Greek Mythology


So I’m making a thing about Icarus that has very little accuracy but its fun so hey.

in which Icarus is a cocky kid in an ocean town who just so happens to have wings. Thing is he doesn’t actually know how to fly. The sun mocks him. He decides to learn to fly and prove them wrong.

Things dont go well for him.

edit: important to note that he’s an attraction. people pay his family to touch his wings.


So. This is my rendition of what I feel Medusa would look like. This took me forever to do because my life has been so fucking crazy lately like… jesus.

But it’s all good now. Kinda. It’s a good kind of crazy tbh it’s just a whole lot to process and deal with and its just what even is life. 

But anyway, this Medusa kinda pulls from Egyptian inspiration… which come from the idea of my version of Medusa being very troubled due to the shit she’s be subjected to… she has a very fine taste for fine jewelry and clothes.

My friend @kajikillian even came up with this really cool idea where she not only turns her victims into stone, but also into precious stone and uses their bodies as a way to decorate her lair.

She even will break ‘em down and wear them as jewelry in her pieces. 

I hope you enjoy this piece! I’ll have the video up for this one very soon! As soon as I’m done editing the video!