Gross nerd boys


Alexander: First to ten?

Knox: Are you serious? It’s two of us against one of you, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Rhen: Let him be, he obviously wants to be horribly humiliated when he loses.

Alexander: Has anyone ever told you guys how mega rude you are? Because they should.

Ugh, ugh, ugh, why is there never a fandom for any book unless it’s been made into a TV series/movie?

Tumblr should be all over the Finishing School Series–all over anything Gail Carriger, really. Main character goes to a Finishing School for assassins/spies. Love interests are an adorable POC boiler room worker and a likely-bisexual cocky rich boy. One of her friends crossdresses/possibly trans and makes cool gadgets. Another friend was literally raised by werewolves, and another is like Mako Mankanshoku and Dolly Parton had a baby in Victorian London. Gay vampire fops. Cute mechanical dogs. EVERYTHING IS AWESOME. And it even has an awkward gross bespectacled nerd boy for Moldykins.

I know if it had a fandom there would likely be drama out the wazoo(fighting between shippers would definitely result in various -isms being slung back and forth), but FUCK. I will actually make fanart for once. I WILL BRING THIS FANDOM KICKING AND SCREAMING INTO EXISTENCE.

You Can’t Lie to Your Reflection

This is entirely self-indulgent, maybe I got this idea during class, idk. It’s just JeanMarco trash where Marco tries to tell himself he’s not gay after sleeping with Jean, and frat boy Jean’s like “lmao you thought” (it would’ve been the other way around but it switched at the last second lmao)

It’s the morning after so no sexy times but some talking about it and other college things like alcohol references so tiptoe kids

The first time he looked at a man’s lips and wondered what they would taste like, Marco immediately told himself that it was just out of wonder. He was curious—wasn’t everybody?—and even though he had only gotten to second base with a girl, he had never actually had sex. It simply never crossed his mind as something he wanted from a girl. But it wasn’t due to a conflict of interest either: he wasn’t interested in boys. He couldn’t be. It wasn’t because his family was homophobic, which they weren’t. They were fairly open-minded, and his stepbrother Bertolt was as openly gay as a soft-spoken giant could be. It was just an impossible characteristic.

But then his friend Armin invited him to a frat party. It only happened because Eren wanted to go and show up one of the frat boys hosting the party, and seeing as Annie would be there to take Mikasa’s mind off her brother so Eren could “take care of business,” the last thing Armin wanted was to be left alone. And there was no way Marco could ever deny that request, especially because he surprisingly had nothing else to do. Being busy and occupied with some sort of activity was something he desperately required at all times.

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at 15 i was one of those gross entitled nerd boys who triumphed Logic over weak emotions and probably would’ve fit in really easily on reddit