I just woke up from the craziest dream. A friend and I were in Kohl’s trying on shirts and this girl our age came out of the fitting room in a pretty dress, and I told her she looked great. The girl looked surprised but pleased, and we started talking. The girl was like, “Sometimes I come into places like this with lots of mirrors so I don’t forget how I awesome I look." 

So my friend, the girl, and I walk through the store together, talking about random things, looking at jewelry (the girl found a pair of Vera Wang earrings and wistfully commented that they looked like dying stars and that her brother would love them) and socks. 

Meanwhile, we start to notice people around us are glued to their phones. One lady has her hand over her mouth in horror, tears streaming down her face. Kohl’s seems an awfully lot more empty than it had been. The girl brightly suggests we look in homewares. 

We go to the back of the store and start smelling all the Yankee Candles, and the girl is like, "People can be so creative. Vanilla lime? Genius! I’m going to miss this.” My friend asks if she’s going on a trip and the girl is nonchalant, like, “Things will be changing for me real soon and I’m not going to be able to enjoy things like candles anymore.” My friend wishes her all the best with whatever and I say we’ll buy her the candle so she has something to remember us by, and the girl is all, “You both are very kind. I won’t forget that, I promise." 

So we go to check out, but no one’s there. So we wait and wait, and then the girl shrugs, takes the candle and the Vera Wang earrings, and goes to leave. My friend and I are mortified, crying that she has to pay for them, and the girl is like, "I doubt they’ll mind,” as she leaves. Then my friend notices the store is completely empty and takes out her phone, which is blinking with dozens of missed calls, texts, and alerts. 

She opens one of the alerts and it takes her to a breaking news video. All over the world, there is chaos. Horrifying things are devouring people and destroying cities. A giant cube of sand with teeth and weird proboscises on every side is sucking up people in Rio, and a slow-moving slender titan made of clouds is walking through San Fransisco and leaving nothing in its wake. Off the coast of Japan, something is rising from the ocean but the video cuts out. 

Terrified, we run out of Kohl’s and find the girl standing at the curb. She’s staring at the sky over Route 1 as a giant, shifting mass of black mist descends. The girl turns to us, smiles, and says, “That’s my brother. Thank you for a lovely day of shopping. I’ll never forget it." 

Then the skin of her face and neck begins to crack and flake away, revealing fault lines of indescribable things underneath. My friend starts to weep. I manage to get out through chattering teeth that I hope her brother likes the earrings, and the girl–barely human now–smiles with the remnants of a million devoured suns and says, "You know, if everyone had been as nice as you two, we wouldn’t have come to this." 

And then she squared herself exponentially and swallowed everything up. 

It was awful.


daenerys stormborn of the house targaryen, first of her name, khaleesi of the great grass sea, mother of dragons, the unburnt, queen of the andals, the rhoynar, and the fir…

Costume Chaos

Summary: It’s Halloween and the costumes seem to be really great this year though Marinette can’t help but be distracted by Adrien’s for… reasons. And of course, that’s when a supervillain chooses to attack. Luckily, Chat’s got a surprise to help take it down.

Just a fun Miraculous Halloween story.

“Happy Halloween!” Marinette grinned and waved as Alya came up behind her. Her smile widened as she took in the Ladybug costume on her friend. She had made it herself, so she could attest to the accuracy, but still, she was glad that it fit well.

“Happy Halloween, girl!” Alya pulled out her phone and raised it to take some selfies. “Man, yours is so elaborate! Awesome!”

Marinette gave a bashful giggle. Her costume was of a traditional baby doll puppet. The creative and design aspects had really appealed to her and figuring out the way to configure fake screws had been a lot of fun. It had ended up coming out great. Her dress was baby blue with white accents and lace. She had also fastened the fake bolts at her joints. Her final step had been her make-up to give her face a more doll-like look.

She was actually quite proud of it.

The two of them posed for several selfies together before beginning to make their way towards the school. Marinette was actually early for once because she had had to set her alarm super early to get into her costume. She was kind of glad as she could see all of her classmates’ costumes clearly as they made their way into the building.

Halloween was always fun.

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Barbara Stanwyck in a publicity photo for The Great Man’s Lady  (William Wellman, 1942). 

Her dress is by Edith Head

There was a time in Stanwyck’s career, say 1939 - 1945, when Paramount made her up to be a glamorous movie star, a rather different figure from her earlier tough girl roles (though some of those glamorous roles - The Lady Eve, Christmas in Connecticut, Double Indemnity - are among my favorite). But with her move to Warner Brothers, a more working class and grittier studio than the other majors, she became once again an independent and capable woman, in charge of her life and able to meet the challenges that came her way.

No, I haven’t watched the Face Off episode yet. (I’m only vaguely a fan of Monster High – I have a few of the dolls, but I haven’t watched the show or anything.)

However. Are those really the fangs the makeup team came up with? I know that part of the whole challenge is time constraints, but … those are not great fangs. I am unimpressed. 

(But the dress they put on her? That seems lovely.)

*beyonce, busta rhymes, meryl streep, john legend, etc talk about feminism, racism, black lives matter, police brutality, or being against the trump administration*


*some chick called joy villa wears a “make america great again” dress*

trump supporters: good for her! this talented woman is so brave. she has the right to her opinion. the entertainment industry needs more diverse opinions. freedom of speech!

Yayyyyy this is the specific Hanfu that I’ve ordered for Lotus and even though in real life the outfit is a bit too large for her (since most of the Taobao stores sell clothes that fit regular size MSD), the colour and design of the dress are just so lovely and it looks great on her XD Also I let her try out this pair of eyes from @sproutybjd and it matches with her outfit perfectly <3 

you know who would have loved tumblr? Emily Dickinson. 

Just consider:

liked to stay inside all the time so

most friendships were based on letters, not physical interaction

wore all white for the #aesthetic

all about those em dashes–

–and Weird Capitalization

loved bees

Kaat Tilley autumn—winter 1995—96.

Kaat Tilley comes from Brussels, has roots in Mechelen, and studied at the Antwerp Fashion Academy. She has been designing since 1983 in a highly personal style. Behind every Kaat Tilley garment there’s a complete story, that of every woman. She seeks to express symbolically every stage in a woman’s life, with all its ups and downs.

In 1989 she opened her own boutique in the prestigious Koningsgalerij in Brussels. Her unusual wedding and party dresses, with the name Black Lines, were the great eye-catchers. Her hazy, fairy-tale silhouettes fired the imagination. The original and specific mood of this collection is repeated in her ready-to-wear ladies’ collection Inner & Earthings.

Kaat Tilley designs have few straight lines; everything is soft and fluid. Her personal, complicated pattern studies result in almost unreal, irregular yet structured shapes. The dresses and skirts are always long, and consist of layer upon layer of light, fine knits, which produce slender outlines. Piping, embroidery, smocking and little pieces of knitwear at the wrists, elbows, hips, waist, shoulder curves, back panels and hems accentuate the curves. They emphasise the feminine shape, whilst making for a slender figure. Not that her clothes are intended for slim women only. The different layers, the asymmetry, the ribbons and the turn-ups achieve different silhouettes.

The Escape line is cheaper in execution and material, made mainly from jersey. It is easy to combine with the Inner & Earthings line. Kaat Tilley has also been making Frederiek —  a collection for little girls — since 1994.

1997 was the first year in which she held a show during the Paris prêt-a-porter week.

anonymous asked:

Did you see that woman at the Grammys with the dress Trump/Make America Great Again? WTF is wrong with her, I almost threw up.

if lauren was there she would probably kill that woman 😂😂😂😂