Green Label

Johnny Walker Green Label

I picked up this bottle late last year but never got around to opening it. I have always enjoyed the Black Label expression and felt that I should give the next step up a try since many people I have talked to online really enjoy this Blended Malt. To start I have to say I really like the square bottle, I don’t really get into bottles much because the real prize is the spirit inside but the bottle just feels nice in my hand while pouring it… I don’t know if that is weird but I like it. The colour of the Green Label is a beautiful honey/amber. While looking at the colour I was tilting the glass a bit and noticed that this whisky has some long legs which is another thing I don’t usually notice much in whisky. The nose is interesting as I get a little smoke and salt but there is an underlying scent of vanilla, allspice, and banana. Oh… whoa… the first sip is fantastic. My mouth is coated in this wonderful mouth feel that slowly warms me. I get that hint of smoke and salt followed by vanilla and cinnamon. The finish is sublime in that in finishes with peat smoke and toffee that just goes and goes and goes. I don’t drink many Blended Malts but this is the top of the list. I am enjoying this so much that I know after one dram it will have a permanent place in my liquor cabinet. I don’t mean to blow smoke as to my own importance but this dram would be enjoyed by everyone I have ever drank Scotch with. There is just enough smoke for Islay-addicts like @tigrelys and enough sweetness for Speyside-aficionados like my dad. This is the sort of whisky a person is looking for when you want to introduce people to Whisky when all they know is The Glenlivet, Glenfiddich, and Ron Burgundy’s Scotchy Scotch Scotch. I bought it at $75 which is a close to what I usually pay for Single Malts so I don’t feel like I overpaid in the least. I suggest you give it a shot the next time you are at a good whisky bar.

Witchy Tip:

If you can, when jarring stuff you’re going to use exclusively for magick, color code it. Red for non-edible, green for edible. Is that rosemary straight from the herbs and spices cabinet from the kitchen? Label it green. Oh, that’s not culinary lavender? Label it red, you gotta remember that.

And for when you’re perusing through your jars to see what things would work best for the spell you’re whipping up, it’d be very helpful if you listed the magickal and/or medicinal properties on the back of the jars beforehand. It helps save you time for those moments in life where you have to throw together a spell and you don’t have time to flip through your BoS or Google to find a spell to cast.

putting the properties on the back has also proved to be a good studying technique. It reminds me of how one studies by use of flash cards.

warlock0103  asked:

A small wooden music box playing Happy birthday is slid over to Teo and Mod. "Happy birthday to King Teo and the blog itself! May there be many more to come!" Loki cheers, throwing confetti everywhere. "On behalf of all the other muses on this account, I'd like to offer you guys a bottle of Elven wine. Aged to perfection, and stolen from the God of Time himself." He hands Teo a green bottle labeled various runes. "Oh, and the music box was made by Tanner. You can have that too."

“Oh, sorry; what were you saying about the wine? I was… thinking about something else.”

american idiot

can we seriously just talk about how objectively good of an album american idot is?? like I’ll be honest I don’t know a whole lot about green day as a band and I’m not familiar with their music on an “I know and love every album” basis but seriously american idiot is a literal masterpiece and people maybe don’t even realize it. sure, everyone knows their popular songs like boulevard and holiday, really all the singles from american idiot are excellent standalone songs, we all know that. really green day is often labelled as being a punk rock band which isn’t inaccurate but what i’m saying here is let’s not skate over how well written the songs are, how superior the lyrics are, how talented the frontman is, and how american idiot is a concept album with flow and a meaningful story. american idiot is about a lower-class anti-hero who is troubled by contemporary america and runs away from his suburban life. it’s about his journey and struggle to find his identity amidst his disillusionment with the world. it’s complex and it’s political and it’s compelling and it’s catchy as fuck 

it’s hard to argue that green day isn’t really relevant anymore. they’re not even iconic as a band, they’re memorable at best. that’s all fine but like this is really just a friendly reminder that american idiot was an incredible album, sold 15 million copies, and won the grammy award for best rock album in 2005. american idiot rocks, okay bye

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