to my aro/ace friends and smols: if you’re ever feeling undervalued, remember Hestia

You know, Hestia. The greek Goddess of the hearth and home. simultaneously the oldest and youngest of the Olympian Gods. Hestia turned down marriage propsals from both Poseidon and Apollo, two of the arguably most desirable gods in the hellenic pantheon. Instead, she asked her brother Zeus, king of the heavens, for permission to never marry and never have to take a lover or anything. Which he granted. Without question. Zeus, lord of sleeping around, did not question his ace sister when she said that’s who she was. That is some divine allyship, yo.

She went on to be the Goddess of the Hearth. For ancient greeks, the hearth was the center of the home and the center of worship for the family. In ritual practice, Hestia always recieved the first (best) and last part of any sacrifice. Put that in context of patriarchal societies where the “father” of the group “always” recieved the best part of a meal. But not Hestia. No, your friendly hometown goddess was venerated before the king of the heavens, without question or anything. Hestia was the center of the family, the center and grounding point of the home, and was treated as such. 

The lesson for aces here is that you are worthy of being yourself without question. You are a valuable member of your community, a most valuable member of your family, and if you are not treated like it, maybe take after Hestia, and burn those motherfuckers to the ground.

As a classics major, I’ve often been asked why I prefer Greek mythology, what makes the Greek pantheon different from the countless other religions that have played their parts in history. And the answer is that I love Greek mythology because the Greeks never claimed their gods were perfect. Most religions rest on the concept of moral superiority, but the Greeks personified the qualities they found in the people around them: love and lust, hatred and fear, wisdom and folly. Organized religion has always been a means of the powerful to control the masses, and I am sick of morality being wielded as a weapon to keep people down. The Greeks worshiped gods, but they celebrated humanity.

you know what I think Aphrodite would be really down for? Tattoos.

Pastel floral tattoos all over a devotee’s body

A quote from a favorite book on another’s wrist

Huge intimidating skulls traveling down someone’s arms.

Like I think she’d be so into her devotees decorating their bodies, she’d see it as a permanent offering, something beautiful etched into your skin until the day you die, so much better than the faded paintings and broken statues designed in her image so long ago.

Just. Fuck yeah I think Aphrodite loves the idea of tattoos.

Dionysus is found in the feeling of freedom as you dance the night away, cherry lips stained by wine and leopard print draped across your shoulders. Golden bracelets clanging and crashing together to the beat of the music and colored lights flickering across the black tile floor like stars.

I love being pagan/polytheist because it’s so personal. I can see the influence of the gods in my life. I can establish a personal practice around what I value the most. Each deity I work with is unique and multi-faceted. There are different gods I can call on for help and guidance with different tasks who I know will be an expert in that area. It’s incredible and overwhelming–and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

anonymous asked:

Hey there, I was wondering if you had any tips on working with Aphrodite and sharing your own experience? How did you know she was calling to you and everything and like what do you do for her? I want to be a devotee to her but I'm not sure what I'm doing....

🌹 Working with Aphrodite 🌹

General Tips

🌸 Creating a little space or altar dedicated to her is always helpful and it feels so much more organized and special, she’ll probably appreciate it a lot.

🌸 She’s honestly one of the best deities or even spirit in general that I have ever spoken with. She’s incredibly understanding, so if you dedicate yourself to her a certain way and you miss a day of doing whatever ritual you decide to do, don’t beat yourself up about it. She understands. Life happens.

🌸Offerings are great. You don’t always have to go all out and spend a shit ton of money. Don’t feel bad if you can’t do that. What genuinely matters to her is that there was thought put into it and such. (I’ll write what I have given her a bit later in this post)

🌸 She’s the type of deity to give lots of signs, I feel. Always be on the lookout for signs.

🌸 Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t hear her. Using divination is an easy way to talk to her. Especially pendulum. If the convo is one-sided, that’s okay, too. Don’t worry about her hearing you, because she will.

🌸 Practice self-love. She loves when you devote little acts of self-love to her. It can be small little things, too, like painting your nails, washing your face, cleaning your room, taking a shower, anything like that.

My Experience

Okay, so I began working with her not too long ago because I’ve been in kind of a rut. I needed support and I felt the need to work with a deity because I felt like it would almost help me organize my mind and life in general. And it has, honestly. It hasn’t been too long but I can confidently say that it’s already amazing.

I approached her with a gift. I painted a pink rose for her that I was very proud of and I poured some love into it, so I knew she’d love it. And she did. I immediately caught on how lovely of a being she was. Her energy is quite strong and when she wants something/wants me to know something, I know it.

The night I actually wanted to start working with her but had troubles at home, she gave me a prophetic dream that was pretty much going to change my life forever and I was so incredibly grateful. I may ask her to give me dreams more.

I find that whenever I have a problem, she’s always one of the first people I think about telling. For some reason it’s like the world stalls me from telling her, and by time I am able to tell her, the problem has already been resolved. I think that’s of her doing, though. It’s such a nice and protective feeling.

Offerings. What I have given her is water, the painting, and there was a set of earrings that my aunt got me when she went back to our home town in Greece and they had pearls on them so I dedicated them to her and I have them on her little altar space. Today, I plan on giving her a piece or two of my favorite chocolate. I also have a little cup of dried rose petals on her altar space.

In this rut I’m in, at least mostly in the beginning, I had trouble using my telepathy. I was born with this ability and naturally strengthened it over the years but because of trauma, it was kind of “calcified” in a way. At first, I was very hesitant to talk to Aphrodite because of this, but I leaped in anyways and she comforted me so much about it. I still have logs of our first chat session using tarot because I have a booklet that I write down anything witchy related that also has tarot logs so I can remember what answers I receive.

The more honest I am with her about my feelings and the more I take care of myself, the more connected to her I feel. I legit have a face scrub dedicated to her now. I clean my room a lot and take baths a lot for her because since it makes me feel good, it makes her feel good.

I’ll probably make an updated post with more in the future because I feel like I’ll have a ton more amazing experiences with her that I’m incredibly excited for! I hope this post was helpful, Nonny!

~ Eris