Flavio’s sense of fashion and choice of lifestyle did not come cheap. That was a fact of life. He was also smarter than most gave him credit for, and not above playing dirty.

Possibly not the best of reasons to turn to a life of crime, but there you go.

And it wasn’t like he wasn’t good at it, especially after Santiago, a grumpy Spaniard who grew up with lawlessness, was somehow persuaded to join him.

(Yes. That persuasion was sex, and lots of it.)

It just so happened that the National Museum had some wonderful jewels on loan from another country.

Nice, sparkly jewels that would fetch a pretty price on the market.

Only one problem: the security.

Due to the value of these jewels, security was pretty tight. Not, Flavio mused to himself, that that was necessarily a bad thing.

“I had no idea you could move like that, Santi.” His eyes shamelessly roved over his lover’s body. “Your ass looks fantastic from this angle.”

Santiago turned his head and glared at him.

“No, no. Keep going~” He smirked, letting a slow lascivious smile stretch across his lips.

The Spaniard growled, deep in his throat, and carefully lifted his leg over one of the laser beams.

“Why didn’t I already know you were this strong? And flexible. You know you can’t get out of using this next time we fuck, right?” The blond’s voice sounded far too chipper, and entirely too pleased with himself. Like he knew something his partner in crime didn’t.

“Ooh, can you stand like that when we do it? Maybe up against a wall.”

Santiago had to tell himself exactly how counterproductive and childish it would be to throw something at Flavio. The last thing he wanted was to trip one of these lasers, especially as they weren’t sure what all of them did.

He finally set his feet down with a relieved puff of breath on the other side of the grid. Now he could pay back the irritating commentary in full.

Then again, maybe not. Knowing Flavio, that little shit would only enjoy it.

At the very least, he could watch him strain to follow the same path.

With a wide, self-satisfied from the Italian, there was a click and the narrow beams crossing between them flickered out.

“Are you fucking kidding?”

Flavio sauntered over, that smirk still shamelessly in place. “Can you blame me~? I’m such a naughty boy after all~”

Maintaining Consciousness


  • No matter what happens, can you maintain and hold the higher frequencies of consciousness from within you without shifting out of this space?
  • Can you see beneath the surface, see the other perspectives, see through expanded awareness… IN THAT INSTANT?
  • Do you pull away and go inside and observe to see? Each time you do this, this “natural way” becomes more instant
  • Can you interact with others while maintaining this space? Can you do a multitude of processes all at one time, inside, without ever shifting your energy or stepping out of this space?
  • Can you hold the highest frequency of love at all times, transmit pure light, total HONOR above all, and not participate in the old energies/programs- all simultaneously, while still creating and working in the other dimensions, seeing them all, observing them all, every parallel, every outcome visible…. in a waking state?
  • This is HOW WE EXIST in the higher frequency bandwidth realms, as we move through that which held us back, limited us, kept us held to the old gridwork of consciousness, by that which we chose/held inside. We CAN DO ALL things at once, but first we have to go through “not being able to hardly function” as we embody higher light. We have to let go of the need to control all things and allow our higher self aspects to emerge fully and be present AS ONE at all times. We have to learn to do everything all over again. We function completely different here. It looks nothing like before. We have total awareness, total command, total power again AS HIGHER SELF BEINGS MERGED WITH OUR HUMAN ASPECT and we walk as the NEW EARTH HUE-MANS here to assist HUmanity with doing the same.
  • Merging all of our aspects is a FULL-TIME JOB. With this comes those physical realities that match in frequencies and that bring forth all that we truly desire from within our heart. All supports our missions/purposes/roles to be in higher-light-service at all times as we all work together as love, as light, as one.
  • There are many physical realities that already exist that you cannot yet physically see. Each more magnificent than the ones you’ve already experienced, each which appears to be more of the lucid dream. As you anchor light (which feels like you’ve been drugged and distorts your perceptions which brings clarity as it does) you do start to see and realize that it’s always been there, all around you, yet you didn’t hold the vibration before. As you do, all becomes more colorful, vibrant, alive, interactive and lighter. All around you seems to be becoming more conscious, too. Others are awake or waking up, understanding and experiencing more. You FEEL everything around you, the magnificence, the beauty and gratitude, love and brilliance fill your every cell. You REMEMBER THIS SACRED CONNECTION and the subtle and silent tears of utter and complete appreciation and peace run through you.
  • Your NEW Earth Existence comes forth through your commitment and dedication to your own journey and through honoring your Physical LightBody upgrades and integration process, all around you a NEW EARTH EMERGES as you do.
  • This is an entire transformational process that take every bit of you to do. Stepping back and getting out of the way, as a human, is the hardest thing that we all do. Letting our higher self aspects guide us and run the show is necessary, and where we do not understand/honor this, this is where “suffering” comes from. The physical body upgrades to hold light- and it’s intense. This eases and even gets easier as we fall into the FLOW of how all works here. Everything just becomes energy and outside reflects the same. We work through all the scenarios that used to create realities, release the belief, power and energy that were held inside and as they go, the outside world just re-aligns. Simple existence- it’s easy here. Yet all have to let go/transcend all that kept them from this easy existence. Everyone has this (cap)ABILITY… conscious awareness/choice/action dictate how/when this occurs in the physical for all.

-Lisa Brown