“Elain peered up at his patient, solemn face.
Azriel smiled faintly. ‘Would you like me to show you the garden?’”

Me: Omg…  I want them to be together…. Dang it! Why is she mated to Lucien!?

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3 pages later:
Feyre: “Why not make them Mates?… Why Lucien?”


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Girl in the Castle!

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    “A girl!” Raven chuckled, ceasing the land on her brother attempt.  It was to make sure she had his attention anyways.  It’s been years since the castle last had a guest.  Who namely became a woman in a portrait.  

    “Grey clothes, not rags, but nothing fancy either.  She came looking for the old man that took shelter last night.”  Raven stood on the side of Qrow’s nest, careful not to disturb the branches.

    “James is currently showing her a room she may use.  Tai’s in a weird mood.”