Moments I drew from me and Karkey interactions over the few months we knew each other. It’s amazing what you can learn about someone when you talk to them every single day from early in the morning to late at night. Needless to say, we got pretty attached to each other. Karkey has a habit of falling asleep during our role playing. I would sing them to sleep or listen to them play the piano. They would cling to me if I had work. There would be times where our chats would just be filled with “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” cuz we would embarrass each other with compliments and pick up lines. They’re great <3

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I really like your blog. Top shelf! Can you recommend some other wayhaught or wynonna earp related blogs that I could follow? I need more of it on my dash ;-)

You had me at Top Shelf man, haha thankyou :)

Great gifs: @earpwaverly

Funny Stuff/Pick Up Lines (aka this blog makes my day): @commander-wanheda

Fanart (I run this one too): @wayhaught-fanart

@clarkesquad has the most followers in the fandom so there’s naturally a lot of discussion and info on that blog

@orphancalling @alexficswriter : I Check their blogs frequently because they have great stuff and seem like really nice people so yeah.

The ones with great analysis and info : @irissteth @kindnesskru

@haughtlinebling (very up to date) @haught-sauce @officerhaughtstuff @wvrlyearp @wayhaught24-7 @dailywynonnaearp @melscrofano @nicolewayhaught @wynonnaearpdaily @provost-chalkley
@alycidebnam (not exclusively Wynonna Earp but a great blog )

There are a lot more but these are the ones I frequently see on my dash, I’ve forgotten a few but I’ll update the list soon :)

#hobyoondra 2k16

#hobyoondra by not so great fic anon and my best bud ever @ joonebug

AuthorZzz Note: bad pick-up lines (your favorite). this is not that great. #hobyoondra will rise 2k16. Cameo: Kid, Mystery Meatloaf, Stylist Noona

It was just another hot day in July at the Big Hit headquarters. However the consistent warmth of the day only served to fuel Leaders anger.

Leader walked in quick but with short strides around the halls. Far down the hallway, the door to her office was already in sight. She walked into her safe haven. Flopping down into the welcoming cushion of her chair, she let out a deep sigh.

“Why? Why must they do this to me?” she mumbled in an exasperated tone.

Today was becoming stressful for Leader, between helping Namjoon up after seeing him trip up the stairs to helping Stylist Noona convince Jungkook to wear something other than a white t-shirt. What really hit her the most was having to listen to Hoseok’s pick up lines almost all day. She had more than enough on her plate and yet, the day wasn’t over.

The shrill ringing of her cellphone hastily brought her back to the nightmare she called reality. Leader raised the device up to her ear.

“Leader we have a problem.”

“What is it this time?” she sighed, “I swear if you call me out of here just so Taehyung will stop black mailing Jungkook about those photos I wil-”

“Actually it’s about Yoongi.”

“Um…what about him?” she questioned.

“His clothes-”

Stylist Noonas’ voice had been cut off due to her chortling laughter. Leader felt a pang of pity. It sounded as if a seal was on the other line.

“Ju- just get to the practice room- oh man I can’t eve-” as Stylist Noona accidentally hung up.

Leader was left confused. Getting a call from Stylist Noona about Yoongi wearing something strange was odd. Yoongi would act like a rich housewife most of the time. How could he possibly be wearing anything less money than her paycheck to deal with Bangtans crap. The answer was something she thought would have sunk back into the deep depths of the black void by now.

Navigating her way down the hall again to the practice room was almost like breathing. She had been called there so many times that she knew her way by heart. Sadly, every time she arrived there was a shit storm to deal with. Like the time Jimin wore those nice booty shorts… Well actually those shorts were apart of a bet, but she thought booty shorts on Jimin were just scandalous.

By the time she was done with her musings, she was had made her way to the  practice room door. Dear God, if she walks into Jungkook and Jimin trying to push Taehyung into a forced split again so help her. Taking another deep breath she pulled the door open.


Leader was currently sitting on the practice floor. In her mind she was already transferring agencies. Because of the shirt. The ungodly shirt Yoongi was  wearing made her want to jam a fork into her eyeballs.

What was the shirt you may ask?

She recalled a week prior, Leader had a lovely conversation with someone named Jung Hoseok. It went a little like this.

“Put down that cupcake your sweet enough already!” Hoseok exclaimed loudly.

“You do realize that just might be the most awful thing I’ve heard right? Also I’m going to keep eating the cupcake.”

“Bu- but you love my pick up lines, I’ll tell you another one okay?” He laughed while reaching for her cupcake.

“Please don’t”

“Did the sun come out or did you smile at me?” saying as he winked.

The smile on his face was the real sun, but she wasn’t going to let him know that. Ever.

“I think we both know that I didn’t smile at you because that just made me retch.”

“You see it’s that personality of yours that makes you and Yoongi hyung so compatible.”

“ I’m sorry, but I don’t think someone who tells me I look about the size of a shoebox is the one for me”

“Well at least he’s honest”

“I thought we were friends? Friends don’t mention their friends height” she deadpanned.

“Or lack there of. Besides if we’re in love and Yoongi is your soul mate what should our ship name be?” He questioned, licking the frosting of HER cupcake off his fingers.

“There is no name and we aren’t in love! Especially since you’re a dead to me now…” she mumbled.

“What was that?”

“Oh nothing. I just said it would be something weird like… hobyoondra or something”

Hoseok sat up with a look that made her feel like she made a mistake answering. This wasn’t good.

“I’ll see you later”

“YOU BETTER NOT BE DOING SOMETHING STUPID” she yelled after him. She really hoped he wasn’t planning anything.

But he’d already left. She took one last glance at the door before returning her stare to her desk. A pang of annoyance and anger filled through her once again and she cursed that no good blinding smiler, hip thrusting talented rapper. He took her cupcake. This was the beginning of a war.


That is how she ended up here, eyeballing Yoongi’s shirt. While squinting at Yoongi, she noticed the look on his face. He looked twice as pissed off as he normally did. If Leader didn’t know any better she would even think that Hoseok forced him to wear that shirt.

“Hoseok” she calmly stated, “Do you want to explain why Yoongi is wearing a shirt that says #Hobyoondra on it?“



“Actually, garden gnome, I’ll explain” Yoongi said.

He then went on a rant that contained so many disses and curses that sounded like a part of his mix tape. Which everyone promptly ignored.

Basically, after fleeing her office Hoseok went to the pink princess that was Kim Seokjin. Who then decided to humor Hoseok’s idea of making this shirt with their apparent ship name on it.

“I actually have Jimin and Taehyung working on making the pins now” Hoseok added, “although by now they’re probably scanning their faces on the printer now.“

"Have a little more faith in them Hyung” Jungkook said.

“Listen here Jungkook, I saw you that one time…”

Leader didn’t even want to think about what those two weirdos were up to now. She took Jungkook and Hoseok’s argument as time to look around the room.

Seokjin was in the corner pointing at them and laughing with Stylist Noona. Those traitors. Meanwhile, Namjoon was turning the music back up and practicing their latest dance. She watched him trip on his pants and almost fall, relating to him so much in that moment.

Yoongi was sitting next to the stereo. His face screamed his hatred of all of them but the pink shirt made him look slightly adorable. In an evil rich kid sort of way. Centered on the shirt were bold black letters of #Hobyoondra. Surrounding the ship name were small sparkling hearts. Leader watched as he turned to reach for his water. She scowled at the words on the back of the shirt.

“Hoseok. Hoseok. HOSEOK!” she yelled.

“What!” He turned sharply from where he was holding Jungkook in a headlock and released him.

Leader watched Jungkook run out of the room yelling something about revenge before speaking up.

“Why is there a pick up line on the back of the shirt?”

“Oh there going to be different lines on each individual shirt!”

“So you’re telling me you fully expect someone to walk around with a shirt that not only says #hobyoondra on it, but ’ did you sit in a pile of sugar? because go have a pretty sweet ass’ too?”

“Yup.” he smiled.

She could have told him to stop this franchise he was making but… Who was she to crush a dream? Instead she told him something else.

“Then please put ‘Baby I might not be siracha sauce but, I sure will spice up your life’ for me okay? I need to gain something out of this.”

“See? I knew you’d end up liking them” He giggled.

She glared at him.

Yoongi took that moment of her distraction to come over and pat her head.

“I thought you were better than that, shortcake, I really did.”

“Well, life is full of surprises.” She said while smacking his hands away.

She finally got up off her spot on the floor. Her legs had gone numb from sitting, she couldn’t stay in this room with these psychos she worked with for a moment longer.

“Hobi you’re the light of my life and all, but I get 50% of all earnings on the t-shirts… and pins.” She said while walking out the door.

She barely heard him start to squawk out a response before the door closed. Pfft, she didn’t get paid enough to negotiate anyway.

Leader pretended not to notice the distinct giggling of Taehyung and Jimin while walking back to her office. She blocked out the sound of the printer making photocopies. She would tip off Kid and Mystery Meatloaf about them when she got back to her beloved office.

Distantly she thought about Hoseok and Yoongi and smiled. Sure she hates (ie: loves) both of them equally. Not only were they idiots. They were her idiots. She wouldn’t have them any other way.

She still wants her cupcake back though. That is something she can’t forgive. 

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Masur and yunan reacting to sinbad flirting with their lover or aladdin groping their breast?


“You’re head is a nice shape, it would look great next to mine in the morning” Sinbad delivered his pick up line smoothly as you backed away uncomfortably. 

“I’m with someone…” you tried to protest meekly. There was suddenly a dark shadow that loomed over you and the Pervy king. “She said she’s taken. Buzz off” Masrur’s eyes glaring down at Sinbad like a demon straight out of hell. Even Sinbad knew better then to mess with Masrur and quickly retreated behind Ja’far.


“Now just wait here and I’ll make some tea” Yunan cooed at his lover before turning around to his kitchen. You smiled shyly but can’t sit still and get up to look around. He chuckles hearing you move but doesn’t stop you. He suddenly remembers about his other guest.

“Oh just be carful-”

“BOOBS!” Aladdin cuts him off lunging at your chest and nuzzling your breasts like a man who just found buried treasure. 

“Oh its been so ling since I’ve nuzzled a nice pair of knockers” Aladdin swooned all over you before getting a sharp pull from his braid.

“OWOWOWOWOW WHAT WAS THAT FO- oh” Aladdin shrunk back at the dark look Yunan was giving him. 





“I’M SORRY!” Aladdin cried, now utterly terrified of Yunan when he was angry.