Green and Brown

Happy Hallo-Week!

Time for something different. Here’s an indie game recommendation for skull, “a game about skull” that’s only available during October. Get it while you can!

I’m mentioning skull here because of its visuals: the game uses the resolution and palette of an old CGA DOS game like The Monuments of Mars. But rather than just being nostalgia, it uses those limitations to make the setting playfully unnerving. You have a very limited view window, and the clashing green/brown/red colors don’t feel remotely natural. In addition to being fun and Halloween-y, skull is a great example of using past aesthetics constructively for the reaction they evoke rather than just as a nostalgic throwback.

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Also another thing: in rwby EVERYONE WHO HAS GREEN EYES DIES, main characters at least. Penny, Pyrrha, and Torchwick all had green eyes and they all died. so any new characters with green eyes are gunna die, talk bout you mister evil mustache man and maybe farm boy, although they arent pure green they're green-brown so idk if he'll count

They also all have red hair… seems RWBY has something against the Irish.

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I'm 19, turning 20 next month! I am a cisgender female, i have light skin with a bunch of freckles, green eyes and brown hair, i like to draw and play games <3

omg you sound really cute!!!! what kind of date though? :P

Green or brown, that’s the question now.
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has there ever been an otome game or shoujo genre heroine design that has sharp eyes/not huge doe eyes, colour scheme and hair colour is leaning to blue or green/not pink, red or brown and boyish hair instead of girly fluff hairstyles???

Cos I’ve only seen those designs so far in harem, aimed at guys anime/manga/game so far

Not Just

It sort of funny. When you meet someone you don’t really notice much. You only see the surface. You see they have green eyes. Brown eyes. But when you love someone, that hue is so so much more. It’s not brown. Can’t you see the way gold sort of clouds into the color? The way the light catches that little strip of green? It’s not blue. It’s so clear. Like a pond. You could stare into it all day. It’s not blue. It’s a galaxy. You see the darker flecks amidst the light? It’s not just blue. When you really look. You realize why the eyes are the window to the soul.




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