The bottom picture is Amanda’s reaction to their being no public restrooms in Five Points Bakery.  

Despite that, this is a cozy place to eat some whole grain baked goods and big glasses of fatty milk. 


Sadly Schwabl’s recently had a car hit their building and they were closed for construction! So I went to trusty yelp and found that Steve’s Pig and Ox Roast was also nearby.  In addition to beef, this place also serves chick, pork, or lamb on weck.  I went for the classic beef, piled on the horseradish and bit in, delicious!


Today waxenneat gave me a tour around Buffalo New York.  Amanda and I met while she was a librarian in DC, before she moved off to exciting adventures in the PNW.  Fortunately her visit home timed well with my trip and I got to see the city with a local.  

After a healthy lunch at Bettys, we drove to the Albert-Knox Art Gallery and explored some of their outdoor sculptures, as well as the lake in Delaware Park.  After Japanese Gardens and the Buffalo Historical Society we made our way over to the FLW Martin House, only to find you had to have a reservation to tour.  We did act like nosey neighbors though sticking our faces up to window panes.  


Carly, April 2014

So very happy I got to spend this roadtrip with Carly.  We met twelve years ago online while trolling a chat room for people with Cystic Fibrosis.   We bonded quickly and keep up a pen-pal relationship for nearly 8 years until we finally met in 2010, just before she had a double lung transplant. Last summer we met up again in Glacier National Park while I was taking the train around America.  

This time I was finally able to show her a little piece of DC before we hit the road for the Great Lakes area. There is no one else I would rather have gotten to experience meme-filled Detroit and the touristy Niagara with. 

Thanks for joining me Carly, you made the trip all the more of an adventure. 


After a fattening poutine lunch, what else does one need but ice cream sandwiches?  We got out fill at Bakerbots Baking.  You get to design your own sandwhich between their choices of ice cream and cookies.  I had burnt toffee ice cream and a captain peanut cookie (peanut butter cookie with Captain Crunch).  Definitely go here if you find yourself near the Ossington subway stop.   


When you think of Detroit the things that come to mind if you my age are Eminem, Kid Rock, MoTown and cars.  Detroit is of course known as the Motor City because of its long history with the automobile industry.  It was in this place that Henry Ford not only started mass producing cars in an affordable way, but developed the assembly line which spread to all other forms of factory production.  No longer was one person taking a product from start to finish, but rather one person was just a cog in a larger production machine.  

You can visit The Henry Ford museum in Dearborn Michigan and see many artifacts not only form Ford’s history, but also American history as well.  The collection of cars and their prestine condition was beyond amazing.  I loved the little VW camper van I have pictured here. 

I also thought some of the large machinery was just beautiful. Look at those gothic arches on this huge white steam engine.  I don’t think we put such artistry into machinery today.  This place is a must visit if you are ever in Detroit. 


Ended the day in the shadow of the abandoned Amtrak Station in a neighborhood called Corktown.  We had a great dinner at Slows Bar BQ and drinks at Sugar House. Can’t wait to get back here to explore some more interesting places located here.