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I didn't quite get the whole "monitor changes the names of agents to people caboose, kai, donut and friends" thing from the prequel trilogy. If it's not asking too much, could you please help me out?

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The idea behind this was that if Flowers died a new agent would be called in to take his place. Flowers remarks that he believes all the people on the (top) list are capable people.

So when the wire gets tripped over and the names change the people coming to blood gultch to replace blue team members change. So instead of getting California, we got caboose. Then donut showed up when red team wanted a new recrewt, then Sister when Church died as was the order of the new list.

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Members of red teams reaction to their significant other being hurt during battle

Sarge: His pretty upset by this, shooting any enemy who dares come close to his S/o. He may not be good with showing emotion but he’s good at shooting things and protecting you.

Simmons: Freaking out, Simmons tries to use his knowledge to stop the bleeding while trying to figure out how to get you somewhere safe and out of the shooting zone. He feels really bad about this whole thing and later brings you flowers as his S/o recovers. 

Grif: He has no idea what to do and panics, Grif somehow manages to drag you off the shooting zone and into safety. He calls Simmons or any of the others for back up, to see if they know what to do. While you are in the recovery room, Grif will bring you all the sweets and foods you like. 

Donut: Gasping, Donut picks up your hurt body and runs away from the battle to find someone to help you. He is able to stop any bleeding that is happening but can’t help much from there, leaving it to Doc to help his S/o.  


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I couldn’t thank enough Rooster Teeth for inspiration, my redesigns of Grif and Simmons from Red vs Blue amazed many people at my varnissage!
I got to have an awesome interview with an incredible studio and oh la la though, I had to explain what was Red Vs Blue and show picture of the show…
Or more like Halo the game?

It was confusing and I’m still unsure what were their opinion on that,
but at least it was their favorite piece of my portfolio!

What made me laugh the most was that one of them said, pointing at Simmons, “we can already see that between the two, he’s the smartest one” and they had no idea what RVB was OH MY WOWZAH

And as you may have guessed, the drawings where they cuddle weren’t in though HAHAHA!!! Also, I looooove the idea of Hawaiian Grif plus with tattoos!
I didn’t know that he was Hawaiian or that he comes from Hawaii >< Anyway sorry for writing so much on that post, I don,t usually do that, BUT I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE THAT HAPPENED!