Yondu: Now, let’s say you haven’t eaten for days and you’re in desperate need of a sandwich. What do you do?

Gamora: I run over to the kitchen and have Peter make me a sandwich.

Yondu: Okay, yes. But he’s not there.

Groot: I am Groot?

Yondu: It’s not important where he is. He’s gone. He left the ship.

Groot: [worried] I am Groot?

Yondu: Yes, he’s fine.

Gamora: Well, if he’s fine, I don’t see why he couldn’t make me a sandwich.


The Guardians go to Earth and notice Peter starts acting apprehensive around small bugs like spiders or wasps.

The others of course are like: “Um, you fought a 50 foot slug without flinching, and you’re scared of this tiny thing?”

Teasing ensues and not unexpectedly Peter tries to deny that he’s scared until one of them winds up getting stung and yells “OW! You didn’t say that they sting, you asshat!

Peter blushes slightly because trying to act like he wasn’t scared so that he didn’t look like a baby in front of Gamora had overridden the logic that explaining that wasps sting would have ended the teasing sooner, and might have also kept anyone from getting stung.

Needless to say, the teasing stopped but now the others pay attention to see if Peter starts to look apprehensive towards anything else on the planet.


What does acceptance look like to you? Here’s what it looks like to me.


Groot doesn’t act how you would expect because he’s an alien humanoid plant who can only say “I am Groot” due to his stiff, wooden larynx, so much of his communication is nonverbal. He is speaking, but his language is very hard to understand and only a few can really figure out what he’s saying.

He tried to eat my Tangle, so I showed him my chewable stim necklace and he rubbed his stomach like “yummy!” Then we hugged, I gave him a kiss on the cheek and we held hands before parting ways. He only ever said his trademark “I am Groot” to me, but understood what he said perfectly.

He accepted me as I was, he was happy to meet me and happy to learn from me. I learned from him, too. In the span of one minute, I felt like I had a conversation with Groot that was intense as an hour-long phone call with my friend Donny.  ^_^

Btw, I said “We are Groot” to him before we parted ways, and he nodded very emphatically in agreement. :D

Don’t bully people who are different! You may miss out on an awesome friendship.


(What’s #AFBV?)

Tony: why is there a muddy pawprint on my couch?

Peter, panicking: Mr Stark I can expl-

Harley: Halloween decorations

Shuri: T'challa

MJ: aesthetic

Ned: Halloween decorations

Groot: I am Groot


Peter’s backpack: woof

My prediction for Avenges 4

1. Tony will die or retire from being Ironman and just help and teach Peter

2. Cap will die

3. Maybe a second Groot

4. Bucky will take up Cap’s name as Captain America

5. Rhodey or Shuri will become the new Ironman

6. Cap will sacrifice himself for Tony

7. Tony will get PTSD will return from Cap sacrificing himself for Tony (That is if he survive)

Tony: Thrusters? Check.

Steve: Shield? Check.

Thor: Mjölnir? Check.

Clint: Arrows? Check.

Groot: I am? Groot.

Peter: Hotel? Trivago.

Y'all remember the first time you watched infinity war and it showed the wakandan fight and how everyone was getting weaker, even Bruce in the Hulkbuster and he was convinced that they were gonna lose but then suddenly in comes a big ass fuckin AXE with lightning and it decks like 20 aliens before flying back to Thor and then he just yells “bring me Thanos!!!” and fckin OBLITERATES LIKE 300 ALIENS WHILE THE AVENGERS THEME IS BLARING IN THE BACKGROUND? Yeah.