fecipher twitter, 24-4-2017: “Buried Memories, Gerome” and “Perfect Iron Mask, Gerome”

[Card Showcase] Is changing the past really the right thing to do? Gerome, a dracoknight who has come from a hopeless future, grapples with that challenging question. But the sight of his friends standing against fate, their souls determined not to abandon hope, inspires in him a determination to fight! (Illust. Megumi Nagahama)

more fire emblem cipher series 8 translations!

I finally did it! I drew a almost full gear reference for my favorite super strict griffon Red Nebula. He is one of my fallout Equestria OCs and the weapons master for Airstrike’s team.

only thing missing from this picture is his Anti-machine rifle, but then this is supposed to be just him standing with his battle saddle gear on.

here you go @ask-tequila-shots I finally made that ref picture (and even colored it, waaat).

Commissions are currently open!

A few additional details:

-Animals [including mythical creatures like dragons or griffons] count as an extra character.
-Up to 4 characters per drawing, please!
-Payment via Paypal
-Simple background [Sky with clouds, sandy beach, bedsheet etc…] is extra 1 EUR for all commissions, since it will be colored and shaded. If you want a simple colored circle or polkadots and the likes in your background, it is free of charge :)
-OCs welcome! Visual reference preferred, but if you don’t have any, a very detailed description+ availability online is a must.

Will not draw:
Mecha, extremely detailed gore, anthromorphic characters, child pornography/bestiality or anything that might come off as offensive towards a group of people.

Feel free to contact me on tumblr/via email:

Thanks in advance to anyone who reblogs this and spreads the word! :)


New art project I’m calling “Cuteness and Vexation”

These will be available as prints soon! And maybe T-shirts if I can get the design right. More are in the works, including non-birbs, so feel free to make requests! I can’t guarantee they’ll get done, but they will go on my list!


I decided to try creating some “Next Gen” characters, which is the term I see people use for children of the MLP cast.

I don’t really see Rainbow and Fluttershy as the types to want children, but I also think they’d both be passionate about taking in a little one in need of a loving family. And so I thought, what if they adopted someone who really needed their unique talents? So, a baby griffon!

Gull-Wing has Rainbow Dash’s tenacity and bravery, as well as Fluttershy’s respect for nature and care for weaker creatures. She’s curious but also gets bored easily, especially if she’s not allowed to be physically active. She feels torn over her nature as a carnivore and sometimes struggles with disordered eating, though her parents are understanding and supportive.