Shoutout to the girls doing ‘dirty jobs.’ The women who can’t wear makeup, nail polish, flattering clothes or have piercings and tattoos when at work. Props to the ladies who come home with dirt under their nails, stains on their uniforms and smells stuck to them that cannot be washed away with a single shower. To the girls who don’t feel pretty in their workplace. To the trans girls who cannot yet pass in the workplace. I see your dirt, smears, scars and dry skin. I see your scrubs, coveralls, aprons and smocks. I see your messy buns and steel-toed boots.

Your hard work is beautiful. Your blood, sweat and tears are worthy of respect. I am so proud of you and all you do. You are just as stunning in your work clothes as you are on a night out.


PLEASE make sure to regularly check your pet’s toenails! This dog’s owner had not realized that the dewclaw was curling around and growing into the paw pad. It embedded a full centimeter into the pad, causing an abscess and severe pain in the area. It would have taken weeks to get to that point. Antibiotics and pain medication are the mainstays of therapy.

Nail trims are especially important in any dog with dewclaws, cats with extra toes, and senior pets whose nails do not get worn down as quickly anymore. I see this problem most often in ancient cats.


via millieandpumpkin