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Radiohead is playing “15 Step” with the USC marching band. I’ve been told it’s okay to talk about this now, and how I wish all of you could have been here at Staples with me this morning to watch Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, and three dozen elated college kids take an already very good song and turn it into a jubilant, slightly menacing masterpiece. 

When I walked in at 9 a.m., there were already tubas glinting under the shiny, American Idol-style metal gridwork of the space stage, the thunder of the rhythm section bouncing around like buckshot. They did a rough run-through with crew and directors clustered on stage, after which Yorke politely asked, “Can you make my voice sound a little less shiny? I like the idea that I’ve got to belt it out over these guys, you see.” Between takes, he beatboxed a bit into the mic; the band kids sat on the risers and mostly just grinned in disbelief. Yorke wandered down to the lip of the orchestra pit and asked a nearby stage manager, “Is it okay if I stand here?” Sure, said the guy, “but just so you know” — he gestured to the floor beneath Thom’s feet — “this is a wall that comes out of the ground.” Thom took a step back. “All right! Here we go! Standby!” said another stage manager, and the wall did indeed come up. The band members stirred with excitement.  The wall had lowered again to reveal Thom making a my-head-is-exploding gesture to Johnny, I assume because even Thom Yorke still gets jazzed about the Grammys. And then a snare drummer in the front row counted things off, the bass players raised their sticks, and the awesomeness began.

Mad props to the USC kids for their talent and their stylish choreography, but mostly for being totally professional in a situation that would have reduced many grown men to pudding. Their directors just finished making tweaks to the musical arrangement last night, and tomorrow they’ll be playing with arguably the best band in the world on national TV, yet they completed take after take of the complicated rhythms with incredible poise. “Ecstatic” is how 19 year old Kelsey Anderson (communications major; bass drum) summed up the feeling of getting this gig. Her eyes had the slightly glassy look you see in people who have recently experienced a religious conversion, or seen the face of God. “I went out and bought In Rainbows on vinyl for Thom to sign. He wrote my name on it. I’m gonna keep it forever.” She was highly complimentary of the spiky-haired frontman, with whom they apparently had robot dance-offs in rehearsal. “He’s surprisingly down to earth, fun, and amazing to work with,” Anderson said. “Some people you think might have big egos, but he doesn’t. We we were just in awe of him.” As for whether her life has now peaked at 19, she laughed and said, “This is pretty much the coolest thing I’ve done so far.”


Crystal Grid used in my spacial cleansing today. I’ll continue to let it sit for a while 💞 : Quartz, Selenite, Blue Kyanite, Amethyst, Amber Calcite, Tigers Eye, Green Calcite

Of course my canine companion started going CRAZY the instant I laid out the crystals, followed me around during the cleansing, and is now curled up fast asleep since she wore herself out. What a blessing ☺️🐶❤️

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Alberta could produce over 145,000 jobs by going green: report
“The government can start putting people back to work without having to wait for the price of oil to go back up.”

Alberta could create more than 145,000 jobs by investing more heavily in renewable energy, energy efficiency and public transit, a report by three environmental organizations says.

The move would boost employment when oil prices have dropped, reduce carbon emissions and help shift the economy toward green industries, according to the report released Friday by Greenpeace, the Alberta Green Economy Network and Gridworks Energy Group.

“The government can start putting people back to work without having to wait for the price of oil to go back up,” co-author David Thompson said Friday, which was also Earth Day.

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Flavio’s sense of fashion and choice of lifestyle did not come cheap. That was a fact of life. He was also smarter than most gave him credit for, and not above playing dirty.

Possibly not the best of reasons to turn to a life of crime, but there you go.

And it wasn’t like he wasn’t good at it, especially after Santiago, a grumpy Spaniard who grew up with lawlessness, was somehow persuaded to join him.

(Yes. That persuasion was sex, and lots of it.)

It just so happened that the National Museum had some wonderful jewels on loan from another country.

Nice, sparkly jewels that would fetch a pretty price on the market.

Only one problem: the security.

Due to the value of these jewels, security was pretty tight. Not, Flavio mused to himself, that that was necessarily a bad thing.

“I had no idea you could move like that, Santi.” His eyes shamelessly roved over his lover’s body. “Your ass looks fantastic from this angle.”

Santiago turned his head and glared at him.

“No, no. Keep going~” He smirked, letting a slow lascivious smile stretch across his lips.

The Spaniard growled, deep in his throat, and carefully lifted his leg over one of the laser beams.

“Why didn’t I already know you were this strong? And flexible. You know you can’t get out of using this next time we fuck, right?” The blond’s voice sounded far too chipper, and entirely too pleased with himself. Like he knew something his partner in crime didn’t.

“Ooh, can you stand like that when we do it? Maybe up against a wall.”

Santiago had to tell himself exactly how counterproductive and childish it would be to throw something at Flavio. The last thing he wanted was to trip one of these lasers, especially as they weren’t sure what all of them did.

He finally set his feet down with a relieved puff of breath on the other side of the grid. Now he could pay back the irritating commentary in full.

Then again, maybe not. Knowing Flavio, that little shit would only enjoy it.

At the very least, he could watch him strain to follow the same path.

With a wide, self-satisfied from the Italian, there was a click and the narrow beams crossing between them flickered out.

“Are you fucking kidding?”

Flavio sauntered over, that smirk still shamelessly in place. “Can you blame me~? I’m such a naughty boy after all~”