“The Chosen One” aspect is really interesting in the pjo series. 

Like we all know that Percy’s going to be the one of the prophecy, there’s absolutely no doubt about it. Already ignoring the fact that he’s the narrator, there are literally huge cosmic, higher power signs pointing to Percy throughout the series, enforcing the idea that Percy is the hero of the great prophecy and his role to either save or destroy the world was predetermined years before he was even born.

But in the Titan’s Curse, two extremely interesting things occur: First, three other children of the Big Three become involved into the storyline. And as they are all under sixteen, that definitely throws the off the certainty of Percy being the hero of the Prophecy. Second, and more importantly, after Bianca’s death and Thalia’s newly immortal state, Percy makes the decision to be the hero of the prophecy. Percy chooses to be the Chosen One.

That in itself creates such an interesting and conflicting concept: Percy is obviously the One of the prophecy, but his decision implies that he had a choice in the matter. Perhaps, if he had never come to that resolution, that is one of the many ways he would have razed Olympus. 

Or maybe, in order to be the chosen one, you have to choose yourself. It’s interesting to think what would have happened if Thalia never accepted immortality or if Bianca hadn’t died.

Also, I’m not sure how much this has been discussed but that is such a defining characteristic of Percy. (Whether or not the decision changed the outcome) Percy chose to be the hero of the prophecy. He deliberately accepted that as his role. And he did it all to spare someone else’s pain - so Nico di Angelo would not have to suffer more than he already did. 

YA Lit Meme: [2/10] –> Book or Series

 Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordian

And see the world in endless sleep
The hero’s soul, cursed blade shall reap
A single choice shall end his days
Olympus to preserve or raze

“Yeah, I was part of this great prophecy thing because I took a sword-key from a tower and then an alien took me on a quest to get a ship and in the end it all turned out to be an excuse to get me knocked up and have an alien baby.”

This sounds like a sound-bite Tucker has practiced and retold a lot. And it’s kind of dark. He immediately follows it up with proudly showing everyone Junior’s basketball picture.

Fucking cartoons these days can’t just have a nice, simple fun-filled plot can they?? NOOOO they have to be full of SOUL PROPHECIES and ILLUMINATI TRIANGLES AND HAVE REALLY LONG HIATUS’ THAT MAKE ME DIE ON THE INSIDE.

PJO Edit Challenge: The Olympians
Apollo and Artemis (The Wonder Divine Twins)

Apollo, or Apollon, is the great Olympian god of prophecy and Oracles, healing, plague, and disease, music, song, and poetry, archery, and the protection of the young. He is often depicted as a handsome, beardless youth with long hair and various attributes including:–a wreath and branch of laurel; bow and quiver; raven; and lyre.

Artemis is the great Olympian goddess of hunting, wilderness, and wild animals. She is also a goddess of childbirth, and the protectress of the girl child up to the age of marriage. In anciet art, Artemis is usually depicted as a girl dressed in a short knee-length chiton and equipped with a hunting bow and a quiver of arrows.

Togther the two gods are also bringers of sudden death and disease–Apollo targetted men and boys while Artemis targetted women and girls. They are twins born by the king of the gods Zeus and Leto, a daughter of the tians Coeus and Phoebe.

What do you mean you haven't read the Rogues of the Republic trilogy yet

-great worldbuilding complete with history, politics, race, geography, different countries and different sexualities

-the leading lady is a black ex-military con and an escaped convict

-the team includes, but is not limited to: a guy who really likes insulting people’s mothers (including eldritch horrors from the beyond), a martial artist with a very creative take on the nonviolence oath, a death priestess who gives relationship advice, and a unicorn who really, really likes virgins

-the romantic relationships are the best. So realistically written. So well fleshed out. So sweet. Kind of messed up

-Learn How Not To Gloss Over Misogyny, Classism and Racism!

-every time you think you know what’s going to happen next, you’re proven completely wrong

-the characters are so complex, even the bad guys

-it’s funny. Actually funny. The banter is actually good

-everyone screws up, even the good guys, and I’m not just talking about super plans

-yes, I’m talking about microaggressions and thoughtless racism! Learn how to take criticism and use it from Loch and friends

-the team also includes a runaway merchant girl turned alchemist, an emotionally inept wizard, and a Prophecied Hero who drinks milk

-pokes fun at epic fantasy and deconstructs all your preconceptions without breaking a sweat


-you think you know how it’s going to end but you don’t. You really don’t. Loch is smarter than you. Embrace it

-I know this sounds like an ad but it’s actually pretty cheap on Amazon? I think it’s like 12 bucks for the Kindle version of all three books

-seriously go read it

-why don’t you want to read a book about a heist run by a troupe of misfits restoring power to the people and taking down power hungry politicians and evil forces in satisfying ways? What’s wrong with you?

-fine. One of the protagonists is gay and another is pan. None of the pairings feel forced and also the team and supporting characters are racially diverse

-there, now go read it

Prayer to Apollon for Homosexual (Male) Love

Apollon, great god of prophecy and art I honor you with my prayers.

Oh lover of Hyakinthos, who fell by the discus, hear my pleas.

As you loved Kyparissos, I ask that you bring me a man to do the same.

I request that you send your love and light into my life just as the sun crosses the sky or as an arrow from your silver bow pierces its target.

Oh great Olympian of golden hair and eternal beauty and youth, please bring me a male lover so that we may love as passionately as you have loved.

heres a game theory for you all.

the Hunger & the voidfish (species) are the same, somehow??

the Hunger:

described as black with flashes of colour in it
see: the black opal disc that the red robe shows the hunger coming from

almost black, but you can see flecks of red and green and blue color in this black disk

and Palomas Prophecy which before shattering is described as

black inside save for these strands of bright red and yellow and green that are just kind of flashing around on the inside

associated with this black tar liquid that pours out of the sky in great pillars


palomas prophecy

The first one just looks like an ocean made out of tar, with a black sky above it, and this tar is like bubbling, and you see some stuff moving under the surface of the tar but you can’t make out what it is, and that’s on the left picture.

the Voidfish’s conversation with magnus

you see the sky is just pitch black. There is nothing happening in the sky. And you also see something horrifying: it looks like there are these big, black pillars of tar sort of just falling out of the sky and smashing into the world that you’re on.

also important is that the black opal disc that represents the hunger is shown with white eyes in it which then blink out, and we see those same eyes in the sky during the eclipse.

lucas says that the disc is inert, but that we see eyes implies that the flecks of colour are what make up some plane that we can see into

the Voidfish:

described as floating around in this tank of viscous inky black liquid, with flashes of light, that looks something like a galaxy.

from moonlighting:

The tank is sort of lit from underneath, showing sort of a dark, opaque liquid floating inside of it, and something is in there. 

He walks the three of you over to a spigot on the side of this tank and takes out three vials. Opens up the spigot and this black, inky liquid pours into each one, and he hands you these three vials and says,

“Uh, this isn’t gonna taste great, it sort of has the consistency of Go-Gurt, so not a lot of people get down on that”

just enormous, it is the size of a whale, but jellyfish-shaped, with thousands of tendrils reaching off its body, and inside of its body you can almost make out, like, a galaxy, like a swirling nebula of stars and constellations—

I don’t think the Hunger is the tar that is falling from the sky, i think thats the prelude for the Hunger, and that the tar is ichor?

i think its also interesting that the sky is described as ‘black with nothing happening in it’, cause that would suggest the stars have all gone out. the voidfish is described as getting new stars and constellations every time it eats something

i dont think saying that the sky/galaxy itself is a voidfish is right though, but i do think they’re related

Imagine The Percy Jackson movies made well.
Without Logan and Alexandra, but with twelve-years-old actors. Imagine how would it be see the actors grow up and grow up with them, meet new entries (Rachel, Nico and Bianca, Thalia) and even argue for the love triangles. See Annabeth struggle with her love for Percy and for Luke, see Thalia becoming the Lieutenant of the Hunters and, in the end, see Rachel spell the Second Great Prophecy.
And then start it all again with the Heroes of Olympus series, meeting Jason, Piper and Leo and watching them saving Hera and Annabeth looking for Percy, and then meeting Frank, Hazel and Reyna in Camp Jupiter, and the Percabeth reunion, and the Athena Partenos, and the falling to Tartarus, and the Seven + Reyna and Nico growing up as characters. And then crying for Leo’s death and I can see the final scene of Festus flying.
I dream of this so much…

ok @rageycakes and I had a discussion about Angel’s apartment and HOW THE FUCK he got such nice digs when a year ago he was in the streets eating rats, and this is what we came up with: he smuggles art / sells art on the black market. AND remember those crates Joyce was being shady about? SHE GETS SMUGGLED ART FROM HIM (maybe through a middle man and that’s how they never meet) And the creepy supporting buffy’s family from the shadows thing totally fits his character!

And I’ll do you one better! He gets the art from old secret caches he had with Darla when he was Angelus. Because you know who would appreciate fine art and be like, ‘wait no we can’t just leave it let’s put it somewhere safe and come back for it since we have to flee angry villagers’? DARLA. DARLA WOULD.

Imagine Annabeth Chase, at nine or ten years old.  Thalia has been a tree for a few years now, and Annabeth never forgets what she looked like–she still has pictures and she looks at them every day–but sometimes she can’t remember what Thalia sounded like, or what she liked to eat for breakfast.  Luke is so cool, and brave, and good at swordfighting (and so handsome now!) but he doesn’t have as much time for Annabeth as he used to, and there’s something else–Annabeth can’t quite put her finger on it, but she knows there’s something wrong with him.  Even though she has Chiron now, who’s there for her in ways she always wished her dad would be, even though she has brothers and sisters and lots of new friends, and she’s safe and well-fed and learning so much, she still misses the days when she and Thalia and Luke were a family, and she wonders if she’ll ever have anything like that again.

One day, with no reason or explanation, Chiron lets her read the Great Prophecy. Thalia is the only child of the Big Three she knows, so her first thought is that maybe it means Thalia will come back!  But that would be bad, because then she would die for real on her sixteenth birthday.

Annabeth keeps thinking it over, until she’s memorized all the words, and she thinks maybe Zeus didn’t change Thalia into a tree to keep her safe at all, but to stop the prophecy.  But then, that would be a way of keeping her safe, wouldn’t it?  And then if the prophecy gets fulfilled by someone else, maybe Zeus would turn her back.

And here comes Percy Jackson, who is just some kid Annabeth doesn’t care about, and anyway it turns out that he is super annoying.  Maybe the prophecy could be about him; no great loss.

And then Thalia turns back ahead of schedule, and Annabeth doesn’t know what to think.  Percy isn’t some kid she doesn’t care about anymore, and when it turns out that Thalia is still older than Percy, Annabeth is a little relieved, because maybe Percy isn’t doomed to die after all.  And what’s wrong with her for feeling this way, when Thalia is her oldest and best friend?

When Annabeth meets one of the Hunters of Artemis, maybe at her school, she’s immediately suspicious, because she remembers how mad Thalia got when Zoe tried to recruit her.  But Annabeth hears the girl out, and when she says that boys will only mess up your thinking and cloud your judgment, Annabeth thinks, yes, that’s about right.  And she takes the pamphlet that the girl gives her and keeps it at the bottom of her backpack, not looking at it again but not quite forgetting about it either.

After all the adventures of The Titan’s Curse, Thalia has joined the Hunters and she’s safe, which is a huge relief to Annabeth, but now she has to worry about Percy again.  And now here’s Nico DiAngelo, and Annabeth has literally spent like two minutes with him, and it sounds like he’s got a vendetta against Percy, and Percy tells her that Nico is a son of Hades.  And that’s perfect.  Who would miss him?

And then Percy says, “I choose the prophecy; it will be about me.”

And honestly Annabeth just wants to shake him and say, “You idiot, you don’t know what you’re talking about.”  And she almost tells him the whole prophecy then and there, and to hell with her promise to Chiron …

But she realizes that it would only make Percy more determined to protect some snot-nosed kid who nobody cares about.

Because Percy Jackson really is the most annoying boy in the world.

Percico AU where Percy and Nico exchange their papers in the whole history.

Percy is raised by Hades and becomes a powerful warrior of the Hades Kingdom who has learned to use his powers in the maximum and controls the rivers of the underworld, and Nico is the great hero of the prophecy that has a lot of friends in the camp, because Bianca survives, so he never runs away to the underworld and keep his old personality and his love for Mythomagic.


  • Art by Viria (X)
  • The main idea of this AU isn’t mine and was inspired in this fanfiction (X). I just really liked that idea and couldn’t stop thinking in my own plot about it, but I will not write a fanfiction, I’ll just post my edits and maybe some texts because I’m in love with this universe.


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  • pjo accent challenge

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the questions:

  • Your name and username.
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  • .Pronounce the following words: Chiron, Hera, Hephaestus, Elysium, Tartarus, Arachne, Senatus Populusque Romanus, Piper Mclean, Daedalus, Rick Riordan, Silena Beauregard, Camp Half-Blood, Alabaster Torrington, Hazel Levesque, Poseidon, Calypso, Gaea, Battle of the Labyrinth, Ogygia, and Percy Jackson.
  • From what town is Camp Jupiter stationed near?
  • Who is the King of the gods?
  • Persephone is married to?
  • Name the 7 half-bloods of the Second Great Prophecy.
  • What is another name for Laistrygonians according to Annabeth Chase?
  • Percy and Annabeth fell into where?
  • Name the children of Hades and Pluto that are characters in the books.
  • Grab the nearest book and read a passage from it.
  • Who is your favourite minor character?
  • Do you think you have an accent?
  • Roman or Greek?
  • Name the 12 Olympian gods.
  • Do you know anyone on Tumblr in real life?
  • End the audio post by saying any THREE words you want.