Sometimes tour guides aren’t intentionally terrible, sometimes they’re simply clumsy fools who accidentally smash delicate pieces of history into irretrievable bits because… oops. For the reasonable sum of fifty-nine thousand motherfucking dollars you could have taken a private tour in a submarine to the bottom of the ocean to see the ship that Jack built. The trouble is, it’s dark and cold and lonely at the bottom of the ocean so when these hulking metal deathtraps close in for a landing they end up battering the decaying remains of the sunken ship, causing permanent damage.

It was a good 14-year run, but eventually the one and only company making these runs to the bottom of the sea decided to pack it in to prevent further damage to the ship. It’s estimated that a good 8000-9000 items have gone missing from the wreckage, much of it contributed to wayward visitors angrily looking for a substitute souvenir after failing to find the Heart of the Ocean.

8 Wonders Of The World (Being Destroyed By Idiot Tourists)