Greek alphabet

reconfemmandoforares asked:

"Ares'" in Greek. Something Ka'ra related. And idk about the third.

I’m getting Ares’ name in the Greek alphabet, you clever shit. But no plans for anything mando as of yet. If that maybe eventually changes, it’d likely go Fett, not Ka'ra.

Hah. Fucking get a Fett portrait in a heart labeled “space boyfriend”. Haaaah.

That’s not one of the three though.

Like, nobody will guess one, you guessed the second, but theoretically the third shouldn’t be that hard. I’ve even mentioned it on tumblr in the past. Rrmember? I had to change it because my dad was getting the same one and I didn’t want identical tattoos with my dad?

Mycenaean terracotta figures, dated around 1300 BC. 

These goddess-statuettes were acquisited by the British Museum in 1996, and are around 13.5cm in height. They are Psi-type female figures as they stand in the shape of the Greek alphabet letter ‘Psi’. We can tell they are women from the long skirts they wear, noticeable breasts, and are all wearing a pylos. Pylos was a type of flattened hat that women wore and is noticeable in their depictions in art.

greek alphabet

listen here

again, it’s really important to listen because of the different pronunciation. i can’t write out stressed syllables or soft “h"s as easily as you can listen to it.

  • Α α - alpha [”]
  • Β β - veta [vehtah]
  • Γ γ - ghamma [ghammah]
  • Δ δ - thelta [velta]
  • Ε ε - epsilon [“]
  • Ζ ζ - zeeta [zeetah]
  • Η η - eeta [eehtah]
  • Θ θ - theeta [theeta]
  • Ι ι - iota [yohta]
  • Κ κ - kappa [kappah]
  • Λ λ - lambtha [lambvah]
  • Μ μ - mi [me]
  • Ν ν - ni [nee]
  • Ξ ξ - csi [tsee]
  • Ο ο - omicron [oemihkron]
  • Π π - pi [peeh]
  • Ρ ρ - rho [rhoeh]
  • Σ ς - sighma [sihmah]
  • Τ τ - taf [tahf]
  • Υ υ - ypsilon [ipsilon]
  • Φ φ - fi [feeh]
  • X χ - chi [heeh]
  • Ψ ψ - psi [pseeh]
  • Ω ω - omega [ohmeygah]
Greek Alphabet
  • Α α - alfa (a, father)
  • Β β - vita (v, voice)
  • Γ γ - gama (y as in “yet” if followed by “i/e” and otherwise “g” but softer)
  • Δ δ - thelta (th, then)
  • Ε ε - epsilon (e, set)
  • Ζ ζ - zita (z, zoo)
  • Η η - ita (i, meet)
  • Θ θ - thita (th as in thin and not like Δ δ as in then, see above)
  • Ι ι - iota (i, meet)
  • Κ κ - kappa (ck, sack)
  • Λ λ - lamda (l, light)
  • Μ μ - mi (m, mouse)
  • Ν ν - ni (n, nose)
  • Ξ ξ - xi (ks, kicks)
  • Ο ο - omikron (o, boat)
  • Π π - pi (p, pan)
  • Ρ ρ - ro (r, like the Spanish r)
  • Σ σ/ς - sigma (s, sister)
  • Τ τ - taf (t, top)
  • Υ υ - ipsilon (i or the German ü)
  • Φ φ - fi (f, phone)
  • Χ χ - hi (spanish j or German ich)
  • Ψ ψ - psi (ps, lips)
  • Ω ω - omega (o, boat)
Greek Alphabet

I finally memorized it! With the help of a catchy tune I found on youtube and my own tactics.  

What helped most for me was to split it up.  Pretend you’re playing that picnic game where you have to memorize what everyone else is bringing.  Start with the first two letters, then once you have those memorized move on to the second two, making sure you can say them all together.  Keep adding letters and reciting the ones you already know.  

Alpha, Beta (these are easy because it’s the beginning of our ALPHA BET(a) too!)

Gamma, Delta (delta gamma backwards, and you definitely know these greek letters going into the pledge process so naturally they come second!)

Epsilon (E comes after D)

Zeta, Eta, Theta (they all rhyme so just remember that Zeta comes after Epsilon and the rest is golden)

Iota (somewhat rhymes with the previous three and sounds like “I oughta”.  I oughta do what, you ask? Move down.)

Kappa, Lambda (cap a lamb, duh! as in bust a cap… a little morbid, i know- deal with it.)

Mu, Nu (after the lamb, think farm animals.  as in cows.  mu sounds like myew.  Sort of rhyming, Nu sounds like moo with an N.  Naturally M comes before N in the alphabet)

Xi, Omikron (these both sound like transformers to me.  You’re upgrading from farm animals to transformers… alright with me!)

Pi, Rho (those transformers must be pyros)

Sigma, Tau (fire= physics= sigma notation.  What did your teacher do with sigma notation? He TAU(ght) it.)

Upsilon (you easily picked it UP. silon, because Up isn’t a greek letter, duh!)

Phi, Chi, Psi (physics is too hard.  let’s go back to the rhyming)

Omega (sounds like oh my God, as in, you’re finished with the alphabet!)

Greek letters. The beginning of civilization … The Greek alphabet is over 2500 years and is still used today! The Greek alphabet was the first alphabet which included vowels.

Ελληνικά γράμματα. Η αρχή του πολιτισμού … Το ελληνικό αλφάβητο είναι πάνω από 2500 ετών και χρησιμοποιείται ακόμα και σήμερα! Το ελληνικό αλφάβητο ήταν το πρώτο αλφάβητο που περιελάμβανε φωνήεντα.