France Just Made A Law Forcing Grocery Stores To Give Unsold Food To Charity

France Just Made A Law Forcing Grocery Stores To Give Unsold Food To Charity

Last Thursday, France banned supermarkets from throwing away or destroying unsold food. The new law comes after mounting pressure from environmental and food justice groups. Grocery stores can face fines over $80,000 dollars or two years in jail for violating the law. The Guardian reports: “French supermarkets will be banned from throwing away or destroying unsold food and must instead donate it…

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Wheatland, Iowa
Population: 764

“Wheatland was platted in 1858 under the leadership of John Bennett. The town was named for President James Buchanan’s estate Wheatland in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The entire township (Spring Rock) had a white population of only 101 in 1850, but that number rose to 756 in 1860. A significant body of early settlers all came from the village of Wunderthausen in central Germany. The Germans founded the first church in town in 1857 with a Presbyterian affiliation. This relationship was dissolved in 1861 with the incorporation of St. Paul’s German Reformed Church (now St. Paul’s United Church of Christ). The First Presbyterian Church was organized in 1858, though no longer functions. Wheatland was legally incorporated on July 13, 1869.”

Some cashier advice

If you are a cashier, then at some point some one has asked you to change a bill. Always be careful when listening to the request. For example, this guy came up to me and asked me to change a $50 Bill. I give him 2 $20 dollar bills and a $10 bill. He then asks me to change the ten for two fives. This is where they will try to get you, by asking for more change. Be diligent from this point on. So I am looking but we are low on fives and I state this to him and his reply was, well you can give me two tens. Ok stop. Why would I give you two tens if you gave me one ten dollar bill? If a cashier is being rushed or is trying to hurry, this may cause them to not pay attention and then be short because they gave too must change back. I smiled and said, I’m just gonna give you ten singles. Watch out for these types. Ask them before hand what change they want and if they start asking for more, just end it right there. You do not work for a bank. You work in retail.