Second character design for my upcoming comic project on Hades and Persephone: Demeter, the goddess of agriculture and harvest a.k.a. the anxious&hyper-protective mom.
This said, in my comic she wont be depicted as oppressive and manipulative as many like to describe her. She certainly has flaws, but so does every other greek god. She may be a literal force of nature, but she’s not perfect.

Νίκη Σανδαλιζόμενη, ή αλλιώς Νίκη που με επιμέλεια φτιάχνει το σανδάλι της, θωράκιο από το ναό της Αθηνάς Νίκης, 420-400 π.Χ., Μάρμαρο, ύψος 101 εκ., Μουσείο Ακροπόλεως, Αθήνα.

Nike diligently readjusting her sandal, parapet of the Temple of Athena Nike, 420-400 BC, Marble, height 101 cm., Acropolis Museum, Athens.

Such a sensuous piece of art, too bad her face is missing.