More photos taken on the set of The Case of the Gilded Lily by our photographer, Christopher Higgins.

The Case of the Gilded Lily coming soon to Shipwrecked Comedy!

highlights of the 18hr livestream’s Mario Kart sessions (feat. Competitive Lauren™) pt. 1

• Joey: “oh shit my chip”

• Ashley: “oh my god Mario kart has changed so much since 2002 you guys”

• Gabe: “we’ve given Lauren bumpers” Lauren: “alright, relax”

• Lauren not paying attention when they started and immediately yelling “fuUCK KOOOPAA”

• the evolution of her saying “bitch” throughout: “hell yeah, hell yeah biiiitch” “come oooonn BIIIIIITCHHH”

• “oh fuck fuck fuck. i always go outta control BUT I LIKE THIS PLANT!”

• Lauren: “shiiit who is that? what asshole just did that?!?! oh can i swear on this livestream?” Gabe: “well you have been this whole time so if we can’t we’re real screwed”

• *gabe gets hit by a shell* Lauren: “HELL YEAH that was me BYEEE BIIIITCHH” Gabe: “do you think youre talking to me? cause I’m in first and you’re in fifth” (it wasn’t even her shell)

• “get ready bitch get ready biiiiiiiitchh”

• “ohmIGOdohMigOdoHmiGOd”

• *evil cackling every time lauren does remotely well*

• Brian: “who are you the king of Red Robin?” Lauren: “what do you get, bottomless fries??”

• Brendan: “what does the one mean?” Everyone: “you got one point” Brendan: “you hear that? I’m number one!” Brian: “dude, NOT that”

• Lauren shouting at the tv over Gabe and Ashley sharing childhood anecdotes

• Gabe: “eat my banana baby!!”

• Lauren: “fuck this. goddammit. this little ghost the little ink ghost” Joey: “it’s a squid. it is, that’s why it’s ink” Lauren: “have you seen how it moves? excuse me”

• “oh fuck me!! BIIIITCHH…”

• everyone sitting casually on the couch but Lauren leaning in really intensely:

• “this is all I have: my fifth place status”

• Ashley: “oh no Brendan is falling behind. Brendan people are invested in how BAD you are at this game”

• Ashley *reading the chat*: “‘there needs to be a swear jar’ no we’re ADULTS we can say whatever the fuck we want”

pt. 1 // pt. 2 // pt. 3

Lauren blessing us all with a cover of “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story”

(sorry I only got the first half of it before YouTube fritzed out)

highlights of the 18hr livestream’s Mario Kart sessions (feat. Competitive Lauren™ and Mom Friend Ashley™) pt. 2


• “GOD *incoherent screaming* who keeps doing that?!?!”

• Gabe: “I do it for #Garlos I do it for the fans”

• Joey: “remember when Mario did a crossover with kung fu panda?” Gabe: “nope. did that happen?” Joey: “no.”

• Lauren *falls off track and saved by the cloud guy*: “ah godammit. always gotta get this guy to fucking save me”

• Ashley: “only like 1 in 3 people spell your name right” Brendan: “it’s ok it wasn’t right on my high school diploma either” Lauren: “so you never actually graduated high school” Brendan: “it’s tru”

• “i am honestly so sick of everyone”

• Brendan: “you know, whoever keeps firing things at me you don’t have to. i am perfectly capable of running off the course all by myself”

• Ashley *reading the chat*: “‘Lauren sure does swear a lot’ but the rest of us perfect angels”

• Lauren *starts losing*: +

• Brendan: “guys i got six points that time! oh, i’m still in last place…” Gabe: “it’s a selected number of points. you’ve gotten one point” Brendan: *death stare* Gabe: “i love you”

• Lauren *getting her controller back as the race starts*: “jojo. thank you so muc- JOEEEY!”

• Lauren: “wait, FZERO?? i used to have this game on nintendo” Joey: “well, guess what? this is a nintendo console my DAWG”

• “oh my god this is totally taking me back. i’m doin it for child hood me”

• Lauren *starts losing AGAIN on the fzero track*: “corey it’s broken!! corey stop the game!!!” Corey: *crickets*

• Gabe: “what the dic- who is- noOO!!”

• Brendan *drives off the edge*: “bye everybodyyy…”

• Joey: “lauren’s in first cause she loves this game so much” Gabe: “what??? how is she doing that?!?!” Lauren: “fzero’s my jam biiiitchh”

• Ashley: “Brendan you’re doing amazing sweetie”

• *clayton knocks on the door* “honestly no one can talk when they enter the room ok i’m focusing. ahh it’s bROkeN!!”

• Lauren *almost falls off*: *incoherent hiss/wheeze/growling?????*

• Lauren: “UGHHHH THIS FUCKING GHOSTTT” Brian: “it’s a squid” Lauren: “it’s a GHOST” Brian: “it’s clearly a squid”

• Brendan: “I’ve hit everything I’m not supposed to hit…”

• “oooh bitch. i got a fucki- i got a plant i got a plant biiIITCHH!!! oh shit. i got a plant i got a plaaaanttt”

• Gabe: “what keeps happening?!” Lauren: “Gabe, are you having a fall from grace?”

• “get outta my way. geT OUTTA MY WAAAY!!!”


pt. 1 // pt. 2 // pt. 3

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