Winter Walk.

We went for a nice long walk on the Greenbelt. It was chilly, but we spotted daffodils and bluebirds. Weather is suppose to get bad(icy rain and what not) for the next couple of days, not looking forward to it.


@adonissuperman training for his upcoming bout against Sakio Bika. Press conference tomorrow.

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Our next RAGBRAI 2015 preview takes us to Hardin County - a central Iowa archaeological hot spot! Hardin County, home of Iowa’s beautiful Iowa River Greenbelt, is near the intersection of three major environmental landforms: the Des Moines Lobe, the Iowan Surface, and the Southern Iowa Drift Plain. Hardin County is known archaeologically for its outcrops of Maynes Creek chert, a widely used lithic resource. It is also known for an archaeological feature typically associated with northeastern Iowa — Effigy Mound culture sites. Mounds like these pictured from Pine Lake State Park east of Eldora are found throughout the Greenbelt. Did you know that Iowa was one of the first states to enact legislation protecting all ancient human remains? Learn more about our Bioarchaeology Program here:


Nothing gets the day going quite like a big cup of tea and a big friendly spider on your shoe as you’re headed out the door.

Spider was safely released outdoors and a successful day of rehearsals at the local Junior High School.

Nice that the school is linked via the Greenbelt Trail to Target, Target has better parking. :)

Next is back to the dentist before evening rehearsals