I always look forward to the holiday cards at the animation studio. Of course the artists cards are amazing but usually a production will hand out cards as well. Was digging out my decorations and noticed I’ve got a nice little collection now so I thought I would start posting some of them. Here’s a Princess and the Frog one -

The sequel to “Winter Birds of the East Coast”!

I wanted to follow up my “Winter Birds” Christmas card with Spring Birds, but spring coincided with enough life madness that I missed it. Early summer is still alive with breeding birds, though! Maybe I’ll be on the ball (like a goldfinch) and get out a card with fall migrants.

Please fire me. I work at a greeting card store and found myself in the receiving end of lots of yelling and an official complaint from a customer that could not deal with the fact that we didn’t have any “Happy Birthday Nana” cards.

We only had “Happy Birthday Grandma/Gran/Nan/Grandmother/Granny” and that was unacceptable.