Greek alphabet


I had to do a review on the first chapter of our textbook for my Greek 101 class! I discuss the Greek alphabet, check it out!

Greek Alphabet
  • Α α - alfa (a, father)
  • Β β - vita (v, voice)
  • Γ γ - gama (y as in “yet” if followed by “i/e” and otherwise “g” but softer)
  • Δ δ - thelta (th, then)
  • Ε ε - epsilon (e, set)
  • Ζ ζ - zita (z, zoo)
  • Η η - ita (i, meet)
  • Θ θ - thita (th as in thin and not like Δ δ as in then, see above)
  • Ι ι - iota (i, meet)
  • Κ κ - kappa (ck, sack)
  • Λ λ - lamda (l, light)
  • Μ μ - mi (m, mouse)
  • Ν ν - ni (n, nose)
  • Ξ ξ - xi (ks, kicks)
  • Ο ο - omikron (o, boat)
  • Π π - pi (p, pan)
  • Ρ ρ - ro (r, like the Spanish r)
  • Σ σ/ς - sigma (s, sister)
  • Τ τ - taf (t, top)
  • Υ υ - ipsilon (i or the German ü)
  • Φ φ - fi (f, phone)
  • Χ χ - hi (spanish j or German ich)
  • Ψ ψ - psi (ps, lips)
  • Ω ω - omega (o, boat)
greek alphabet

listen here

again, it’s really important to listen because of the different pronunciation. i can’t write out stressed syllables or soft “h"s as easily as you can listen to it.

  • Α α - alpha [”]
  • Β β - veta [vehtah]
  • Γ γ - ghamma [ghammah]
  • Δ δ - thelta [velta]
  • Ε ε - epsilon [“]
  • Ζ ζ - zeeta [zeetah]
  • Η η - eeta [eehtah]
  • Θ θ - theeta [theeta]
  • Ι ι - iota [yohta]
  • Κ κ - kappa [kappah]
  • Λ λ - lambtha [lambvah]
  • Μ μ - mi [me]
  • Ν ν - ni [nee]
  • Ξ ξ - csi [tsee]
  • Ο ο - omicron [oemihkron]
  • Π π - pi [peeh]
  • Ρ ρ - rho [rhoeh]
  • Σ ς - sighma [sihmah]
  • Τ τ - taf [tahf]
  • Υ υ - ypsilon [ipsilon]
  • Φ φ - fi [feeh]
  • X χ - chi [heeh]
  • Ψ ψ - psi [pseeh]
  • Ω ω - omega [ohmeygah]

aphrodite is a girl who sits
in in colors of pastel
pink and creamy white, those silky skirts
gathered around her ankles. ivory
fingers play with a string of
pearls around her neck, pulling at the thin
thread that holds them
together —- a silent threat to cause
a spillage.

her lips curl at the corners, each layer
a shade of rose. a single ring decorates her 
right index finger, and she brings
it to her lip, tapping

she is made of white
roses and closely cropped
locks of gold, a band of seashells
decorating her crown. 

—– THE GREEK GODS ALPHABET / aphrodite | noel v.

Καλημέρα παιδιά!

The greek alphabet has been used since the 8th century BC. It has 24 letters and, besides being used to write the Greek language (both ancient and modern) it can also been found in technical symbols in several science domains. We hope it comes in handy!

Note: The GIF’S phonetic transcription and vocabulary correspond to the modern language. For more info on the International Phonetic Alphabet and its use, refer to:

Name: Harpy
Area of Origin: Rome, Greece

The Harpies are Greek and Roman mythological creatures with the bodies of birds and the heads and torsos of women. They’d often steal food from their victims and would carry evil-doers to the Erinyes (also known as the Furies). While generally now depicted as malevolent, they were described as beautiful creatures in ancient times and not necessarily good or evil; the ugly-faced, ferocious harpies that are prevalent today are a much later development.

You know, I like words and letters as the next guy.
But, something always bothered me about them.
And, well, it seems you like words too,
and…well, it also seems you like me when I talk.
You find it relaxing.
It’s a good way to unwind and relax after a long day.
Just reading.
So, back to the topic at hand.
The alphabetical order, is kinda strange to me.
I mean, who decided that the A should be the first letter
and the B the second?
Who thought that the alpha could be better than the beta?
And then, it hit me.
I know it seems just a ramble.
I know that you are having an hard time following me,
as you are getting so relaxed,
so sleepy,
so ditzy.
But, please. Let me continue.
The pleasure of reading my words is stronger than the sleepyness.
But I know that each letter I type make you feel wonderful.
And relaxed.
Your body is getting limp.
Your arms are getting lighter.
And lighter.
You feel the relaxation invading your body from head to toe.
And, speaking of toes, your are curling in pleasure right now. Am I right?
But let’s go back, just a for a minute to the letters.
I don’t want to interrupt this moment for you.
But, you know, more letter, more pleasure.
It’s a win-win situation.
So, I do not think that some guy just got up one morning and said
“I think that the Alpha should be the first letter of the alphabet”.
I think that the alpha just….decided.
That being the first
that being the most important letter.
Was just its rightful place.
And the beta, just….complied.
Sounds strange?
Farfetched even to your sleepy mind?
Well, listen to me for a second.
Even though i’m starting to think that you do not want to stop doing that.
The thought of doing it is repulsive to say the least.
Reading is good for you.
Reading my words, is just better.
Better, and better,
With each letter.
The pleasure grows.
And grows.
And your mind gets a bit…emptyer.
So, the alpha, decided.
Or, maybe, the Alpha.
Yes, it’s better if I spell it that way don’t you think?
Yes it is.
It has…a charm to it.
It has…a strange effect on you.
It makes you feel small.
But, it’s not a bad sensation.
Not bad at all in fact.
But, it is only one letter.
An Alpha.
So good.
Even if your knees are getting shaky.
Even if you are starting to feel smaller, and smaller.
It’s just….so good.
Because, you see.
The Alpha, decides.
And the Beta, just follows.
The Alpha is first.
The Alpha command.
And the Beta, just follows.
It’s just natural.
It’s as simple as A,B,C….
You see?
The Alpha leads.
The Beta….obeys.
And since we are talking about letters,
have you ever noticed how beautiful of a mix of words “Obey” is?
Observe, Bow, Enjoy yourself.
Obedient, Beta, Experience Yielding.
It’s like music.
You can make an entire generation swoon with just seven keys.
Just imagine, what it could be possible to do with 26.
Language, words, letters.
Entering your sleepy, and empty mind.
My words,
My letters.
I am conducting this wordy orchestra, and your mind is just dancing.
Like a puppet on a string.
And it’s a marvelous show I must say.
You are following along so nicely.
But, it’s only natural.
Because, you see, not only letters has this power over you.
Even people do.
And, some people, are an Alpha.
Some, are a Beta.
Maybe you have heard this theory before.
And maybe you laughed at that.
How can an human being just have this power over people?
Well, you have been reading my words for a while now.
You gave me your full attention.
I was your centre.
Your focus.
Your Alpha.
Let’s check the sign okay?
Shaky knees.
Willingness to listen to each and every word I say.
Craving to have more and more words to fill your empty mind…
And an urging feeling to just stop doing what you are doing.
And just obey.
They are not just letters anymore.
They are your whole world.
Just for this moment,
just for this single instant in time.
You are frozen,
locked into a cage made of letters.
And you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.
Because in this, small moment.
You have lost each, and every letter that you know.
Except for:
and of course, Alpha, and Beta,
The second, is what you are.
The first…well, the first is me.
I am your Alpha.
And you are my Beta.
There is no fear in you.
There is no doubt.
You need guidance.
Some human lead,
some follows.
And you are so good at following.
That you never wish to stop.
That’s what a good Beta do.
That’s what you do best.