I really hope that in future seasons of RvB, Grif will get the chance to really show off his driving skills. There have been some great moments, like in season 6 when he caused the enemies to run off a cliff, and, my god, when he drove into Wash and somehow managed not to get shot in the process. Oh, and his overall ability to drive/fly anything. Not to mention how it seems like Grif kills more enemies by running them over than shooting them.

But it would be so great to have a long-drawn, intense, keeping us on the edge of our seat, car-chase where he can really shine. Put in some explosions, a gun-fight happening on the same time, narrowly keeping the car on the road – all while going at the highest speed possible.
It would just be so awesome to have Grif getting everyone out of a crazy mess, and when he can finally halt the jeep, he’ll be exclaiming: “Holy crap! Did I just do that?”
And Simmons would be leaning over the edge of the car, throwing off his helmet to vomit (off-screen of course, to since they can’t be seen without helmets), groaning: “You ran a red light!”


There is so much I love about these two photos in the rvb book.

Wash and Sarge are being professionals looking forward with their guns out. Church and Donut are looking into the sky. Grif and Simmons are just looking at each other. Lopez is looking at Donut, and Caboose and Tucker are looking at Church.

So my brain imagined that Grif has used the very old trick of placing some sacks under his blanket and make it look like a body, so Simmons will be bitching at the sack (now named Zack, ‘cause it deserves a name) instead of Grif whenever he is hiding somewhere else ‘cause he really needs a nap. And then Simmons will be scolding the sack, bicker with it, and when he receives no reply he ends up stumbling right into a love-confession.

“Hey, fatass! Get up before Sarge decides to shoot you again! You know he’s just waiting for an excuse to open the new supply of shotgun shells we just received.
Grif, I know you’re not sleeping – I’m not hearing any snores!
You can’t just count on me to wake you up every time. There’s a reason why I gave that alarm clock. And you can’t keep saying it’s broken because I fucking saw you remove the batteries. That’s not broken – that’s vandalism!
Seriously? You’re really just gonna ignore me like that? Way to prove Wash right, Grif. You are immature.
…No come-back? What, are you pissed or something? The alarm clock was a good gift – it was for your own fault! I don’t know if you just prefer Sarge’s beating or…
Is it because I threw out your snack cakes? You know they’re not good for you! Just because you don’t care if you die from a heart attack doesn’t mean I can’t try to change your disgusting habits. So sulk all you want – this is just tough love! I mean, not love like… You know what I mean! I don’t care about you like that – not that I don’t care, ‘cause if I didn’t care, I’d let you die from your damn heart attack, you slob, and I can’t let you break my heart like that! Uh, my heart as in the transplanted organ not –“

“Why are you talking with Zack?”

“Grif?! Wha- how are you-? Wait, what- Who’s Zack?!”

*Grif walks over and pulls away the blanket, revealing the sack filled with Donut’s and Doc’s organic vegetables* “Gotta find some use for this stuff.”

“You’re so fucking stupid.”

Bonus would be Donut sitting next to the bed, emptying his heart for hours, believing Grif to be a very good listener, and Sarge finally revealing Zack and conclude that Zack is still a better soldier than Grif.


just kidding here’s Donut

what a cutie!!! 
anyways! some red team counterparts for the blue team babes I drew last time for this teen dorks au! I know these ones are really rushed, but that’s because I really had to force myself to sit down and draw these. so have some too tol smimmons, a very smol grif, and donut who is a slut for undercuts tbh c: 

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