According to Greek legend, Parthenope was the daughter of the god Achelous and the Muse Terpsichore. She cast herself into the sea and drowned when her songs failed to entice Odysseus.  Her body washed ashore at Naples, on the island of Megaride, where the Castel dell'Ovo is now located. When people from the city of Cumae settled there, they named their city Parthenope in her honor.

Roman myth tells a different version of the tale, in which a centaur called Vesuvius was enamored with Parthenope. In jealousy, Zeus turned the centaur into a volcano and Parthenope into the city of Naples. Thwarted in his desire, Vesuvius’s anger is manifested in the mountain’s frequent eruptions.

Parthenope by Milo Manara. 

Unusually Wondeful Spotify Playlists

Spotify is a fantastic place to find and discover new and old music, but it can also be a wonderful source of literature, audiobooks, and old radio shows. As a fan of all of these things, I have put together a list of some of my favourite non-musical playlists!

Scary Stories
Everything from Poe’s the Raven to some good, old-fashioned spooky late night radio! Very good for fans of podcasts/audiobooks like Lore, the No Sleep Podcast, etc.
Explore the stories behind your favourite myths including Greek gods and legends, Buddist mythologies, Britannic classics such as Arthur, and Egyptian Afterlife stories!
Love Poems
A beautiful collection of love poems from classic authors like Shakespeare, Walter Raleigh, and more!
Fairy Tales
A collection of full fairytales, all by Hans Christian Anderson and including The Mermaid, the Little Match Girl, and The Snow Queen!
The Adventures of Sherlock Homes
Select adventures of Londons Favourite Detective, and including some pretty amazing vintage radio adaptations!
The Essential Edgar Allen Poe
Great for research projects, this playlist includes the very best of the famously frightening poet Poe. (I love his work but lack the focus to read it on paper, so this playlist has been a godsend for several English projects and papers!)
Jane Austen
This is a massive playlist, including the entirety of the Pride and Prejudice audiobook, sense and sensibility, persuasion, and more! It also includes poetry and film scores from Austen adaptation.
The HP Lovecraft Compendium
23 hours and 14 minutes of love craft’s spokes and mind bending-est stories read aloud to you by some fantastic Narrators. 
A Hipsters Guide to Poetry
Ever seen and amazing poem quoted on Tumblr? It’s probably on this playlist. Sylvia Plath, Walt Whitman, and Robert Frost are all included.
SciFi Radio Dramas
Classic Science Fiction, like 20000 Leagues Under the Sea, 1984, and the War of the Worlds turned audio play for vintage radio and coming to your late night study session now!
Women’s Lit
Maya Angelou, Virginia Wolfe, Mary Shelly and More are included in this playlist, their poems and short stories. 
Irish Lit
Explore classical and contemporary Irish novels, short stories, plays, poems, and lore in both English and Irish Gaelic! Learn and practice the language at the same time as you discover the countries culture.
Shakespeare: The Poetry
His sonnets and poems, all of them, read aloud to you by a number of talented performers. 5 Hours of Shakespeare to put you in the writing mood!
French Literature
Hugo, Balzac, Dumas and more! French short stories and novels, now in audio form! Explore classics of French literature while you do laundry!
Shakespeare: The Comedies
Shakespeare can get notoriously gloomy, what with all the murdering and tragically ridiculous misunderstandings he features in some of this plays. But explore his bright, innocent, and summer side with hi classic comedies!
The Victorians
Explore the sensibility of the Victorian era through some if its best poetry: brooding, sceptical, romantic, whimsical, and nonsensical. 
Sylvia Plath
Everything you’ve ever wanted in a beautiful playlist. “Hear the voice that penned the poems.”-Spotify.
Poems for Spring
Beautiful poems read vintage and modern style, celebrating the innocent light that emerges in the spring!

So there you have it! This is by no means a complete list of playlists containing this kind of content, I know for a fact that most public domain books/ audiobooks are available on here! Happy Listening!

Mermaids: A Guide


  • O R I G I N S 
    Greek Gods

  • S P E C I E S
    General Capabilities
    - Nereides
    - Sirens 
    - Zagreus
    - Melusina
    - Briareos 
    - Galatos

  • L A N G U A G E
    Basic Phrases

  • C U L T U R E 
    Honor & Law
    Mating vs Bonding
    Mating & Children
    Family Life

  • L I N K   T O  T H E  S T O R Y : C O R A L  &  B O N E
    This guide is based on the mermaids of Coral and Bone, who originate from the Assyrian goddess Atargatis and also, the Greek gods. This explores the theory of if the gods and their descendants fled to the sea in modern times.

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So, in honor of midsummer and the summer solstice I’ve teamed up with @witches-of-ouroboros and will be posting some seasonal witchy libations! First off is the most time consuming component of one of my cocktails, an infusion for summer vodka. Really it can be made or drank anytime if you have the ingredients and the time.

Supplies: rose petals and buds, chamomile, and elderflower, vodka, and a Mason jar.
The amount of each varies depending on the size of the Mason jar, but for the purpose of my example, I will be using an 8oz Mason jar.

Clean the jar well, even if it’s new. Hot water, soap, more hot water until all the soap is gone, and because I’m me, I pour a little vodka, and a splash of absinthe and swirl this all through the jar an lid both to give a final disinfection and, the absinthe adds a little more magical oomph. But absinthe is a topic for another day;)

I measured my dried* roses about a third if the way in the jar. Next a heaping tablespoon of chamomile, and another of elderflower. I added another few rose buds so it was just below the halfway point.
Top with vodka until you get a little bit below the rim!
Close tightly and shake once a day for the next 5-7
*dried flowers and herbs infuse faster and use up less space than fresh. If you have access to a large amount of fresh, food safe flowers and herbs for your infusions, have at it!

Almost forgot, taste it after five days and see if you want it stronger. It should have a delicate but noticeable flavor. Strain and store in a clean jar.

Roses have had their fair share in the histories and cultures. Used in love spells, prosperity and other rituals, the focus and intent of roses actually comes from a Greek legend concerning Aphrodite, the rose was created when the foam of the sea fell off her naked form, and her tears dyed the roses red. The rose represents a duality in love. Love of self, and love of another. New love and lost love.

Elderflowers are used to relieve emotional burdens and that feeling of being stuck, creating joy, and inviting prosperity and health into your life.

Chamomile is added for purification, prosperity and tranquility.

Roses are associated with water, vodka with earth, elderflower with the sun, and chamomile with fire.


Thessalonike (Greek: Θεσσαλονίκη; 352 or 345 – 295 BC) was a Macedonian princess, the daughter of king Philip II of Macedon, half sister of Alexander the Great and wife of Cassander. Thessalonike became queen of Macedon and the mother of three sons, Philip, Antipater, and Alexander; and her husband paid her the honour of conferring her name upon the city of Thessaloniki. There exists a popular Greek legend stating that Alexander, in his quest for the Fountain of Immortality, retrieved with great exertion a flask of immortal water with which he bathed his sister’s hair. When Alexander died his grief-stricken sister attempted to end her life by jumping into the sea. Instead of drowning, however, she became a mermaid passing judgment on mariners throughout the centuries and across the seven seas. To the sailors who encountered her she would always pose the same question: “Is Alexander the king alive?”, to which the correct answer would be “He lives and reigns and conquers the world”. Given this answer she would allow the ship and her crew to sail safely away in calm seas. Any other answer would transform her into the raging Gorgon, bent on sending the ship and every sailor on board to the bottom.

mermaid work tips 🌊

🌊  should you ever come across a mermaid who asks ask you “is (king) alexander alive?” (or, "Ζει ο Βασιλεύς Αλέξανδρος;“) always reply with “he lives and reigns and conquers the world” (“Ζει και βασιλεύει και τον κόσμον κυριεύει”), otherwise she will be angered and curse you. this is from a greek legend in which alexander the great’s sister was turned into a mermaid in her death.

🌊  in european/british mermaid lore, a mermaid who tells you that you are near shore/land, has doomed you for the opposite. however, telling you you will never see the shore again is just as dooming. 

🌊  speaking to mermaids often results in storm activity, as they tend to bring it with them. 

Dionysus was the god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, of ritual madness and ecstasy in Greek mythology. His name - now thought to be verified as being a theonym - in Linear B tablets as di-wo-nu-so (KH Gq 5 inscription), shows that he may have been worshipped as early as c. 1500–1100 BCE by Mycenean Greeks; other traces of the Dionysian-type cult have been found in ancient Minoan Crete.

Artist: Roberto Ferri. 

anonymous asked:

Do you have any fun facts about Nathan Hale? If so, I would love to hear them!

  • Nathan Hale had a mole on the side of his neck and it was an omen he was going to die by hanging. Even as a child, he always knew that was how he was going to go out. 
  • He was brought up under the “fear of god.”
  • As a child, Nathan like to play the board game morris, which is similar to checkers with his siblings but his father thought “the diversion might lead to evil,” and did not allow it to be played in his home. Once, while reading, his father fell asleep with the candle burning in his hand and Nathan and his siblings played the game by candlelight. 
  • Nathan was born premature and underweight and had “very little promise of surviving the period,” yet he grew out of this and ended up six foot tall. 
  • He was close with his mother but she died when he was young.
  • His dorm room at Yale was near the south entrance of Connecticut Hall and he shared it with his older brother Enoch and Benjamin Tallmadge. 
  • During his sophomore year of Yale he joined a “secret” fraternity called Linonia. 
  • At Yale he excelled at wrestling because of his size. Legend says no other student among his class could best Nathan in the long jump–a record Nathan set and “preserved” well into the nineteenth century. 
  • March 1771 during his sophomore year, Nathan, Enoch and Benjamin Tallmadge and a few others broke windows at Yale and had to pay fines for what they did. His father didn’t know that was the reason his sons kept asking for more money. 
  • He tended to succumb to the temptations of peer pressure and enjoyed car playing, gambling and drinking. 
  • Nathan Hale and Benjamin Tallmadge called each other Pythias and Damon which in Greek legend symbolizes that you are willing to die for one another–they even wrote each other poetry expressing their appreciation for one another and Ben teased Nathan about his good looks.
  • Nathan wanted women to have equal access to education and on graduation day argued this in front of his class alongside Benjamin Tallmadge.
  • He was a teacher before he became a soldier. Every school day began in prayer and he used to play tag with his students. He could jump from the “bottom of one hogshead up and down into a second and from the second up and down into a third like a cat.” Other occasions, he would place his hand on a wooden fence “high as his head” and flint himself over in one quick movement. 
  • He would take a while to respond to his letters, something Tallmadge scolded him upon.
  • At Yale he formed what they called The Quintumviri which was formed by Nathan, Thomas Meade, James Hillhouse, John Alden and James Wyllys. 
  • While in the army as a then lieutenant, Nathan earned his soldier’s respect. One night he came upon a group of men playing cards. Nathan asked when what they were doing before snatching up the cards and cutting them all in half. 
  • Nathan was still recovering from illness when he weakly accepted to spy in New York. After accepting he confided in his friend William Hull about his worries. 
  • Asher Wright, a childhood friend and then aide of Nathan said that Nathan was too hot to be a spy. Asher Wright never recovered from Nathan’s death and fretted constantly because he was right there and Nathan never told him about his mission.
  • One day before he left camp, Nathan had taken a ball and kicked it over the tops of the trees. The soldiers who had witnessed this were said to have been astonished by Nathan’s show of strength. 
  • On his mission in New York, he was disguised as a Dutch school teacher but unfortunately he had a definitive powder burn scar around his left brow, forehead and cheek that allowed everyone know he was a soldier. 
  • After Nathan left for his mission, it was now of no value for Washington and the army who retreated after his departure. Nathan Hale died for nothing.
  • Nathan stupidly told his entire plan to Robert Rogers who was egging him on and pretending to be a spy himself. 
  • In his final night, he asked was imprisoned in a green house and asked the guard William Cunningham to allow him a minister–Cunningham said no–Nathan then asked for a bible and Cunningham also denied him this. It was Cunningham who burnt Nathan’s last letters written before his death and it was him who flaunted his Yale diploma around the prison after Nathan’s death to his friends. 
  • Nathan died at 11:00 in the morning, he was supposed to be executed hours earlier but it was delayed. He began marching from the prison at 10:30 in the morning. 
  • Before being hung, Nathan asked if he could be shot instead but hung but he was denied this. He then said, “I am so satisfied with the cause in which I have engaged that my only regret is that I have not more lives than one to offer in its service.” The line attributed to him–”I only regret that I have but one life to lost for my country”–is only a paraphrased version of what he originally said. 
  • At his execution, the crowds starting crying but the executioner yelled at them to be quiet or they would get hung as well for showing sympathy. 
  • Nathan’s corpse was left hanging for three days after the event, his flesh rotting and British soldiers mocked him, spitting on him and threw food and rocks at his body. A slave cut him down after those days and he was buried unclothed in an unmarked grave. 
Ready To Go (Percy Jackson x Reader)

Genre: Romance/Humor

Word Count: 1,073

Summary: Soulmate AU where if your soulmate dyes their hair, then your hair will turn the same color. 


(A/N) This is for you anon you know who you are (also this is probably terrible and I’m sorry)                                               


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Appearing early in Greek legend, we see Hyakinthos of Sparta, a dark haired youth who was so beautiful he was perused by the singer Thamyris, the god Zephyrus, and the god Apollo. At his word, the three devised a contest to try and win his affections. First, the two gods conspired to get rid of the mortal, Thamyris, by telling the nine muses that he’d boasted his skill above their own. Then, Zephyrus went, using the west wind to shake the trees around them. Hyacinthus was impressed, but when Apollo shot his arrow leaving nothing but music and sunshine in it’s wake, he took the sun god as his lover. Apollo taught him music and gave him poetry, much of which Hyacinthus then passed on to mortals, but one day when they were throwing the discus, the god of the west wind grew sick with jealousy. Zephyrus turned the spinning disk in midair, causing it to collide with the mortal boy’s skull. Apollo was stricken with grief, but even as the god of medicine, there was no care he could administer to his lover to heal his wounds. Left believing that he’d killed Hyacinthus, he would not allow for Hades to claim his soul, and instead formed a flower from his blood, the Hyacinth, which would rise and return to the world every spring. If you look closely, on it’s petals in inscribed the Greek character “AI” for mourning.

song: the boy who blocked his own shot by brand new

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It took me something like 10 months to finally get around to watching "The Conqueror" because I knew, I FUCKING KNEW it would give me Tony feels and I was right and I'm not ok.

oh my gosh TELL ME ABOUT IT, idk if the writers were following a checklist or something but this episode literally covers all the “tony feels” tropes in the book, like:

  • Tony putting on his flashy “PR persona” and taking control of a press event in order to protect his teammates from unwanted attention
  • Tony having to physically turn away when a reporter starts attacking his self-worth and implying that Stark Industries can’t keep up with its competitors
    • like, this is the expression on his face when she starts mentioning Stane, Killian, Hammer, and The Ten Rings (which apparently is just another tech company in this verse??)

    • in fact, Tony turns away so abruptly that Steve actually calls out in concern as if shocked by how rattled he was by that single reporter
  • Then Whiplash shows up with unusually futuristic tech and actually manages to rough up the Avengers a bit before Natasha sprays him with a hose (hah), but then when Tony doesn’t offer his usual post-battle quip, she asks if he’s okay and HIS VOICE LITERALLY CRACKS when he says “I’m fine” before stalking away
  • So, long story short, the Avengers track down this AIM facility that’s stealing and selling tech from the future via this time portal, and Kang the Conqueror pops out and kicks everyone’s asses before disappearing
    • and this just bothers Tony even more to the point where he holes himself up in his workshop and forgets to eat and sleep because he’s trying (and failing) to understand Kang’s tech
    • cue the other Avengers expressing their concern and trying (and failing) to cheer Tony up
  • Literally there’s a shot of all the Avengers just sitting around in various states of restlessness because THEY’RE ALL WORRIED ABOUT TONY AND DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO
    • also, side note, because I see everything with a stevetony lens, I’m sorry: but I found it odd just how quiet Steve was in this episode? Especially since this is AA, we expect to see him giving Tony a pep talk of some kind or at least offering his two cents on the matter, but? he doesn’t?? In fact, you can see in the above screenshot that his whole posture is just….slumped? As if he’s weighed down by his own thoughts. I could totally be reading too much into this, but I can’t help but think that the reason for Steve’s lack of input is because he’s busy wrestling with his own demons: specifically his fears about being a “man out of time” that’s helpless/unable to keep up with or mitigate Tony’s “futurist” issues
  • Anyway, eventually Kang comes back and attempts to take over the world etc. etc. and we get this vulnerable scene where Tony just opens up about how he’s constantly shouldering the fear of being replaced because he’s not “enough” (and how he can’t even admit that to anyone because he’s afraid they won’t understand)
    • on a lighter note, he also geeks out over Kang’s ship nomenclature, which just made me think of a young Tony Stark surrounded by books and entranced by Greek myths and Arthurian legends…
    • honestly, thank you AA for this nerd, I love him so m u c h
  • so yeah, this is getting too long so I’m going to stop, but tldr if you love Tony Stark pls do yourself a favor and watch this episode, I promise you won’t regret it