I got tagged in the lockscreen/music/selfie tag by @firesignjimin (ty ily💖💕💖💕) btw today was spirit day at my school so we got to wear our school colors (green & gold) & I felt cuter than usual today so…

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Marty Mard - Green & Gold

With the huge influx of new talent in rap, it takes much more than just lyrical talent to get noticed. A true iconic personality is a must to even stand a chance. Not to mention possessing a keen ear for your musical essence, a expansive fashion sense, stage presence, and a gravitating public personality. While it may be too early to label Marty Mard a icon, sporting one-of-one garments and accessories, supporting a solid New Orleans fanbase, and carrying a mindset that he is already the best, certainly helps his cause.

We were caught off guard when first introduced to Marty Mard and his laid back high fashion visual for GLIC. Only to be further impressed with his beyond stylish Hoes & Chains video. Marty Mards style can only be described as old school class mets new school fly. Full of classic samples, boastful lyrics, and a smooth innovative southern sound, Green & Gold is a refreshing rap experience. We would be wrong not to note the exceptional production from Ghazi Gamali & G. Fresh, as their smooth drum patterns and clean sample work flourished around Marty’s patient flow and New Orleans slang. There is no doubt that Marty Mard and his high class partners will keep New Orleans relevant in this buzzing rap scene. Stream Green & Gold below and Watch the extravagant Hoes & Chains visual below. Enjoy. 


The Honey Brothers - Green & Gold