What if Rick Riordan is actually a demigod? A son of athena, that explains why he is so intelligent. And he was very favored by Zeus and all the other Olympian gods. What if he is the last demigod? And since he is the last, he was tasked to write the adventures behind the Great Prophecy and the Prophecy of Seven. He was told by the gods through a projection what to write and how it did happen. This was done in order for the civilization to stil know the Greek culture. All of it, from the perspective of two plus seven demigods.


If "an oath to keep with a final breath" turns out be "till death do us part" it would go like this
  • [Final battle between Romans and Greeks]
  • Percy:Will you marry me?
  • Annabeth:I don't think nows the best time!
  • Percy:Now may be the only time! I love you. I've made my choice. What's yours?
  • Annabeth:Coach Hedge! Marry us!
  • Coach Hedge:I'M A LITTLE BUSY AT THE MOMENT! *roundhouse kicks Octavian in the face*