Green Fee

Female golf course employee

So this story takes place when I had been working at the golf course for a few months, so at this point, I was alone at the pro-shop.

This customer comes in and wants to golf. No tee time. Wonderful. So i explain to him our next available tee time is in 40 minutes, but he’s more than welcome to hit balls at the range, grab some food and hang out before his tee time (gotta upsell all the time!)

He thinks its a grand idea. Buys quite a few tokens for the range, tons of beer, some food, and his green fee/cart charges. Racks up a bill over $100, easy.

SO FAR, the transaction is normal. However, this is when it gets weird…

He tosses his wallet on the counter and says “Ok, pay for it.”

I’m just like, “?????” because I’ve literally never seen this happen before.

So I pick up his wallet, start handing it back to him.

“Sir, your total is $100+(i forget the exact amount).”

He replies, “Yeah, i heard you. I gave you my wallet. Pay for it. Money is in there.”

I am totally confused, but I open his wallet anyway. Enough cash to pay, but I see a card.

“Sir, will that be cash or card?”

“Either. Just hurry up!”

I grab the card, because HELL NO, I’M NOT DEALING WITH CASH.

As I am pulling out the card and run it, he leans over the counter and says, “You’re definitely used to getting money out of daddy’s wallet, aren’t you?”

I make a choking/disgusted sound and my face wrinkles up. I finished the transaction without another word, my facial expression displaying the disgust and anger I felt inside.

Like, grown ass men never behave properly.

Female golf course employee

So… we don’t offer rain checks for rain.

My boss says that customers are more than capable of checking the weather BEFORE they get here, so if it rains while they are playing, that’s on them.

Today, we had two walkers come in, rent clubs, pull carts, and pay for their green fees. As they are LITERALLY one foot out the door, they turn back and say “Is it going to rain?”

I reply, “I’m not sure. Last time I checked, the rain isn’t supposed to hit until 8:30ish. But just as a reminder, we don’t offer rain checks for rain!”

OF COURSE, it starts lightly raining about an hour after they tee off, 3 hours before I thought the rain was going to hit.

Lo and behold, they come stomping in, dragging mud and grass in everywhere (we have shoe cleaners outside, under a covered patio, FOR THIS VERY REASON) and start interrogating me about the weather. Yep, me, a girl in Kansas is the only one in the world to manipulate weather. Of course I purposely made it rain on you.

They wanted a rain check.

When I said no, they told me to f*ck off and do my job better.


Why Right Now Is a Great Time To Travel

By Tim Leffel

There are times in life when the stars align—the weather promises gentle sun on your shoulders, the menu looks deliciously ambitious and your proverbial pockets feel a bit fuller, so you can enjoy without a second thought. When it comes to travel, that moment is now—especially if you live in the U.S. and are looking to go abroad.

Experience Europe

The euro is trading at its lowest level against the dollar since 2002 , and many currency experts expect it to drop further before it rises again. That means travelers can enjoy a little more of the quintessential experiences they don’t want to miss—an admission ticket to the Louvre in Paris, for example, has dropped from $23 to $18 in the space of three years—and a typical “prato do dia” multi-course afternoon meal with wine in Lisbon has dipped into the single digits in dollar terms. . (Even at the very best spots in the city, your tab will be closer to Middle America norms than Swiss ones.) Metro tickets, inter-Europe airline flights, greens fees at the best golf destinations in the world and anything else priced in euros is nearly 25% less  than it was just three years ago.

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2nd Annual Ment'or Charity Golf Tournament

Please join Chefs Jérôme Bocuse, Daniel Boulud and Thomas Keller on the course, to celebrate Team USA’s historic win at the 2015 Bocuse d’Or competition and to inspire the next generation of great chefs.

Golf alongside some of the country’s most esteemed chefs at New York City’s newest luxury links-style golf course, while raising necessary funds to provide educational opportunities for young culinarians and promote the Bocuse d’Or Team USA as they go for gold in 2017.

Monday, June 15, 2015
11:00am Arrival & Warm-up, 12:00pm Shot Gun Start
Cocktail, Dinner & Awards Reception to Follow
Special Prizes & Silent Auction Opportunities

Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point
500 Hutchinson River Parkway, Bronx, NY

Chef Daniel Boulud, Chairman, ment'or
Chef Thomas Keller, President, ment'or
Chef Jérôme Bocuse, Vice President, ment'or

Special “birdie” treats by Team USA 2015 Silver Winner
Chefs Philip Tessier and Skylar Stover

$1,500 per person or $5,000 per foursome (includes greens fees, cart, food & beverage)
If you are unable to attend, but would like to make a donation, please visit or send a check to: Ment'or, Ltd, Attn: Young Yun, 16 East 40th Street, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10016.

We look forward to sharing this wonderful day of food, fun and golf with you!

Click here to purchase tickets or email for more information.