Green Label

Did a fun illo for Green Label this week, of Gucci Mane & Future as football players. They re-sized the image incorrectly, and I wish they gave me a link back from the article, but I was happy they asked me to put something together for them! Here’s the un-edited image #donutglow

EDIT: As this thing gets shared all over for some reason, I just wanted to make clear that Green Label DID eventually link me up. Cool folks. | Instagram


Joey’s short film ‘No Regrets’

Witchy Tip:

If you can, when jarring stuff you’re going to use exclusively for magick, color code it. Red for non-edible, green for edible. Is that rosemary straight from the herbs and spices cabinet from the kitchen? Label it green. Oh, that’s not culinary lavender? Label it red, you gotta remember that.

And for when you’re perusing through your jars to see what things would work best for the spell you’re whipping up, it’d be very helpful if you listed the magickal and/or medicinal properties on the back of the jars beforehand. It helps save you time for those moments in life where you have to throw together a spell and you don’t have time to flip through your BoS or Google to find a spell to cast.

putting the properties on the back has also proved to be a good studying technique. It reminds me of how one studies by use of flash cards.