) it is seen as shameful and cowardly. They cheater would be looked down on. But it would be ultimately up to the one cheated on whether or not they work things out or beak the bond with them. 
I think overall, marriage traditions fluctuate between clans, but it is taken very seriously in every culture. 

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Lexa the character isn't white because there are supposed to be no races but the Krus, the grounders don't care about the color of your skin as much as they care about your ability as a warrior, Lexa's race is not white, is nightblood, ALYCIA DEBNAM CAREY IS WHITE but that's like saying Michael B Jordan shouldn't play Human Torch cause he's black and they tanned her not for the bindy cause it's not a bindy, is a realm of awe, confirmed by the show, a CELTIC symbol that WAS used between the eyes

“ Lexa the character isn’t white “ 

Like I only had to read this part to know you were full of bullshit. And your argument is that the 100 is colorblind which is firstly a racist argument and secondly inaccurate. The writers have made it clear that Bellamy isn’t white they HAD TO SAY IT even if it’s clear that he isn’t BECAUSE PEOPLE LIKE YOU WERE SPREADING RACIST BULLSHIT. So basically your argument says that Indra and Lincoln aren’t black just to show you how stupid you are. 

Nightblood isn’t a race stop trying to make her into something she’s not. Her being Nightblood isn’t representation for anyone so keep pretending she’s some special snow flake. 

“that’s like saying Michael B Jordan shouldn’t play Human Torch cause he’s black” That doesn’t even fit into your argument. Him playing the Human Torch makes the Human Torch black not white. Like at least try. 

They didn’t tanned her they made brown face. 

Like you don’t even know that realm of awe doesn’t exist. The correct term is helm of awe but it’s no surprise you don’t know anything about it since you actually didn’t make any research and are just trying to justify your racism which makes you even worst. 

It’s a Bindi. The writers said it was a bind. Alicia herself said it was a bindi the worst part is that she even said that she wanted “the bindi”. They only said it was a helm of awe later when the fandom was calling out their cultural appropriation. And that’s makes it worst cause instead of giving credit were it’s due and apologize for their racism they decided to cover it up. 

And FOR YOU TO COME INTO MY BLOG SPREADING ALL THIS SHIT IN ORDER TO DEFEND A FICTIONAL CHARACTER IS DISGUSTING. You know you can like Lexa without being racist ? You can acknowledge the problematic aspects of her character and say that yes she used racist tropes such as “the white savior” and that she did cultural appropriation. That’s actually possible. THE THING IS YOU CHOOSE TO BE A RACIST. 

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Rosy have these so called reviewers been watching the show since S1? Because hello my friends, L/CL didn't exist?! Wtf dudes? Did they jump on board after S2? Skipped some character developing on Bell maybe?! Look i get not liking a character but i feel like they shit on Bob as well and thats not fair.

This bothers me more than the fans, actually. If fans want to fangirl over their fanon interpretations, that’s cool. 

But these people are professionals and they’re supposed to be reviewing the actual show, not fan fiction. Their stupid interpretations are based on L being the hero and the grounders being the center of the story and skaikru being the bad guys. 

And that’s not the story that’s on the screen. At all. And it never has been. Morally gray doesn’t mean you can take the show away from the people who are telling it.  

Meet and Greet with Eliza Taylor
  • Eliza: gosh, French is so difficult
  • Fans: just say 'je ne comprends pas' (I don't understand)
  • Eliza: oh, I could never pronounce that
  • Fans: then say 'je ne sais pas'
  • Eliza: What does it mean?
  • Fans: 'I don't know'
  • Eliza: but what does it mean?
  • Fans: 'I don't know'
  • Eliza: ... oh got it, sorry I'm blond.