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that ask about ex-templar redemption got me thinking, do you have any strong feelings/opinions on knight-captain rylen? (sorry if you've answered something similar!!)

No lie I had to look up who that was. I see he’s the guy at Griffon Wing Keep lmao. So after watching his conversation on Youtube and reading his little blurb in WoTv2… It’s not like there’s a lot of him to have an opinion on? So I’d hardly call him anything worth strong feelings. I mean, what we know is:

  • Joined the templars because he didn’t want to lay bricks like his father, and served for almost 15 years
  • Led Starkhaven relief efforts in Kirkwall and ended up joining the Inquisition

That’s it? He’s just another ex templar, IDK. Nothing really special to like, so…


“Guard dog skills on point”


New art project I’m calling “Cuteness and Vexation”

These will be available as prints soon! And maybe T-shirts if I can get the design right. More are in the works, including non-birbs, so feel free to make requests! I can’t guarantee they’ll get done, but they will go on my list!