Gregory Colbert

Canadian filmmaker and photographer Gregory Colbert captures the beautiful, uninhibited relationship between man and wildlife. He took a ten-year hiatus from exhibiting any work to travel the world, exploring the vast and natural landscapes of exotic lands including India, Burma, Sri Lanka, Kenya, E… 

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Take Refuge In The Bird Path
Laurence Fishburne - voice -

“what matters is not what is written on the page
what matters is what is written in the heart
so burn the letters
and lay their ashes on the snow at the river’s edge
when spring comes and the snow melts and the river rises
return to the banks of the river
and reread my letters with eyes closed
let the words and the images wash over your body like waves
reread the letters with your hand cupped over your ear
listen to the songs of eden
page after page after page
fly the bird path
fly.. “

(from “Ashes and Snow”, Gregory Colbert)


People sometimes ask if I am fearful when I am in such close proximity to animals. I can only say that the only way that I’ve been ripped open is by having to leave behind elephant friends, orangutans, cheetahs, caracals, manta rays, or whales. But I would do every hello and goodbye over again as long as it meant that I would have a chance to share their stories. Animals help me to remember all the dreams I thought I had forgotten and remind us to dream as though we will live forever while living as though we shall die today.

—Gregory Colbert

Bu anda bana gelirsen,
dakikaların saat olur,
saatlerin gün
ve günlerin bir ömür olur.


Tutamadığım sözler gördüm,
azaltamadığım acılar,
iyileştiremediğim yaralar,
dökemediğim gözyaşları,
kederlenemediğim ölümler gördüm,
karşılık veremediğim dualar,
açmadığım kapılar,
kapatmadığım kapılar,
geride bıraktığım sevgililer,
ve yaşamadığım hayaller,
kabul edemediğim,
bana sunulanların hepsini gördüm.


Cennet müziklerini dinle.
sayfa, sonraki sayfa, sonraki sayfa…

Kuşun yolundan uç…