Won’t it be great to buy weed at your local 7-Eleven? You know…

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…the same place that’s breading microwaved Velveeta triangles with Dorito crumbs?

THIS WEEK ON THE PODCAST: Should we trust tobacco companies to not put insane chemicals in our weed should they ever get their greedy hands in the game? Do we really need federal legalization or is state by state good enough? Host Adam Tod Brown welcomes comics David Huntsberger (Professor Blastoff) and Lou Perez (Greg and Lou) to discuss all of this and more!

Why Corporate America Will Ruin Weed

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“I just wish I were a better potionologist.”

5 Ways You Didn’t Realize the English Language Is Defective

#4. Our Language Is Full of Confusing Science Words

What’s the word for “something that relates to horses”? In a just and fair world, you’d expect it to be something like “horse-esque” or “horsetastic.” But in our iniquitous English-speaking world, the word is “equine.” This tendency pops up all over the place: Something that relates to whales is “cetacean”; something that relates to trees is “arboreal.” … This linguistic chaos came about because for much of our language’s history, people thought that Germanic languages like English were for peasants. 

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Fangirl Challenge : [7/10] Movies

Stuck in Love (2012)

Samantha : There are two kinds of people in this world: hopeless romantics and realists.

Rusty : Right.

Samantha : A realist just sees that face and packs it in with every other pretty girl they’ve ever seen before. The hopeless romantic becomes convinced that God put them on Earth to be with that one person. But there is no God and life is only as meaningful as you fool yourself into thinking it is. Guys who get laid a lot are realists. You should be listening.


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