underappreciated chardee moments:
  • gdee being genuinely concerned when charlie got shot in the head (i know season 1 dee is a lie, but still)
  • dee sticking up for the nightman cometh when the guys are just laughing about it.
  • charlie asking dee’s therapist what she said about him in a concerned way.
  • the flowers in the bottles on the table they set up while they were stealing frank’s meat. (also the fact that charlie’s apartment was noticeably cleaner than usual at that time, which infers that he cleaned up for her).
  • charlie genuinely telling dee she looked great in her dress in the prom episode.
  • dee betraying her brother’s offers to have her on his side more than once (the gang gets held hostage, frank retires, etc.) even though she openly vies for dennis’s attention and it’s obvious that he’s the most domineering presence in the group, therefore throwing away her chances at possibly coming out on top with dennis in favor of allyship with charlie.
  • “think of this little girl as your soulmate… of pain.” “i can’t stop crying ernesto!”
  • “you just earned your spot in the head of the robot, dee”
  • “you gotta eat dinner sometime, dee”
  • charlie seeming genuinely impressed/supportive before dee performed at the comedy night.
  • dee being the first thing charlie sees when he comes out of whatever messed up state he was in after electric boogaloo.
  • dee being very concerned for him and sounding genuinely relieved and touching his leg all gentle like.
  • charlie wanting dee to be his best friend.
  • werm hat finger wiggle
  • “i’m just gonna go home” “good, go home. i hope you uhh-” “get hit by a bus?” “dee, come on….” :(
  • in charlie’s false fantasy of the halloween party, he and dee were being genuinely nice to each other and complimenting each other (even though it didn’t actually happen).
  • “what is she saying? charming taint man?” (The Jealousy)
  • passing the secret jug of booze back and forth in quarantine (also charlie knowing where dee hid her secret stash)
  • beginning of fatty magoo and like… every other scene with them in it
  • peter nincompoop vs. peter nickel eater
Plus-one (3)

Hello lovely followers and friends. As promised (I’m big at keeping promises), here’s the third chapter of Plus-one. As I said before, this is a cross-over between the MMFD universe and The Wedding Date. Although the plot mostly follows the movie - I’ve added my own twists. 

I rather like this chapter and I hope you all do too. Let me know! 

Thank you to everyone that commented, liked and reblogged the previous chapters. It means the world to me. (Also, special thanks to the anons that have sent asks.) xx

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I saw Beauty and the beast obviously if you look at all the stuff I just re blogged but my own things









Costume Chaos

Summary: It’s Halloween and the costumes seem to be really great this year though Marinette can’t help but be distracted by Adrien’s for… reasons. And of course, that’s when a supervillain chooses to attack. Luckily, Chat’s got a surprise to help take it down.

Just a fun Miraculous Halloween story.

“Happy Halloween!” Marinette grinned and waved as Alya came up behind her. Her smile widened as she took in the Ladybug costume on her friend. She had made it herself, so she could attest to the accuracy, but still, she was glad that it fit well.

“Happy Halloween, girl!” Alya pulled out her phone and raised it to take some selfies. “Man, yours is so elaborate! Awesome!”

Marinette gave a bashful giggle. Her costume was of a traditional baby doll puppet. The creative and design aspects had really appealed to her and figuring out the way to configure fake screws had been a lot of fun. It had ended up coming out great. Her dress was baby blue with white accents and lace. She had also fastened the fake bolts at her joints. Her final step had been her make-up to give her face a more doll-like look.

She was actually quite proud of it.

The two of them posed for several selfies together before beginning to make their way towards the school. Marinette was actually early for once because she had had to set her alarm super early to get into her costume. She was kind of glad as she could see all of her classmates’ costumes clearly as they made their way into the building.

Halloween was always fun.

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Imagine you and your dæmon walking down a forest trail, where everything is dappled green and gold. Maybe your dæmon would be walking beside you, or riding on your shoulder, or possibly even flying ahead of you- either way, you wouldn’t need to speak to communicate. You could just wander until you both get tired and want to head home.

Imagine a nurse in the maternity ward of a hospital. She’s late middle ages and has no children of her own, but that’s alright. She usually works the night shift, and enjoys the times where she can delicately hold the newborns, wrapped up tight in blankets. Their dæmons at that stage are so new they hardly count, precious soft little souls that can’t hold one shape for very long. Though they would never say it aloud, the nurse and her dæmon swear that they can smell the dust on the two infants.

Imagine a man with the teeniest, tiniest disk-winged bat dæmon. She likes to hang on his ear like an earring, or hide in his hair. Sometimes she crawls under his clothes just to startle strangers into thinking the man has no dæmon.

Imagine an older man with a coon hound for a dæmon; the man likes to play the harmonica, and his dæmon bays its heart out to make their human laugh. They sit outside on their porch, and everyone in town knows about the musical duo.

Imagine a ballet dancer with the most awkward dæmon imaginable. Lots of companies like to integrate dæmons into dances, to give them each a more unique feel, but they can’t with this one. Maybe it’s a walrus, or a very sleepy sloth; whatever it is, it’s an animal that has difficulty moving with swift precision. Offstage, the dæmon and their human are fantastic, but onstage the dancer despairs that her dæmon will hold her back in her career.

Imagine a couple with dæmons that look exactly like Lady and the Tramp. That would be adorable. They could never go out to anything but Italian restaurants, though.

Imagine a little girl whose mother has a wolfish looking dæmon. People give the mother nasty looks, since wolf dæmons are not looked upon favorably, but they don’t know how fiercely she loves her little girl. Besides, her dæmon makes it great fun to dress her daughter up in red clothes, and play Little Red Riding Hood.

Imagine a hummingbird dæmon that speaks so quickly that nobody but its human can understand what it’s saying. Everyone looks confused when they have conversations, because they look one-sided.

With one last kiss goodbye, Daemon watched as the whore sauntered down the great hall. Her dress was put together messily, her hair disheveled. She had a certain daze in her eyes, almost as if she were in a trance. Holding a smug grin, the King turned around to reenter his bed chambers before glancing at the person who had just watched the small exchange. “Now, now,” he started, taking a step closer to the person. “Surely you know telling a King’s secret is an act of treason. I assume you will keep this secret from the Queen?”

A little bird told me

Something twittered.

Damaris stopped in the middle of Ironforge’s Commons. Birds swooped in and out of Ironforge, but few of them were musical. She tucked the receipts for her orders from the Great Forge into her dress’ bodice and followed the sound.

She wended her way through the crowd, her trail ending at a free-standing cage standing out from the rest of the cages because it wasn’t empty. A solitary lovebird, its body mainly yellow, the head red, cheeks and chest blending from orange to peach. It cocked a bright, black eye at her and bobbed its head, whistling.

She should keep going. They didn’t have a place for pets – Light, they didn’t have a roof over their heads yet. What would she do with a bird, no matter how pretty? And she had spent more than she planned already, purchasing the material for her disguise. The disguise Demetrius had told her to acquire, mere days before the bombing….

“You like? Cheap! Last one! Need to sell it!” 

Damaris looked down at the dwarven woman who’d addressed her. She wore an apron sporting the name of some exotic goods shop and an exhausted, desperately cheerful expression. “I don’t…”

She looked back at the bird. The lovebird cocked its head the other way and whistled again.

“Can you have it delivered to Stormwind?”

The bird-seller frowned. “Extra, for the mage’s portal. But aye, I c’n.”

Damaris pulled her money-purse from her bodice and counted out the last of her coins. “To Riael, at Hot Buns. And…tell her it’s from her big sister.”



Phantom of the Opera first editions take four. [x] [x] [x] (aka welcome to my continued exploration of what you can find in the catacombs of eBay)

Well, let me clarify. This is not a first edition of Phantom itself. Rather it is a first edition of one of Leroux’s primary sources for writing Phantom.

This is a copy of Le roi Fialar, which was a collection of Scandinavian poetry, translated into French prose by Hippolyte Valmore in 1879. Included in this volume was a French translation of “Den første sorg,” or “The First Sorrow,” a poem written in 1836 by the Norwegian poet, Andreas Munch. This poem started out, “Den lille Lotte tenkte på alt og ingenting,” or “Little Lotte thought of everything and nothing.” Sound familiar? :D

This is the text that Gaston Leroux worked from to create Daddy Daaé’s story of Little Lotte, as well as his tale of the king on the mountain lake.

For a link to a translation of the original poem, click here.

To read more about the symbolism of the original Little Lotte poem, “Den første sorg,” click here.

The credit goes to the amazing Operafantomet for bringing this poem to the attention of the Phandom.

First of all, note the similarities here between Andreas Munch’s  translated poem, “Le lac de la montagne” (“The Mountain Lake”), and Daddy Daaé’s tale of the king on the mountain lake.

As always, these translations are written by Caitlin Freeman, copyright © 2014.

MUNCH: Un soir, j'étais assis dans une petite nacelle sur une de ces eaux tranquilles et profondes qui s'ouvrent comme un œil brillant de pleurs au milieu des monts de la Norvège.

(TRANSLATION: One evening, I sat in a little rowboat on one of those lakes, placid and deep, which open like an eye shining with tears amidst the mountains of Norway.)

LEROUX: Un roi s’était assis dans une petite nacelle, sur une de ces eaux tranquilles et profondes qui s’ouvrent comme un œil brillant au milieu des monts de la Norvège…

(TRANSLATION: A king sat in a little rowboat on one of those lakes, placid and deep, which open like a shining eye amidst the mountains of Norway…)

But the pièce de résistance is Leroux’s use of Munch’s “Den første sorg,” here translated as “Le premier chagrin d’un enfant,” or “A Child’s First Sorrow”:

MUNCH: La petite Lotte pensait à tout et ne pensait à rien. Oiseau d'été, elle planait dans les rayons d'or du soleil, portant sur ses boucles blondes sa couronne printanière. Son âme était aussi claire, aussi bleue que son regard.

Elle câlinait sa mère, elle était fidèle à sa poupée, avait grand soin de sa robe et de ses souliers rouges; mais elle amait par-dessus toutes choses un petit oiseau que son père avait pris sur la neige, à Noël.

(TRANSLATION: Little Lotte thought of everything and nothing. Summer bird, she soared through the golden rays of the sun, wearing her springtime wreath on her blonde curls. Her soul was as clear and as blue as her eyes.

“She doted on her mother, she was devoted to her doll, she took great care of her dress and her red shoes; but she loved above all things a little bird that he father had captured on the snow at Christmas.”)

LEROUX: “La petite Lotte pensait à tout et ne pensait à rien. Oiseau d’été, elle planait dans les rayons d’or du soleil, portant sur ses boucles blondes sa couronne printanière. Son âme était aussi claire, aussi bleue que son regard.

“Elle câlinait sa mère, elle était fidèle à sa poupée, avait grand soin de sa robe, de ses souliers rouges et de son violon, mais elle aimait, par-dessus toutes choses, entendre en s’endormant l’Ange de la musique.”

(TRANSLATION: “Little Lotte thought of everything and nothing. Summer bird, she soared through the golden rays of the sun, wearing her springtime wreath on her blonde curls. Her soul was as clear and as blue as her eyes.

“She doted on her mother, she was devoted to her doll, she took great care of her dress, her red shoes, and her violin, but she loved, above all things, when she fell asleep to listen to the Angel of Music.”)

Thus one can see how Leroux both drew inspiration from and adapted Munch’s translated poetry to create Christine’s backstory, as well as her character arc with Erik, in The Phantom of the Opera.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any headcanons about Winter and Cress' friendship? I imagine that Cress would be really thankful for her hiding her from Levana. And they do have similarities in their personalities. Thanks! :))

Out of everyone in the group, it’s the most difficult to hang out (and bond) with Winter and Jacin, just because they’re so busy with their ambassadorial duties and are constantly traveling. Of course, out of anyone in the group, Winter is the easiest to get along with simply because she’s so agreeable. So while their friendship is slow, it’s also steady and special. However, I headcanon that Winter and Cress’s friendship is really a trio with Iko. Just think about it…

  • Iko loves doing everyone’s hair, but who could forget Cress’s affinity for braiding? Cress totally shows Iko all of the fancy braids she knows, even the ones she made up through trial and error and of course, the perfect person to practice these braids on is Winter.
    • She’s very good at sitting still and patiently while Iko tries countless hairstyles and braids on her.
    • She never complains when the girls accidentally tugs on her hair a little too firmly.
    • She loves the sensation of fingers and combs running along her scalp – she finds is very soothing.
    • And best of all, unlike when the servants fuss over her hair to doll her up and present her to the court, when Iko and Cress do it, it’s because they’re having fun and Winter appreciates that they just really want to use her for her hair. 
  • Winter is so great at sharing her clothes and lets face it, Cress definitely needs a full new wardrobe. I’m sure that Winter and Iko have a great time dressing Cress and outfitting her with the best wardrobe.
    • I also headcanon that Cress hates wearing pants, but I can totally see her wearing them if Winter made them. I’m sure that Winter would choose the softest silks and linens and perfect the cut to create a flattering, yet comfortable, pair of pants. 
  • I also think that they all have a deep respect for each other since all three of them are constantly subverting expectations. Sure, you could argue that is the same for everyone on the Rampion crew, but I think these three especially have a claim to that.
  • And since Cress and Winter are constantly traveling around Earth now, they always comm each other and give each other tips on the best places to visit when they have a free hour or two in their schedule or the best place to find the perfect croissant or taco. 
dragon age: inquisition parent headcanons

the iron bull is a protective parent, overly protective to others, but he just doesn’t want his child to be hurt as he has been. because he knows how cruel the world can be.

cassandra is a doting mother, cooing at and cradling her son protectively as if he is the most precious thing in the world. and to her, he is.

sera LOVES to play peek-a-boo with her little one. she just can’t get enough of those big eyes and bubbly giggles. they are the reason she smiles every day.

blackwall stares down any person that takes interest in his daughter. although he makes no move to intervene, he keeps a constant eye on his child, his hand resting on his sword. their protection is his number priority.

varric captures his daughter’s interest from the moment she is born. weaving tales of dragons and wardens, he lulls his daughter to sleep, her eyelids falling farther with each word her father speaks. and when she is finally asleep, varric smiles and places a tender kiss to her forehead before following suit.

cullen weeps at his child’s birth, crying along with his baby, from happiness that his child is alive and healthy and absolutely perfect.

dorian is the first to learn firsthand of his daughter’s magical abilities. his uneven mustache and the smell of smoke is evidence to that.

josephine reads to her unborn child every night. her hand rests on her swollen belly as she does so, often feelings gentle kicks under her palm. never has something so small given her such great joy.

vivienne dresses her son in only the most fashionable baby clothes. but before she dresses them, she tickles and cuddles, showering her precious child with affection she knows he deserves.

solas is a completely different elf when he is with his child. the sounds he makes are indescribable, his laughter is light, and his expressions are full of joy. he is the picture of happiness, all because of his toddler with tiny pointed ears.

Savages - Gang Ash part 13

PLEASE NOTE: This story is entirely fictional and in no way, shape, or form reflects actual angel Ashton Irwin. This part does not contain smut; it does contain mature language.

part one // part two // part three // part four // part five // part six // part seven // part eight // part nine // part ten // part eleven // part twelve

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itashiro-hitsuchiha  asked:

❥ (because why not? XD i don't care if its a drabble or the start of a thread. you choose.)

(Ooh fun. And Karin gets Ranzu twice as much now. Lovely. ;) )
Our muses are: 10- Best friends (because I’ve always liked best friends becoming lovers for some reason. It never gets old.)
And they will have: 15- all kinds if sex. (Karin isn’t picky.)
(It’s a school thing because more fun that way! ^_^)

Karin woke up leisurely and looked at the clock. Her eyes widened. It was 7:00 already. She was extremely late. She jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom and took a quick shower. Yuzu had left her because she had some other work and left early. She got dressed eith great haste, her hair a mess. She hurried down and scarfed down some toast. Ranzu would be at her doorstep any moment. He’d be annoyed if they got late again because of her.

Grand Duchess Alexandra Iosifovna, the last of her generation : after 1909 no one in the family but she could remember the Court of Nicholas I, into which she came as a young bride, and she delighted in telling the younger women how times had changed.

A famous beauty in her day, she was now a comanding old lady with snow-white hair, beautifully coiffé. She had kept a great sense of dress, and her black, tight-fitting princesse frocks set off her tall, erect and slim figure.. Alexandra Jossiphovna was the old-fashioned type of princess, gracious and smiling, but never forgetting her rank for a moment.’ The daughter of one of her ladies, The Camera and the Tsars