Okay look I am fully aware that Fantastic Beasts is far from a perfect movie and JK’s interpretation of a wizarding community in America is pretty inconsistent with actual historical American society but listen there is a ten year old kid inside me who just LIT UP with the biggest grin on her face the second she heard Hedwig’s theme - something that she thought she’d never get to hear in a theater ever again - and she ate up every single minute of that movie, and no amount of 21-year-old me criticism is going to take that away from her, because honestly why would I want to?

Why "Into the Woods" is a good movie

-Well-adapted musical
-Strong female characters
-Everyone has flaws; no character is wholly good or bad
-Shows that sometimes love works out and sometimes it doesn’t, even when you think it’s “true love”
-Lots of catchy tunes that show off character development
-Costumes are flawless

I’m gonna talk about one scene from “Moana” (**Spoilers**)

Before I do a general review of the entire film (Short version: AWESOME) I’m going to go over one specific scene and the way it is representative of the entire film.  This is towards the climax, in fact it’s the scene immediately preceding the climax, so I’ll hide the content below the cut.

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