More Art Monday: Shadows

Six more weeks of winter or an early spring? Here’s to the groundhog seeing his shadow this morning.

View in Perspective of a Perfect Sunset,” 1941, by Eugène Berman

The Pair-Oared Shell,” 1872, Thomas Eakins

Virginia Beach, Virginia,” 1983, by Burk Uzzle

The Peacock (Portrait of a Woman),” c. 1902, by Alfred Henry Maurer

Cactus,” 1931, Charles Sheeler

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Good morning🌟

I’ll bet if I put the main topics of my morning posts (for the last six months) in a spreadsheet, I’d find that the majority of them were about: dreams, weather, and coffee. Oh, and probably love.

There’s an explanation for that! Every morning I wake up early (before 6), and naturally, caffeine is on my mind. I live in Texas and the weather is crazy here, so dealing with whatever Mother Nature is throwing at me that day is a priority. And, of course, processing my dreams from the night before, which typically deal with things I want to do or my formerly broken heart, explains all that blahblahblah I like to put on my blog.
It’s how I set the tone for my day😚 I love it.

Which leads me to… Hey, y'all! It’s Groundhog Day! It’s 76f degrees here. I’m thinking winter is O V E R.

Happy Tuesday💙💙