Masterchef has started again, which means this piece of epicness has to be shared…


hey guys do you remember when this got to number 37 in the top singles charts in the UK

it’s one of my favourite things literally ever


Best underrated British meme, am i right 


So, I was thinking, “Miss Feed” feasted on all of those clients. So, maybe the killer was after her, fed on her because he saw her as a sort of human turducken. All those spirits inside of her… would make for a very powerful meal.

You know what, I’d eat it all. Then I’d lick the plate" 

I am loving masterchef : the professionals. 

I especially love it when Michel Roux says "there’s something not quite there, it just doesn’t match up to the high standards we require”. Greg eats the same dish and almost without fail his response is “I love it, i’d eat it all”. We get it Greg, you like food.

[A hilarious post about Michel Roux’s bread crusade, titled ‘Crouxsade’ (World class world play) is definitely worth a read]