Grimaldi Forum

Tracking the Grace exhibit...

And the next stop after the Michener Museum in Doylestown is…
the Netherlands!

According to Visit Monaco, the exhibit will show at Het Loo Palace in Apeldoorn from 3 June to 26 October 2014. Those lucky Dutch!

Meanwhile, I am still pining for the opportunity to see the exhibit and puzzling at the fact that in its 6 years of travel, it will have only made one stop in the U.S. (October 28, 2013 - January 26, 2014)!

Anyhow, I find the exhibit’s statistics fascinating:

2007 - Monaco, Grimaldi Forum - 135,000 visitors
(The event holds the all-time record for visitor numbers at a Grimaldi Forum exhibition.)

2008 - Paris, Hôtel de Ville - 75,000 visitors

2008 - Moscow, Ekaterina Foundation - 65,000 visitors

2009/2010 - Rome, Palazzo Ruspoli - 34,000 visitors

2010 - London, Victoria & Albert Museum - 210,000 visitors
(This stop was the exhibit’s greatest public success.)

2011 - Sao Paulo, Armando Alvarez Penteado Foundation - 76,650 visitors

2011/2012 - Toronto, TIFF Bell Lightbox - 50,000 visitors

2012 - Bendigo, Australia, Bendigo Art Gallery - 153,000 visitors

2012 - Astana, Kazakhstan, Palace of Peace and Reconciliation - 15,000 visitors

2013 - Montreal, McCord Museum - 40,000 visitors

2013/2014 - Doylestown, Pennsylvania, James Michener Museum - to be determined…

Super Warhol

I visited this exhibition at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco in 2003. It was great - very comprehensive. When looking through stuff on the internet last night I found this - it’s done for the FashionTV Model Awards, but it shows some of the artworks and what the outside looks like. Good memories.

P.S The Grimaldi Forum has the poshest loos I have ever been in…

I'm in Monaco

I’m in Monaco

It’s my annual trip to Monaco for DISTREE and to hear “Oooh that’s nice to hear”, “Have fun” and my turn to say “Its work and I barely see anything of Monaco”. I still haven’t seen any of the interesting places like the palace or the gardens or any of that. It’s because I come here for an event and from the moment I land to the time I leave, I am working.

Don’t get me wrong the surroundings are…

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[Monaco] Une ville, Un pays #3

[Monaco] Une ville, Un pays #3

Et voilà, vous n’aurez pas attendu des mois et des mois pour voir le 3è volets de [Monaco] Une ville, Un pays !
J’ai profité des beaux jours pour sortir un peu de mon appart’ et vous faire des photos encore de Monaco. Et toujours de façon panoramique parce que j’aime bien ça !
Certains endroits ont été pris plusieurs fois…

RDV, je l’espère prochainement pour le 4ème volet !

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The Cathedral of Monaco in the French Riviera and the Royal Weddings

The Cathedral of Monaco in the French Riviera and the Royal Weddings

Image via Wikipedia

English: Coat of arms of the Principality of Monaco. Manually drawn using this image as a reference. This image took me only one day to reconstruct, but it required a profound amount of effort to get all of the details into it. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Grace Kelly y Alberto de Mónaco 1964. Llegando al aeropuerto de Madrid-Barajas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Saint…

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Top Marques Monaco 2013 10th anniversary zeigt viele neue Supersportwagen-Premieren

Sportautos und Supersportwagen Magazin

Am 18. April 2013 ist es wieder soweit, dann starten die Top Marques Monaco 2013 – 10th anniversary. Im Grimaldi Forum am Hafen von Monaco findet nächstes Jahr das zehnte Jubiläum der exklusivsten Sportwagen- und Supersportwagenshow der Welt statt. Unter dem Moto “See it, Drive it…