Why you should give Rock Dog a chance:
  • Rather lovely visuals, fantastic lighting effects and expressive animation.
  • Fleetwood Yak
  • The campy, hilarious anti-hero that is Angus Scattergood. 
  • Really good music like REALLY good and not just the main theme the whole score is hella good and the guitar oh my god the guitar.
  • Fleetwood Yak
  • Honestly the whole world design is really fun and simple, very reminiscent of a level in an old video game in a good way. And everything works and has reasoning and makes sense it was obviously well thought out.
  • Charming characters?? Bodi is a sweetheart and deserves nothing but good things??? I loved Darma she is so nice and jaded but she never lets it make her mean??? And the ‘evil’ wolves were genuinely funny I loved them almost as much as the heroes. 
  • The running gag of Sheep being forgetful is pretty funny and never gets old. 
  • You cannot convince me that the two wolves(Skozz and Riff) who are tasked with capturing Bodi are not boyfriends ok they are cute and dating and I love them.
  • Same director as Surf’s Up and that movie is a blessing so???
  • The actual mean characters gets what’s comin’ to them.
  • No potty humor?? Or problematic jokes??? Just all around good humor that isn’t at the expense of anyone and puns? DO YOU KNOW HOW RARE THAT IS????
  • Character Redemption.
  • Dumpster Pizza.
  • Bodi has some tough lessons to learn but it never makes him like mean or anything and in the end the world was just as good as he always believe it to be and I love that?????
  • Fleetwood Yak
  • There is a sheep who just walks around in a towel the whole movie. 
  • A sick end guitar battle with fucking fantastic visual effects and music.
  • A good message about not letting where you come from define you but ALSO never forgetting your roots and the people who made you who you are?? Which was surprisingly deep???
  • “Can we get a RED cord for the RED phone, please?” 
  • Really sweet and surprisingly down-to-earth father-son relationship. 
  • A goat character has a spiritual experience while staring at a french fry.
  • Lewis Black and J. K. Simmons and Mae Whitman like hot damn good voice talent? And it really shows.
  • Fucking Fleetwood Yak.
  • Did I mention the music because holy hell the MUSIC.
  • I was smiling the whole time the whole thing was so charming ugh bless.
  • Honestly it was just a good movie and it really shows that the people who worked on it really cared about it and loved it and made it the best they could and that alone should be enough to convince you to see it so SEE IT.

I’d have to do some more research to fully argue this point, but after watching it and reading a few articles about it, I am now 100% convinced that the subtext of the plot of John Carpenter’s “The Thing” is homosexuality. I’m not sure if it’s a gay panic movie or a very early AIDS panic movie, or if there’s a different message, but that is absolutely the subtext.

OMFG Free is baaaaaack everybody! Our favorite swimmers are back not only in one but 3 MOVIESSS 

1. Free! -Timeless Medley- Kizuna (Bonds), will open on April 22 and will recap the first season that aired in 2013.

2. Free! -Timeless Medley- Yakusoku (Promise), will open on July 1 and will recap the second season, Free!: Eternal Summer, that aired in 2014.

3. Free! -Take Your Marks- theatrical anime project is a sequel to Free! Timeless Medley, and it will screen in theaters in Japan this fall.

It’s Such a Beautiful Day

This seemingly silly stick animation is so poignant it is heartbreaking. Don Hertzfeldt (the creator of Rejected Cartoons) tells a fragmented story of a man who has a fatal mental disorder. There are points of harrowing truths and briefly flashed perspective challenging ideas, mixed in with bizarre anecdotes and chaos. Read below for four sections from the script. 


He pictures him self having trouble breathing and waking to a room filled with concerned faces. He’d been terrified of dying his entire life. And as much as he tried not to think about it, death was always in the back of his head, around every corner and hovering on each horizon. He’d brushed shoulders with death on a few occasions, but in his careless youth it seemed like an abstraction, almost an impossible thing that could never happen to him. Though, with each passing decade he began to gage the time he probably had left, and by his forties, what he considered his halfway point at best, he had come to know just one thing. 
“You will only get older”
The next thing you know, you are looking back instead of forward. And now, at the climax of all those years of worry, or sleepless nights and denials, Bill finnally finds himself staring death in the face. Surrounded by people he no longer recognizes, and feels no closer attachment to than the thousands of relatives who had come before. And as the sun continues to set, he finally come to realize the dumb irony of how he’d been waiting for this moment his entire life. This stupid, awkward moment of death, that had invaded and distracted so many days with stress and wasted time. If only he could travel back and impart some wisdom on his younger self. If only he could at least tell the younger people in this room. He lifts an arm to speak, but inexplicable says: 
“It smells like dust…and moonlight.”


Bill decided to take a walk in the park to try and get some fresh air. He noticed that someone had written “I LOVE YOU” in the playground sand, and he thought that it was really beautiful. 

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