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Mary conversation anon from 2 days ago. Now that I've seen the promo pics, what if Ketch is the one to let slip the fact that they were behind the Colt mission during that table discussion with Ketch? It seems unlikely to happen, I just hate when we have information that the characters don't and they should know and agh!!

I KNOW, RIGHT?! You just want to yell at the screen until they hear you. (or maybe we have done that)

(and maybe Mr. Mittens has a name for that phenomenon, yelling at the screen in despair OH MY GOD NO TURN AROUND! TURN! AROUUUUUNNNNNDDDD! or whatever the appropriate piece of agonizing information is…)

(we actually call them Immortal Beloved moments)

(I may have had a minor breakdown the first time I saw it)

Anyhoodle on to the relevant bit of information here…

Ketch does like to brag about his fancy toys, and especially after Dean’s reaction to the grenade launcher (which Dean already has, he just hasn’t been able to actually fire it yet…), I can see Ketch trying to use his weapons as an enticement to lure Dean to work for him.

“Your mother may have told you stories about the Colt,” Ketch would say, thinking Dean was just as ignorant to the reality of the weapon’s existence as Mary. “There’s only five things in all of creation it can’t kill. Remarkable thing.”

“Yeah, I might’ve heard of it,” Dean would reply, schooling his face and shifting in his chair, orienting himself toward Ketch to demonstrate naive interest, because crap, if Ketch is after the Colt, then Dean needs to know about it.

“Well, your mother retrieved it for us some time ago,” Ketch replies with a knowing smile, thinking he’s surely got Dean on the hook now. “We haven’t found the right recipe for the bullets yet, the magic’s a bit arcane since the user manual’s been lost to the mists of time, but we’ll crack it eventually.”

Dean considers this carefully. Ketch obviously has no idea that Dean’s killed more things with that gun than anyone else on the planet. Hell, he even shot Lucifer in the face with it. Shit way to find out about the five things it can’t kill clause, but that’s his gun, and apparently Mary just gave it to Ketch without ever having said word one to him or Sam about it. Where the hell did she even find it?


“Sam and I have some experience with magic bullets. Maybe we could take a look at it sometime and see if we can’t get it operational for you.”

More like get it operational so Dean could shoot you, but whatever. It’s a start.

Something like that, anon? I could see something like that happening. Good thing Dean’s a better liar than Mary is…

SPN Meets CAH: Tonight’s Kick-Off Time, Brought To You By Agent Carter's [Better Than A Grenade Launcher] Gun.

Way to wail on ‘em, Peg.


AROUND 7:45/8:00 P.M. CST


As always, room will be open a little early, feel free to come by & chat while you wait on the game to start!  

**** FYI: Game will be capped around 12 players - first come, first serve ****

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Conversion Gun

Sawn-off Mosin-Nagant M91/30 rifle with SKS rifle grenade launcher, AK-series pistol grip and Burris red dot sight.
7,62x54mmR 5-round internal box magazine, bolt action.

I’m ashamed to say it but I kind of like it, it’s like taking a modern compact gun and replacing everything modern with old wood and steel. Plus come on it’s a Mosin-Nagant who cares if it’s defaced, you can get 5 for 3 at Walmart.

‘only pack the necessities’ they said. ‘what’s all this? you cant take weapons on the plane, bucky’ they said. so now i just have this big suitcase with only a toothbrush inside it

Thus guy makes a replica of an 18th century grenade launcher (hand mortar).


Sturmpistole Grenade Launcher

Manufactured by Walther in 1942 as a Leuchtpistole (flare gun), modified with a foldable stock, a rifled barrel insert and folding sights.
It could fire its original smoothbore 26,65mm cartridges or also specially designed rifled bore ammo in caliber 27,2mm. The modification however was designed and produced to allow the firing of the Panzer-Wurfkörper 42 LP shaped charge, giving infantrymen anti-tank abilities.

Sauce : James D. Julia Inc.

supernatural myth arcs
  • season 1: find dad
  • season 2: special children
  • season 3: demon deals
  • season 4: angels
  • season 5: stop apocalypse
  • season 6: wheres purgatory?
  • season 7: black goo
  • season 8: demon tablet
  • season 9: mark of cain
  • season 10: demon dean
  • season 11: the darkness
  • season 12: grenade launcher
Supernatural:  10 Lessons From Tonight’s Episode

“Regarding Dean,” Episode 11, Season 12

1.  Dean canonically loves bunnies, and should have one with him at all times. 

Add it to the list of bunker animals, along with Sam’s dog and Cas’s guinea pig.

It also helps that the bunny sort of looks like him. 

Like, come on.  Tell me you don’t see the resemblance.

2.  He’s also taking steps towards being more open about who and what he loves.

Baby steps, Dean.  Baby steps.

3.  This is not a sentence I ever expected to hear come out of Dean’s mouth, but I am insanely glad that it did.

4.  Nor was this one, though honestly it’s just as good.

5.  Honestly, this whole exchange was just pure, bisexual gold.

*Cough* As soon as you walked in, you had the hots for Larry. *Cough*

6.  Dean needs and deserves to use a grenade launcher, and I am shocked and enraged that he hasn’t.

Look at the anguish on his face.  Just let him shoot the damn grenades, you monsters.

7.  Rowena, like any sane person, loves giving Dean nose boops. 

Get it, gurl!  LOL, this is honestly such a cute, fun episode. :)  

8.  …Okay, maybe it’s not so fun. 



10.  Dean is a raging bisexual, and everyone just needs to come to terms with that.

Come on, SPN writers:  show me one heterosexual man who derives that much enjoyment from riding a mechanical bull.  Point one out to me.  I’ll wait.  Never mind the fact that he’s way too good at riding things for someone who’s never shown much interest in horses.  

Jesus fucking Christ. 

Overall rating:  9/10 for cuteness, Larry, and making me cry like a little bitch.  One point redacted for forced heterosexuality, but otherwise an amazing and very memorable ep from a solid season.  Honorable mention for the perennially patient Sammy.

Gif credit to: @angvlicmish, @stephen-amell, @veryamooseing, @yourfavoritedirector, @faramaiofnerdwoodforest, @codestielckles