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Can we host a little Vampire Chronicles event? Like a Septalamasca or some other ridiculous name, with our favourite vampires kissing or something? Pretty pretty please? Or could we do a little Halloween exchange, even if October seems so far away? ;n;

Well a real live event would be fantastic, personally, I’d love to rent a theatre and do a screening of IWTV w/ any of the original main cast there to provide commentary during the movie or a Q&A after and that will never happen *sobs*

As far as doing a gift exchange here in tumblrland, that’s been done before and is more doable! Ppl often really love giving and receiving gifts for it, it’s a great opportunity to spread some VC fandom love and positivity and really, who doesn’t like getting gifts?

I should bring back Santa Lestat in November… those asks were pretty fun.

Last holiday season I co-modded the @vcsecretgifts exchange. It takes a lot of effort, mostly in trying to drum up enough interest, and then policing ppl to submit their assigned gifts (a few never did theirs, and I volunteered to fill in for one of these and still haven’t found the right inspiration to WRITE IT YET *facepalm*) I’ll ask the founder of that blog if they have the time/desire to do it w/ me again.

Is this something ppl would like to participate in?

My husband was going to take me on a trip to buy art, but I got a house instead!

white woman, in Boulder, on her birthday gift


Drawing for @kurotsuki14!

Cuando ví que entró una Dolphi al rol, estaba demasiado contenta. Y ahora, eres de las mejores amigas que he hecho ;v;

¡Siempre has sido sincera y buena conmigo! No merezco a alguien tan buena como tú. Me has ayudado en todo momento, incluso si dices que no. No puedo agradecerte todo lo que has hecho por mi en tan poco. Siento haber sido tan egoísta algunas veces, gracias por quedarte ahí incluso cuando estaba horriblemente mal.

Dijiste que no sabiás como se sentía que alguien te dibujase algo, aquí esta. Solo para tí. Sep, me acuerdo de aquella conversación.

Realmente espero que te guste, Dolphi mayor y nieve. 

Soy buena preguntando x,D

Gracias por haber entrado a mi vida ;v;

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Hunk the sweet bebe that he is going to a crystal show or a rock and mineral show (super fun if you've never been to one) and getting all his friends crystals that he things will resinate with them/their magic. When he gets home he makes them into pendants for them so they can always have them. Keith= Amber, Lance= Ammonite fossil, Pidge= peridot, Shiro= blue goldstone (cause it looks like a galaxy)

AWW he’s such a sweetheart omg?? Ive done that before it’s a great gift to give your friends <333

Only a brief thank you!

Hello!! Yesterday I finally decided to read “Penumbraluna” and “Chemical Prehistories”. (Although I am a fan of “Chemical” I did not feel in the mood for the anguish I knew I could experience reading the previous instances of this story) After reading the first chapter I could not stop…. and if they had not been 3 am surely have been reading “Chemical” again !!! You made me laugh and cry, for both joy and sadness, but in the end you’ve managed to make “Chemical” even more perfect!

As I was so engrossed in reading I could not comment on each chapter, and needed to process all the feelings before I could express them. So I use this space to Thank You So MUCH for all those wonderful chapters that you give us so selflessly !!! It is a great gift !!


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Oh Archy, thank you so much for taking the time to send me this.  This is such a beautiful thing to say to a writer!  We try so hard to touch people’s emotions, and when someone stops and tells us that we’ve succeeded, it’s just the best feeling in the world <3

So THANK YOU!  For reading and for sharing your feelings about what you’ve read.  It means the world to me!


I got really excited about old man Corvo today


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“All I want is to feel the water. With my skin, my eyes, my soul… To never doubt what it makes me feel. Believe in myself. Don’t resist the water. Welcome it. We accept one another.” For the lovely @sekigannn, Happy Beleted Birthday Zimah!

[TRANS] Yoongi’s letter to Santa

25th December 2016 If by that time we do get any awards I hope we receive the daesang award. I told you we are all working hard

I kinda thought that how Goth discovered his powers was by grabbing something small like a lizard or a butterfly and those animals being pretty weak already: POOF.

art by angelartist 


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