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Okay and because it's compared with a movie you favor (Moonlight) means that La La Land immediately has to be its enemy? Just seems like unwarranted hate

i didnt say a damn thing about comparing la la land to moonlight lmaoooo thats all u. 

i literally just said bc la la land is a bunch of white ppl dancing to jazz music and putting literally every black person involved in the background, thus disrespecting that community? is pretty shit. like was i not clear? 

Beth Phoenix to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame Class of 2017!
[February 27th, 2017]

This is honestly a bit emotional for me to type. In 2005, I had a conversation with Beth Phoenix’s boyfriend, who was a friend of mine, and who informed me that Beth wasn’t feeling too hot about her potential future with the WWE. I waited until I saw her after the show and pulled her aside to give her some words of encouragement. I told her that one day, she’d be the WWE Women’s Champion, and that she would go down in history as one of the greatest female wrestlers of her time, and of all-time. This solidifies that statement.

Beth personified what it meant to be both beautiful and powerful. Citing herself as “The Glamazon”, Phoenix debuted in the WWE in 2006, after spending only a few years in OVW’s training facility, which was paid for by one of her heroes, Molly Holly (to Beth’s surprise). After being sidelined with an injury, Phoenix returned to OVW where she became the third ever OVW Women’s Champion. During her reign as champ, Phoenix faced fellow future WWE bound Diva Katie Lea in a Ladder Match, the first of its kind under the WWE umbrella.

In September of 2007, Phoenix returned to the WWE and began the era of “The Glamazon”. Defeating Candice Michelle, Phoenix gave an emotional speech that jumpstarted the career of the dominant Diva which would include three reigns as WWE Women’s Champion and one reign as WWE Divas Champion. In 2008, Phoenix was cited as WWE Diva Of The Year, which may or may not have had to do with her humorous relationship with Santino Marella, known under the portmanteau of Glamarella. In 2015, Phoenix was honored by the George Tragos / Lou Thesz International Wrestling Institute with the Frank Gotch Award.

As someone who watched Phoenix go from a newcomer at OVW and blossom into one of the most memorable WWE wrestlers of her era, it makes me proud to say that this April, Phoenix will be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame. Way to go, Beth!!!


I just want to remind everyone of the greatest political ad of all time.


Since we’re on the topic of 1997 nostalgia, let’s also talk about how 1997 was the year when Gillian Anderson became the first actress in television history to win the Emmy, the Golden Globe, and the SAG Award for the same role.

Mickey didn’t know that Ian would come though.

Sure, he said it to Ian the first time, all bravado and confidence. But then he said it that second time, to himself, a reassurance that the faith and hope he had in Ian wasn’t in vain.

He called their hookup a goodbye, and even asked if it was goodbye before Ian got in the Jeep. I think Mickey knows, and maybe even sort of accepts, that they are on borrowed time. I think when the bottom falls out, it’ll still hurt like hell and break his heart, but deep down I think he knows.

But he loves Ian, thoroughly and unequivocally, and I think he’ll just take whatever piece of Ian he’s allowed.