Palestinian Arabic Orthodox Christian Prayer - Psalm 136 صلوات مسيحية أرثوذكسية - احمدوا الرب
Palestinian Arabic Orthodox Christian Prayer - Psalm 136 صلوات مسيحية أرثوذكسية - احمدوا الرب

Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Sabbas - Alexandria, Egypt

The church was founded by Levantine Christian immigrants from Lebanon & Syria.

“St. Maximos the Confessor says that a person’s deliverance from pain and pleasure is the sign that he has passed the stage of purification; the sign that he has passed or is at the stage of illumination is his deliverance from ignorance and forgetfulness of God; and the sign that he has reached theosis is his liberation from fantasy and all images which the world of the senses brings to him.”

That passage alone is enough to chew on for a year.

The Illness and Cure of the Soul in the Orthodox Tradition,
Metropolitan of Nafpaktos, Hierotheos.

Palestinian Christians celebrate Palm Sunday at the Saint Porphyrius Church in Gaza


The memory of the righteous is celebrated with songs of praise, but the Lord’s testimony is sufficient for thee, O Forerunner. Thou wast shown indeed to be the most honorable of the prophets, for in the waters thou didst baptize Him Who had been proclaimed. After suffering with joy in behalf of the truth, thou didst proclaim even to those in Hades the God Who appeared in the flesh, Who takest away the sin of the world, and granteth us the Great Mercy.

World is silent over missing bishops

A Greek Orthodox patriarch has lamented global indifference towards the fate of two Syrian bishops kidnapped two years ago.

Speaking ahead of the anniversary of the abductions on April 22, 2013, Orthodox Patriarch John X of Antioch, the brother of one of the kidnap victims, said: “We hope that the bishops are alive, but unfortunately the world is silent and nobody has provided physical evidence.”

Patriarch John X of Antioch, speaking at the Divine Liturgy on Sunday at Our Lady of Balamand Monastery, near Tripoli in northern Lebanon, called for “the whole community and international organizations to mobilise” to search for the missing bishops.

Syriac Orthodox Metropolitan Gregorios Yohanna and Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Boulos Yazii, both of Aleppo, were kidnapped two years ago near to the city.

Patriarch John is the brother of Metropolitan Boulos, or Paul, and said: “We tried to negotiate with those who can help in this matter, but unfortunately there was total silence.”

Saint John the Baptist Church - Jordan River, Jordan

The church is located on the site believed by some to be where Jesus was baptised by Saint John.

“Then Jesus came from Galilee to John at the Jordan to be baptised by him” (Matthew 3:13)

Church of Saint Porphyrius - Gaza, Palestine

Named after the 5th century bishop of Gaza, Saint Porphyrius, it is the oldest active church in Gaza. The original church dated back to 425 CE however the current building dates back to 1150 CE.

Saint Porphyrius’s tomb is situated in the northeastern corner of the church. His feast day is celebrated on February 26 by both Christians & Muslims.

I wish a very merry Christmas to Orthodox & Eastern Catholic Christians :)