Grenade launchers

Conversion Gun

Sawn-off Mosin-Nagant M91/30 rifle with SKS rifle grenade launcher, AK-series pistol grip and Burris red dot sight.
7,62x54mmR 5-round internal box magazine, bolt action.

I’m ashamed to say it but I kind of like it, it’s like taking a modern compact gun and replacing everything modern with old wood and steel. Plus come on it’s a Mosin-Nagant who cares if it’s defaced, you can get 5 for 3 at Walmart.

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on the granade launcher as a metaphor for bisexuality now that Dean finally used it?

Hi Anon! Lovely to hear from you!

Well, given that the bunker is lit with pink and blue lights (the colours of the bisexual pride flag, as Tink so kindly and immediately pointed out) and the brothers are first attacking that wall (representing someone’s internal wall in need of breaking down) with pickaxes together, barely making a dent in said wall, sitting down in defeat, Dean talking about how they saved the world, got Cas and Mary back and thought they had it made, talking about it as though maybe they didn’t, and maybe they’ll die now, and maybe it’s time to just give up.

Only for him to then go and get that grenade launcher and blowing that mother fucking wall to fucking dust!! 

And this STARTS an episode where Dean later tells Sam to go and lead the hunters storming the BMoL threat and to lead them alone, without Dean, because Sam is ready and parenting!Dean is ready to let him go. WALL COMING DOWN. And Dean gets to confront his mother and tell her he hates her, and loves her, and forgives her, for everything. WALL COMING DOWN. And the episode ends with Dean, Sam and Mary locked in a family hug of pure love - Dean FINALLY embracing Mary, which he’s been avoiding all season since that first hug they shared in 12x01. WALL COMING DOWN

And what is this internal wall Dean is tearing down? It is all the self-doubt, all the self-loathing, all the worthlessness and lack of faith in himself, it is all the toxic masculinity bullshit he’s used as a personality shield because he’s modelled himself on the strongest person he’s ever known in order to protect Sammy: John Winchester. 

And once this internal wall has been completely torn down? 

Rainbows, people. Rainbows all over.

With all of this before us I am going to say yes, the grenade launcher absolutely, definitively underlined the theme of 12x22, which was performing!Dean beginning to understand that he doesn’t need to perform anymore, he’s beginning to let down his guard, he’s beginning to have faith in others, which will lead him to have faith in himself, because he’ll realise the weight of the world isn’t his alone to carry, and once he realises this he’ll be able to open up fully to all the possibilities before him and reject the idea of going out in a blaze of glory. He’ll understand he doesn’t have to do anything alone. And he will finally tell that goddamn angel (who is SO not dead, btw) that he fucking loves him and will he STOP GETTING KILLED ALL THE TIME FOR FUCK’S SAKE. 

*eye roll* *shrug* *I will never quite forgive them for glancing over such a huge character death* *Robert Singer I am looking at you* *but 13x01 will determine the fallout* *oh joy*

In short: grenade launcher -> wall down -> bisexuality accepted -> rainbows.



Russian double-barreled grenade launcher with a very specific purpose. It uses unique depth charge style grenades designed for use against swimmers/combat divers. The FG-45 round seen in the top photo is the fragmentation grenade which detonates at a particular depth. The SG-45 round is a signal flare meant to mark the enemy swimmer/diver’s last location. It’s intended areas of use are aboard boats and submarines that have surfaced. (GRH)