Gregg Popovich

It’s almost like a Hollywood scipt for OKC. They went through Dallas. Then they went through the Lakers. Then they went through us. Those three teams represent 10 of the last 13 championships. And now they’re going to go to the Finals and play either Boston or Miami. And that will be 11 of the last 13 championships. I don’t know if anybody has gone through a playoff playing those kinds of teams. It’s just incredible, and I think it’s pretty cool for them.
—  Gregg Popovich is pretty cool.

Video of Coach Pop and Craig Junior. Try not to get choked up.

Also OF COURSE Coch Pop says “fanny.”


In honor of Kobe Beano officially giving up on winning more championships than Michael Jordan, here’s a 12 minute highlight video of Game 1 of the 2001 Western Conference Finals, featuring a 22 y/o Kobe Fro dropping 45 on the Spurs. May this be a reminder to all the people who don’t remember how good Kobe actually was in his prime.