Season of Giving :)

I found this amazing organization through a Canadian YouTuber by the name of GregoryGorgeous. And what this charity does is they create shirts for whatever charity/charities they are working with that week, sell the shirts for that week only, and for every tee you purchase, they give $7 to this week’s charity. How cool is that? I know that when I’m getting paid, I’ll buy at least one shirt to know that I am helping someone out there :)

Could you ever leave the house without any makeup on?

I do sometimes, when it’s like not that big of a deal, like if I’m going to walk my dogs or going to the drugstore or mall to pick up something. But I mean, what people don’t get is that I LOVE doing my makeup. So it’s like asking someone who loves skiing to not ski. It’s like “Hey can you not ski for a full year?” They’re gonna be like “Yeah I can, but I DON’T want to, because I like it.” I think that everybody else just does their makeup because they have to. It’s like “Oh I’m ugly so I’m gonna throw on bronzer.” That’s not how it is at all for me. It’s like I LOVE doing my makeup. I look forward to doing my makeup in the morning. I actually do. It’s like I get up and I’m in the shower and I’m like “Yes! I’m going to do my makeup soon.” I LOVE doing my makeup. It’s really like a relaxing, calming, soothing experience for me. So if I didn’t wear makeup everyday, it would be weird. I would just feel stupid. Like what do I have to look forward to in the morning? You know I’d probably honestly skip everyday of school, because I have NOTHING to look forward to. I would just lay in bed all day.

- GregoryGORGEOUS (40 Questions Beauty Tag)

He totally expressed everything so well. That’s how it is for me too <3 (I rephrased some parts a little. But it’s still almost exactly what he said ^^)