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Greek Independence Day, observed on March 25th, celebrates the country gaining independence from the Ottoman Empire after 400 years of rule. The national holiday is marked by great parades, patriotic speeches, and demonstrations by Greek armed forces. Towns throughout Greece hold a school flag parade, during which children march in traditional costumes and carry Greek flags. Lots of families also celebrate with a lunch of bakaliaros (batter-fried salted cod) and skordalia (garlic and potato dip), and if the weather is good, their first ice cream of the season.

Happy Independence Day!


Today, the 25th of March, is Greece’s Independence Day

Let us honor the brave men and women who fell in battle for the freedom and independence of their country, who breathed life into the hundreds of thousands of enslaved Hellenes, and led the way to victory.

On this day in 1821, our ancestors in Peloponnese declared the Revolution. And though many before them had failed, these great heroes fought until their lands had been successfully freed from Ottoman tyranny.


Fun video by Kate Tectonics tells the story of how geology became a useful set of observations and a science, along with Steno’s laws of Stratigraphy

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Hi, do you happen to know anything about the tiara Sophie Wessex wore to Mary and Frederiks pre-wedding dinner?

Yes, I’ve discussed that tiara here and here

The tiara worn by the Countess of Wessex at the pre-wedding dinner of Crown Prince Frederick and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark in May 2004 was a loan from a jeweller.  Ayvee Eliot from Diana’s Jewels was able to track down the tiara (which was originally a necklace) to Kentshire Galleries in New York, where it was on consignment from a London jeweller.  She probably borrowed a tiara because at that time she did not have access to a second tiara and she did not want to wear the same tiara two days in a row.  Below is the Countess of Wessex at the pre-wedding dinner on the left and the wedding on the right.

Some people thought that it may have been the bottom portion of a tiara that belonged to Prince Philip’s mother, Princess Alice, but that is not true.  Princess Alice’s tiara was dismantled in 1947 to create Queen Elizabeth II’s engagement ring and the diamond bracelet that was Prince Philip’s wedding gift to his bride.  The bracelet has since been loaned to the Duchess of Cambridge.

Happy Greek Independence Day!

Today is the Greek Independence Day or Revolution Day (Ikostí-pémpti Martíou) which commemorates the anniversary of when the Greek War of Independence was declared in 1821. 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷

The Greek War of Independence lasted from 22 February 1821 until 12 September 1829. The 25 March was chosen because it was the day the Revolution was declared by Metropolitan Germanos in the Monastery of Agia Lavra (although there has been some scepticism as to the authenticity of the account).

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