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Greg James and Taylor Swift sing Blank Space


Taylor Swift & Greg James Blank Space Outtakes video


Problems you can get Jeremy Kyle’s help with: break-ups, relationships, access to your child, DNA, lie detector, feuding families…

Family Fortunes is based on the U.S. show Family Feud: “contestants from two different families competing to win cash and prizes.”

And then the camera panned to this:

(Greg James didn’t ask about Freddie in this interview, either.)

I am here to report that she is one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met, and one of the most grounded as well.

We were in that car for an hour or so in total.
We chatted, and that’s on the behind-the-scenes video. I have never met anyone who is so famous but so normal and interested in you.

She’s remembered that when we met a few months ago I’d told her I was about to do a half marathon - she was like, ‘Oh, how did the marathon go?’ That’s the biggest pop star in the world!

—  Greg James on Taylor Swift and filming the BS video. (x)

“bbcradio1: Look who’s joined Greg for the last bit of his run… It’s only All Time Low!”


Watch out Greg, Taylor has a blank space (baby) and she’ll write your name ;)