The June Power Up Box features some (a) Dorbz Guardians of the Galaxy goodness with the best buds (pun so, so intended) in the Universe and a Groot #1 variant edition! Then to round things out, we’ve got some consume-at-your-own-risk zombie soda and random-flavored Jelly Bellys, as well as Monopoly t-shirts just in time for the news that the movie adaptation is still happening. (Really.)

Forever is a words to most people.

To me forever is an emotions. Forever is something I experiences. I thinks this feels of forever is something autistic neurology is sensitives to and it wants to connects with that instead of being socials. If you is flats and lives in two dimensions but can thinks in three it is very hard to pulls yourself backwards to thinks in two likes everybody else! I feels likes that because I doesn’t thinks with words at all but most other people does. It is very hard to turns my thinks into words but I can kinds of does it. It is impossibles to takes the words all the ways out of thinks for people who uses words all their life.

Everything I thinks and feels is bases on fractals and fractals has concepts of forever that I can understands. If you looks at fractals, you can zooms in or out of it forever and never runs out of patterns to sees because you finds the same patterns you starts with no matter how far you goes!

You has neurons? They is tiny cells that looks likes the cosmic webs of the universe. You likes spirals? Looks for ferns, looks at satellites images of hurricanes and looks at a galaxy.

I feels forever when I lets go of my thinks and lets myself experiences without analyzes them. I finds it with a goods stims stuffs or I finds it if I sits stills. These things goes beyond words. I can’t describes it but you knows when you finds it because you wants to sinks more in instead of pollutes it with thinks.

If I feels emotions I likes to lets them happens and not pollutes my responses to them. I smiles, or I frowns, or I wiggles. I has to feels safes before I can lets myself experiences my emotions without being afraid.

I likes to sits among my friends and watch them without listens to what they says when they isn’t talks to me. I hears their voices and I watch how their faces changes, how they gestures and their personals quirks. I learns lots about people that ways. This is different if it is someone I loves lots like I loves Rocket. He is so familiars to me that I can sometimes guess the gestures he will uses or what tones of voices he will uses.

The points is I learns to looks more and more deeps into people when I gets to knows them. People are fractals too, they has layers and deeps and they is all unique. I can experiences forever that way by watch how their conversations spills into each others. I has troubles reads faces expressions but I learns individual body languages quirks. Likes I can tells if Drax is gets overstimulates by his tendency to looks down or away from people. I knows Quill sometimes uses humors to covers up when he feels afraid. Gamora hunch her shoulders if she feels insecure. Rocket cross his arms when he is not agrees with something someone is says. I learns all this by watch how deeps I can sees my friends when they isn’t focus on me.

Then I can looks at waters drops on a spiders webs and sees the universe. I can looks at sparkles on oceans and sees the stars in each one. I likes to makes noises in places that echo because I hears my voice repeats itself more and more smalls until it is too smalls to hears. 

Life is endless in what it can reveals if you looks more and more deeps. I feels likes everything is connects somehow and all things comes backs to a singles patterns if you looks longs enough. 

Fractals represents forever. Everything to me is fractals.