Itty Bitty Little Bit
  • Imagine you always had a problem with Luke's responsibility skills, and even now that you have grown up with the very boy that you're in love with, it hasn't improved.
  • You have to work, and on the days Luke is off, he comes home to see you and your two boys, five and ten years old.
  • Working keeps you busy, so when Luke is off you tend to take advantage of the situation and ask him to run the errands that you couldn't achieve that day.
  • Grocery stores are Luke's enemy, therefore, sending him with a shopping list is the best possible thing you can do for the blue eyed man child.
  • Upon arriving home, you see that Luke isn't yet home. Your husband gets home ten minutes after you, and starts to put the things away, when you notice the unusual silence while he asks about your day.
  • "Luke, where are the boys?" You ask, and your blonde husband goes wide eyed.
  • "Dammit. I'll be right back." And he leaves once again to get the children he forgot.
  • "You forgot the kids?"
  • "They're so small," he says before closing the door.
20 Pet Peeves of Cashiers

1. When a customer jokes they “just made” a $50/$100 bill

2. “Wasn’t that item on sale?”

3. Baskets left on or around the register

4. Expert hand maneuvers to avoid being handed a receipt

5. Receipts left on or around the register

6. Groceries left behind

7. Customer tells you the item price when all you want is the UPC

8. Fifty phone calls a day asking what time you close

9. A customer coming in with a WIC check a minute til you close

10. No response when you ask someone if they found everything okay or to have a nice day

11. Register drawer being just a penny off balance

12. Shoplifters

13. Customers dumping items in random places when they decide they don’t want it anymore

14. Customer saying they don’t need a bag AFTER you already bagged their item

15. Not being able to do clean up because every time you walk away from the register someone else walks up

16. Customer spends ten minutes trying to pick out candy while a line builds up

17. Random rushes when everyone in the store decides to check out at once

18. Running out of change in the middle of a rush

19. Customer paying in change

20. “Oh I forgot to grab something, I’ll be right back.”

Reblog if you are/know a cashier who can relate to one or more of these things.
It’s all part of the job, so if you’re a customer, give a friendly smile the next time you see a cashier so they know that the pains they go through to help people like you and me out is appreciated. xxxx

  • me, on a date:so, you went to prison. what's that like?
  • them:imagine prison is like a... imagine a grocery store, and imagine you're locked in that grocery store. but you can sell the food, basically, in the grocery store you can sell it because it's there and that's what it has to offer. you can sell the food so you can make money, and once you make enough money, you can leave the grocery store.
  • me, shoving breadsticks into my purse:I'm sorry but I have to go